Auditing the Use of Delegated Administrative Rights


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Auditing the Use of Delegated Administrative Rights

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Auditing the Use of Delegated Administrative Rights “With NetWrix, we can easily see who changed what and whenCustomer: Calibris in our Active Directory. “Web Site: Leo Aalsma, IT Coordinator, CalibrisNumber of Users: 500 usersIndustry: Education Calibris, a leader in vocational training that works hard to bridge the gap between the inexpert and the experienced, providesSolution: professional instruction for employees of various sectors bound byChange Auditing specific industrial, governmental and company standards. Calibris’Products: customers depended heavily on their consistent and reliableActive Directory Change Reporter, services to enhance employee proficiency. That responsibilityExchange Change Reporter, is something that Calibris did not take lightly, and as a result,Group Policy Change Reporter the IT department understood the need to maintain a stable infrastructure.Vendor:NetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 Challenge: Security Concerns in a DelegatedWeb Site: Administrative EnvironmentCustomer Profile: A recent organizational change at Calibris, however, requiredCalibris, formerly the OVDB, is delegation of certain administrative activities in Active Directory toresponsible for the accreditation another department, and the IT staff, for obvious security reasons,of training companies and the was not comfortable with the idea of losing partial control of itsmaintenance of the qualification for environment. “As a direct consequence of the recent organizationalthe sectors Care, Welfare and Sport. change we had to delegate control of certain user properties inBased in the Netherlands, Calibris our Active Directory to a sub-department,” said Leo Aalsma, ITworks with companies of all sizes to Coordinator at Calibris. Even the simplest changes can have majoroffer quality services and unmatched consequences and this is why the IT department understood the criticalexpertise.SEO Search Optimization keywords: importance of monitoring all administrative activity.Active Directory auditing; ActiveDirectory change management; Solution: Auditing of Administrative User Activityadministrative activity auditing, That’s when Calibris found NetWrix Active Directory Changedelegated administration, Exchange Reporter, a change auditing solution that allows administrators to trackmailbox permission auditing. all Active Directory changes via reports with “who, what, when, and Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studywhere” information regarding each change, as operations,” said Aalsma. “NetWrix supportwell as the “before” and “after” values of every quickly helped me to turn on this advanced optionmodification. After a free evaluation, it was and we were all set.”determined that the NetWrix product was exactlywhat Calibris needed to monitor the user activity, Proven Result: Clear Visibility into Alland the solution was quickly implemented. Administrative Activities“NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter did Since deploying the Active Directory Changeexactly what we needed, so we didn’t have to Reporter, the Calibris IT department has beensearch any further,” said Aalsma. “The product able to monitor all changes made by any userswas easy to install, intuitive, affordable and it that might have previously gone unnoticed.offered good support. It was very easy to justify Administrators are now abreast of all changesthe purchase of a product which proved itself in and accidental permission modifications thatthe trial period and came with excellent support.” might otherwise threaten the infrastructure security. With fully automated auditing ofOnce deployed, the IT staff started receiving daily Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange,reports detailing all Active Directory changes the IT department can track all changes inmade by users with delegated administrative detailed reports automatically sent by e-mailrights that offered clear visibility into the IT daily and available on demand at any time.infrastructure. In addition to the Active DirectoryChange Reporter, the IT department has benefitted “In the future we may look further into filefrom Exchange Change Reporter and Group server and VMware auditing, also offered byPolicy Change Reporter modules, also included NetWrix.” said Aalsma.with the product. About NetWrix Corporation“Another benefit we discovered involvedExchange auditing,” said Aalsma. “When people Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationwould try to give their colleagues rights to their provides innovative and cost-effectivecalendars, they would accidentally give them solutions that simplify and automaterights to send e-mails on their behalf as well. the management of Windows networks.Exchange Change Reporter allows us to monitor With in-depth knowledge and experiencethese changes and correct them when necessary.” managing Windows environments of all sizes, the company delivers solutions toThe NetWrix solution was flexible enough to meet complicated business requirementsaccommodate the additional needs. “We required while fulfilling the best expectations of ITthe monitoring of all account unlocking professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.