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NetWrix Customer Case Study                                          Password Expiration Notifications Minimize the Impact...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                            NetWrix Customer Study                            StudySolution: Auto...
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Password Expiration Notifications Minimize the Impact of Strict Password Policies for Mobile Users and Improve Network Security


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Password Expiration Notifications Minimize the Impact of Strict Password Policies for Mobile Users and Improve Network Security

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Password Expiration Notifications Minimize the Impact of Strict Password Policies for Mobile Users and Improve Network Security “NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier has led to a more secure environment, since passwords are now getting changedCustomer: properly and more frequently.”Large Metrology FirmNumber of Users: 7,500 Tom Mazowski, Network AdministratorIndustry: Other With over 7,500 employees stationed across the globe, thisSolution: metrology firm is the largest in the world, and had positionedIdentity Management itself as the global industry leader. Not surprisingly so, theProduct: IT department was committed to maintaining a secure ITPassword Expiration Notifier infrastructure that would help uphold the company reputation, and thus, understood the importance of proper identityVendor: management and strict password policies.NetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 Challenge: Password Expiration Policy Impacts MobileWeb Site: Users and Increases Helpdesk WorkloadCustomer Profile: The firm’s IT department was looking for ways to improveThis metrology firm boasts a network security, and the first initiative was to enforce tighterglobally installed base of millionsof Coordinate Measuring Machines password policies that would require all users to change their(CMMs), portable measuring systems Active Directory passwords within a predetermined amount ofand handheld instruments, as well time. By enforcing strict password policies, IT administratorsas tens of thousands of metrology could create a more secure network that would protect againstsoftware licenses. The company costly breaches. Unfortunately, however, the transition to stricterempowers its customers to fully controlmanufacturing processes that rely policies was not a smooth one for the company’s many mobileon dimensional precision, ensuring users, who were not receiving notifications of looming passwordthat products manufactured precisely expirations until it was too late. As a result, mobile employeesconform to the original product design. were constantly running into issues stemming from unexpectedThe company offering of machines, password expirations that halted productivity and inundated thesystems and software is complimentedby a wide range of product support, IT helpdesk with password expiration support tickets.aftermarket and value-added services. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudySolution: Automated Password Expiration allowed this metrology firm to tighten internalNotifications security by inducing strict password policies that do not hurt employee productivity. By sending outThe IT department was in need of a solution that automated expiration warnings, the IT staff canwould alert on-site and mobile users when it was rest assured knowing that even mobile users willtime to change their Active Directory passwords. know when it’s time to change their passwords. AsThat’s when they found NetWrix Password a result, expired passwords are a thing of the past,Expiration Notifier, a proven solution that prevents and both end users, as well as the IT helpdesk,password expirations by sending out automated are now spending their time on more importante-mails that notify users of impending password projects and tasks. The company’s IT departmentexpirations. The tool has proven particularly is now looking into purchasing other NetWrixuseful for its mobile users, who don’t receive solutions.the standard password change reminders at logintime (e.g. VPN or OWA users), and depend on “NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier hasthe customizable e-mails to stay alert of coming helped increase the productivity of our IT staffexpirations. and our mobile users by reducing helpdesk calls and avoiding unexpected problems with password“We considered other vendor products, but expirations,” said Mazowski. “We intend toNetWrix was an easy to implement and implement the NetWrix Web-Based Passwordeffective solution,” said Mazowski. “We change for AD, which will give external usersalso looked at creating our own tools with and consultants the ability to change their ownVBscripts and scheduled tasks, but that was password.”too time-consuming. NetWrix met our needsand it was easy to deploy without making a lot About NetWrix Corporationof changes to our environment.” Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation “Deployment was really just a matter of provides innovative and cost-effectiveminutes,” Mazowski added. “It was extremely solutions that simplify and automatesmooth and we’ve had no issues. On top the management of Windows networks.of that, the NetWrix staff was very helpful With in-depth knowledge and experiencethrough the sales and implementation process. managing Windows environments of allWe had no issues, but they quickly answered sizes, the company delivers solutions toour technical questions about the installation.” meet complicated business requirementsProven Result: Minimized Impact of while fulfilling the best expectations of ITStrict Password Policies and Strengthen professionals.Internal SecurityNetWrix Password Expiration Notifier has Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.