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USB Port Protection that Hardens Endpoint Security and Streamlines Compliance


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USB Port Protection that Hardens Endpoint Security and Streamlines Compliance

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study USB Port Protection that Hardens Endpoint Security and Streamlines Compliance “NetWrix USB Blocker accomplished what we needed it to do. The fact that it just works was enough justification for us to like the product.”Customer: Large Collection Agency Mark Precilla, Network Support, Large Collection AgencyNumber of Users: 500Industry: Banking and Finance As one of the leading collection agencies in Canada, this firm helps its customers manage their financial portfolios by way of leading edgeSolution: technology and cost-effective services designed specifically for a wideEndpoint Management variety of individual needs. The agency, founded in 2002, continues toCompliance grow on a steady basis, and the company’s needs and responsibilities have accordingly evolved as well.Products:USB Blocker Challenge: Preventing Unauthorized Use of Removable MediaVendor: via USB PortsNetWrix Corporation Privacy was a major priority for many of the big-name clients using thisPhone: 888-638-9749 collection agency, and thus, the company’s IT department understood theWeb Site: importance of hindering illicit use of removable media via USB ports, both for protection of sensitive corporate and customer data, as well as adherenceCustomer Profile: to compliance standards. The USB protection tool that the company wasAs one of the largest collection previously using did not always work, and the IT department needed aagencies in Canada, this firm solution that they could rely on.helps its customers manage theirfinancial portfolios by way of leading “We were looking for an easy-to-use solution that we could easilyedge technology and cost-effective implement into our existing infrastructure,” said Precilla. “We needed aservices designed specifically for a solution that was consistent, but prior to NetWrix, we had an alternativewide variety of individual needs. The solution that did not always work.”agencycontinues to grow on a steadybasis, and currently serves all of To both the firm, and its enterprise clients, this type of unpredictability wasCanada. not acceptable, and that is when the IT department began looking for a new way to secure their endpoints. Solution: Centralized USB Port Protection That Works That is when the collection agency turned to NetWrix USB Blocker, the endpoint security solution that enforces centralized Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyaccess control that prevents the unauthorized its customers with the type of securityuse of removable media that connects to and privacy that they demand. The threatcomputer USB ports, such as memory sticks, of unauthorized data removal has sinceremovable hard disks, iPods and so on. been thwarted, and auditors can rest easy knowing that the IT department is adhering“We looked at several vendors, such as to regulations.TrendMicro, but NetWrix USB Blocker iseasy to use and the product just works,” said “Since implementing NetWrix USBPrecilla. “It was really easy to implement Blocker, we have found that inappropriateNetWrix USB Blocker into our existing use of USB devices went down,” saidinfrastructure. The software also worked on Precilla. “Unauthorized files on ourthe first try with very little configuration to network shares went down as around with. The other software we had From a security standpoint, our end userbefore required a lot of time to work with, workstations are now more secure thanand time is money. We started planning a few ever, as no unauthorized devices can goweeks prior to purchasing NetWrix. It was undetected. This also helps us maintainprobably two weeks between inception to compliance, as our auditors can see thatready-to-launch. Deployment took only an these types of USB port activities are nothour or so and went smoothly.” possible.”NetWrix USB Blocker relies on built- “I would recommend NetWrix to otherin Active Directory mechanisms and companies because it is a simple, easyseamlessly integrates into existing Microsoft to use solution,” Precilla added. “It isenvironments. With only a couple clicks of the also easy to implement in a Microsoftmouse, the firm was able to quickly get the environment. And the NetWrix team issolution up and running in order to satisfy its great to work with.”customers and auditors. About NetWrix CorporationProven Result: USB Port Protection Established in 2006, NetWrix CorporationHardens Security and Appeases Auditors provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and automate the management ofUSB port protection ensures that sensitive Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge andinformation remains private, protecting experience managing Windows environments ofagainst data theft and misuse. Since all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meetdeploying NetWrix USB Blocker, the complicated business requirements while fulfillingcompany has been better able to provide the best expectations of IT professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.