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Self-Service Password Management Decreases Costs and Frees Up IT Resources


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Self-Service Password Management Decreases Costs and Frees Up IT Resources

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Self-Service Password Management Decreases Costs and Frees Up IT ResourcesCustomer: DAK Americas “We were looking for a product to allow users to manage their ownWeb Site: Active Directory (AD) accounts and minimize the time IT spends that particular task. NetWrix Password Manager provided a simple,Number of Users: 1000+Industry: Manufacturing easy to use product that did what we needed at a reasonable price.”Solution: Donald Congleton, IT Manager, DAK AmericasIdentity Management As the global leader in production of Terephthalic acid (TPA) - Monomers,Products:Password Manager Polyethylene Terephthalate Resins (PET) and Polyester Staple FibersPassword Expiration Notifier (PSF), DAK Americas provides its products to much of the western hemisphere. The company, which is headquartered in North Carolina,Vendor: relies on innovation and technology to produce very high quality polyesterNetWrix Corporation with minimal overhead.Phone: 888-638-9749Web Site: Challenge: Routine Password Management Consumes IT Helpdesk ResourcesCustomer Profile: Efficient password management had long eluded the IT department atDAK Americas is a globallycompetitive supplier of Terephthalic DAK Americas. The IT helpdesk regularly struggled with end users idledacid (TPA) - Monomers, Polyethylene by forgotten and expired Active Directory passwords, and the challenge ofTerephthalate Resins(PET) and balancing mundane password administration activities with other higherPolyester Staple Fibers (PSF) for the priority and necessary IT duties had quickly become very important.western hemisphere. The company Administrators were hard-pressed to cut down on password-related supportis headquartered in Charlotte, NC tickets, and accordingly, the IT department began looking for a way towith manufacturing facilities in the allow the end users to increase the level of ownership of their own ActiveCarolinas. Innovation is the foundation Directory passwords. In addition, they were in search of a mechanism thatfor the future at DAK Americas, would enable proactive password expiration prevention through regularwhere the assets of technology and warnings to users who were often given extended periods of time off andexperience are combined to deliver may not have seen the notifications before it was too late.a continuous stream of specialtyproducts. Bringing these specialty “Our need was reactive,” said Congleton. “Our IT department was spendingproducts to market, as well as too much time on password management and we needed a product thatproviding highly efficient low-cost would provide alerts via e-mail for pending password expirations, as well ascommodity products keeps customers provide a self-service portal that would allow end users to reset passwordscompetitive on a global basis. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyon their own, without contacting our helpdesk at all.” account owners. The product also sends summary reports to designated system administrators by e-mail.“We tried an in-house developed tool, but it containedseveral flaws”, Congleton added. “We looked at “NetWrix products are very intuitive and simple toseveral external products available, but none fully use,” said Congleton. “To date, I have been verysuited our needs until we found the NetWrix Option.” pleased with all NetWrix representatives I have interacted with.”Solution: Fully Automated Self-servicePassword Management “Ultimately, the NetWrix products allow us to accomplish a higher level of end user accountThat’s when DAK America’s turned to NetWrix. management, which in turn results in a reduction in IT involvement,” Congleton added. “This allows more“We had experience with NetWrix products time for more important activities.”previously,” Congleton said. “NetWrix products aresimple, easy to use, and they do exactly what we need Proven Result: Improved Helpdeskat a reasonable price.” Efficiency and Decreased IT burdenFor DAK America, the answer to their passwordmanagement challenges was a combination of NetWrix Since deploying both NetWrix Password ManagerPassword Manager and NetWrix Password Expiration and NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier,Notifier. Together, the two products combined to solve the DAK America IT Department has enjoyedDAK America’s everyday password management a significantly decreased load that allows ITissues with ease. personnel to spend more time on pressing issues. Affording end users with the ability to manageNetWrix Password Manager, a simple solution that password-related responsibilities on their own hasallows users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock optimized both user and helpdesk efficiency.accounts through a web-based, self-service portaland integration with the standard Windows logon “NetWrix products have been very solid for us,”procedure, takes much of the burden off the IT Congleton said. “They just do what they say theydepartment. The product uses the challenge-response will.”authentication (also known as question-and-answerverification) for user verification, and logs all self- About NetWrix Corporationservice operations for compliance audits and easy Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationaccess by IT personnel interested in auditing of provides innovative and cost-effective solutionspassword management activity. that simplify and automate the management of Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andNetWrix Password Expiration Notifier had provided experience managing Windows environments ofDAK America’s end users with automated e-mail all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetnotifications of impending password expirations. The complicated business requirements while fulfillingproduct periodically checks all users in the specifiedActive Directory domains or OUs to detect ones the best expectations of IT professionals.whose passwords are about to expire, and sendscustomizable notification e-mails to the respective Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.