Active Directory Change Auditing Enables Quality Control


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Active Directory Change Auditing Enables Quality Control

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Active Directory Change Auditing Enables Quality Control “The reports generated by NetWrix Active Directory ChangeCustomer: Mammoet Reporter help me maintain control of the changes made to ourWeb IT environment, which in turn, enables quality control.”Number of Users: 1,500 Hartger Brasjen, IT Manager, MammoetIndustry: Transportation Mammoet, the global industry leader in integrated heavy liftingSolution: and transportation services, specializes in customer-driven andChange Auditing tailor-made solutions for both on-shore and offshore projects.Products: Through the company’s turnkey lifting operations, off-shore shipActive Directory Change Reporter wreck removal and a strong commitment to people and equipment,Exchange Change Reporter Mammoet prides itself in providing the best and most cost-effectiveGroup Policy Change Reporter service for its clients.Vendor: Challenge: Monitoring Active Directory Changes for InternalNetWrix Corporation AuditingPhone: 888-638-9749Web Site: The IT department at Mammoet was looking for a way to track the changes taking place within the company’s Active Directory. InternalCustomer Profile: auditing requirements mandated that the IT department maintain clearMammoet, the global industry visibility into all changes, but administrators were hard-pressed toleader in integrated heavy lifting and find a solution that would fulfill their auditing needs. Specifically, thetransportation services, specializesin customer-driven and tailor-made Mammoet staff needed to know who was making what changes, butsolutions for both on-shore and because of numerous events taking place within Active Directory on aoffshore projects. Through the regular basis, monitoring the important events was like finding a needlecompany’s turnkey lifting operations, in a ship wreck removal and astrong commitment to people and “We considered various options,” Brasjen said. “At first, we tried to useequipment, Mammoet prides itself native Windows auditing, but due to the enormous numbers of events,in providing the best and most cost- this did not work for us.”effective service for its clients. While the native tools did capture the changes occurring within Active Directory, Mammoet needed a solution that would audit, report and filter these changes for internal auditing purposes, showing who changed what, when and where in AD, and Windows auditing capabilities fell short, because of lack of audit event consolidation from different domain controllers and absence of centralized reporting Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studycapabilities that would help to find relevant change Proven Result: Streamlined Auditing,records among many others. Change Control, and Change AnomalySolution: Automated Consolidation and DetectionReporting of Active Directory Audit Data Following their deployment of NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter, Mammoet’s ITAfter it became clear that the native Windows auditing department quickly gained the insight necessarytools would not suit Mammoet’s needs, the IT to audit internal changes that had previouslydepartment found NetWrix Active Directory Change gone unnoticed. With a better understanding ofReporter, NetWrix’s award-winning auditing solution detailed change information, such as the whofor tracking and reporting of all changes made to Active changed what, when and where, provided by ActiveDirectory, Group Policy, and Microsoft Exchange. Directory Change Reporter, Mammoet has a betterPowered by AuditAssurance™ technology, NetWrix understanding of what is taking place on a regularActive Directory Change Reporter automatically basis, and thus, can maintain a more stable ITconsolidates Actve Directory audit data from multiple environment.sources and generates reports that pinpoint who changedwhat, when and where within Active Directory, and “With Active Directory Change Reporter, I can easilyprovides IT personnel with the visibility necessary to get the overviews requested for internal audits,”streamline all auditing processes in their organizations. Brasjen said. “The solution provides a daily look into all Active Directory, MS Exchange and AD policies,“We were looking for a tool that would allow us to and the detailed e-mails are very useful in keepingfind changes in Active Directory, and provide us with terms of keeping me aware of what is occurring. Theinformation regarding who (or what system) made reports keep me abreast of significant anomalies,that change,” said Brasjen. “NetWrix Active Directory and additionally, we like that the reporting databaseChange Reporter has been the answer.” makes it easy to investigate all previous changes. We also like the fact that it’s quite easy to roll back“The key factors in going with NetWrix were ease-of- previous changes, very useful in certain situations.”use and the reporting database, which enables us tosearch historic events,” Brasjen added. “These features “I am very happy with the decision that wereally differentiated NetWrix from the competition.” made to go with NetWrix,” Brasjen added. “IFollowing their purchase, Mammoet quickly installed would recommend it to all organizations lookingand deployed the Active Directory Change Reporter to implement robust Active Directory auditingwith ease, and it didn’t take long before Brasjen noticed processes.”the benefits. About NetWrix Corporation“The reports generated by NetWrix Active DirectoryChange Reporter help me maintain control of the Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provideschanges made to our IT environment, which in turn, innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplifyenables quality control. The moment there are strange and automate the management of Windows networks.changes within the network, we can now tell exactly With in-depth knowledge and experience managing Windows environments of all sizes, the companywhere those changes came from. In most cases, it turns delivers solutions to meet complicated businessout there is a good explanation, but this tool gives a requirements while fulfilling the best expectations ofbetter understanding of exactly what is happening.” IT professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.