Straightforward Identity Management Minimizes Routine Administration Costs


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Straightforward Identity Management Minimizes Routine Administration Costs

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Straightforward Identity Management Minimizes Routine Administration CostsCustomer: Population Council “We were looking for a simple solution that would provideWeb end-user identity management capabilities that minimizedNumber of Users: 600 involvement from the IT help desk. NetWrix IdentityIndustry: Others Management Suite is a no-nonsense solution that has done that and more.”Solution:Identity Management Stan Mierzwa, IT Director, Population CouncilEndpoint Management The Population Council is an international, nonprofit,Products: nongovernmental organization that seeks to improve the well-beingNetWrix Identity Management Suite and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world. Established in 1952, the council conducts researchVendor: in three primary areas: HIV/AIDS; poverty, gender and youth;NetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 and reproductive health. With 21 offices in 18 countries aroundWeb Site: the world, the council relies on thousands of employees in many different time zones to continue upholding the global mission.Customer Profile:Mammoet, the global industry Challenge: Routine Identity Management Places Unwantedleader in integrated heavy lifting and Burden on IT Help Desktransportation services, specializesin customer-driven and tailor-made As a global non-profit with thousands of employees stationed aroundsolutions for both on-shore and the world, the Population Council’s IT department had its handsoffshore projects. Through the full working around the clock to provide quality IT support andcompany’s turnkey lifting operations, administration. With so many different users positioned across theoff-shore ship wreck removal and a globe, identity management had become a huge burden.strong commitment to people andequipment, Mammoet prides itself “We were looking for a no-nonsense simple solution to provide ain providing the best and most cost- user identity management tool that would minimize our IT helpeffective service for its clients. desk efforts,” said Mierzwa. “Our organization is spread across 18 countries in many different time zones, and at the end of the day, we wanted our staff to be able to do their day jobs without user account administration.” Following an internal audit that suggested more attention be directed toward system accounts, however, it was clear that failing to provide sufficient identity management was not an option. The IT department was Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyin search of a balance that would enable account Proven Result: IT Help Desk Relieved ofadministration, including inactive account deactivation Routine Responsibilitiesand self-service password management, withoutinterfering with daily tasks or valuable time that could Since installing NetWrix Identity Managementotherwise be spent working on important projects. Suite, the Population Council’s IT department has enjoyed the benefits of automated identity“We did look at various integrated solutions, but management without the hassle of administrativeneeded something that would permit for a quick support tickets and an inundated IT help desk. As adeployment,” said Mierzwa. result, the organization has proactively responded to the suggestions made during its internal auditing,Solution: Streamlined Identity Management and has done so without making any majorIt wasn’t long before the Population Council infrastructure alterations and expensive employeediscovered NetWrix Identity Management Suite, training.a fully-integrated solution that would streamline “The NetWrix Identity Management Suite was veryidentity management. The Identity Management easy to implement, and it enabled us to meet anSuite automates user identity lifecycle, enables self- internal auditing requirement,” Mierzwa said. “It hasservice password management capabilities, helps to also allowed us to monitor unused accounts moreenforce strict password policies and minimize the IT actively, and it sends automated alerts that notify ushelp desk costs. The solution puts much of the simple when an old account has been deactivated.”routine responsibilities into the hands of the end usersthemselves, inherently removing mundane tasks from Reflective of their satisfaction with the NetWrix Identity Management Suite is the fact that followingthe hands of the IT help desk. their deployment, the Population Council has since“We decided to go with NetWrix because of the decided to look into deploying additional solutionsfree trial and the quick technical support that they from NetWrix.provided when we wanted to get a demo version “I am happy with the decision that we made to gogoing,” Mierzwa said. “The service that we’ve with NetWrix,” said Mierzwa. “In fact, we are nowreceived from NetWrix since has continued to be interested in some additional NetWrix solutions,good ever since, as they are quick with follow-ups such as the File Server Change Reporter for fileand even getting senior developers on the line when share access permission auditing.needed.” The NetWrix Identity Management Suitetakes much of the administrative burden off the IT About NetWrix Corporationhelp desk through self-service password managementcapabilities, proactive prevention of password Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation providesexpirations via automated e-mail reminders, automatic innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplifyde-provisioning of inactive Active Directory user and automate the management of Windowsaccounts, simplified management of privileged networks. With in-depth knowledge and experience managing Windows environments of all sizes, theaccounts and more. “We love the fact that the product company delivers solutions to meet complicatedwas so simple to install and get working,” Mierzwa business requirements while fulfilling the bestadded. “Very little training was needed for IT staff or expectations of IT professionals.the users, so it was very easy to implement.” Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.