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NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          Studyin Active Director...
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Automated Infrastructure Change Auditing for Increased Security


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Automated Infrastructure Change Auditing for Increased Security

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Automated Infrastructure Change Auditing for Increased Security “We now have a way of accurately recording who is doing what within our Active Directory. This has enabled us to enforceCustomer: security policies more effectively and to concentrate ourEclipse GroupWeb Site: efforts on better supporting external customers.” Tim Stainthorpe, Technical Services Manager, Eclipse GroupNumber of Users: 149Industry: Information technology Founded in 1996, Eclipse Group offers a variety of servicesSolutions: and systems all geared under the common mission ofChange Auditing providing its customers with extraordinary service in delivery ofProducts: Information Technology solutions. By specializing in applicationActive Directory Change Reporter development and modernization, infrastructure management,Exchange Change Reporter disaster recovery, risk management, virtualization, cloudNon-owner Mailbox AccessReporter computing and more, Eclipse Group is able to offer essential business services to mid-market firms in countries across theVendor: globe. With over 200 IT professionals serving a wide variety ofNetWrix Corporation information technology needs, Eclipse Group has enabled itsPhone: 888-638-9749 customers to maximize resources and efficiency through cost-Web Site: effective business solutions.Customer Profile:Eclipse was founded in 1996, and has since Challenge: Unauthorized Changes to Active Directory andgrown to over 200 IT professionals, thus offering Microsoft Exchangea broad range of skills and services. As amedium sized business themselves, Eclipse The IT Department at Eclipse Group understood the importanceprides itself in being positioned as the industry of Active Directory and MS Exchange change auditing all tooleader for other mid-market businesses and well— security issues in the past had already impacted servicedivisions it need of information technology provisions, and preventing similar failures from happening inbusiness solutions. Eclipse Group’s goal is todeliver services which add value to their client’s the future was a top priority. The IT department needed a waybusinesses by innovating to improve service to safeguard confidential data, and knew that it was lacking thelevels and agility, bringing IT systems up to change reporting capabilities necessary to truly protect againstdate, and delivering a stable, reliable and cost major security breaches.effective service. Eclipse Group supports over50,000 users throughout the UK and worldwide. “We were looking for a solution to monitor unauthorized changes Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyin Active Directory and Exchange, specifically where” information regarding each change,to make sure that our e-mail systems and and provide all before and after values ofconfidential data were not compromised,” said every modification. With Active DirectoryTechnical Services Manager Tim Stainthorpe. Change Reporter, the IT department is quickly made aware of all additions, deletions, andThe IT department decided that auditing modifications made to Active Directory users,of Active Directory and Exchange would groups, computers, OUs, group memberships,be instrumental to its forthcoming security permissions, domain trusts, AD sites, FSMOmeasures, and began looking for a solution roles, Group Policy objects and settings, ADthat would provide such capability. schema, and all other types of objects.Solution: Automated Change Auditing “We now have a way of accurately recordingThat is when Eclipse Group discovered an who is doing what within our Activeintegrated suite of NetWrix solutions that Directory,” said Stainthorpe. “This has enabledwould quickly meet its change auditing needs. us to enforce security policies more effectively and to concentrate our efforts on better“Active Directory and Exchange auditing supporting external customers.”was something that we were clearly lacking,and luckily, my colleagues recommended In addition to Active Directory ChangeNetWrix,” said Stainthorpe. “One of my Reporter, Eclipse Group also implementedcolleagues noted that he had a good experience NetWrix Exchange Change Reporter and Non-with NetWrix in the past, so we downloaded owner Mailbox Access Reporter. Exchangean evaluation, and it became immediately clear Change Reporter tracks and reports all “who,that NetWrix would solve our problems. We what, when and where” data of all changesknew that NetWrix would be a worthwhile made to Exchange Server configurationaddition to our auditing initiatives.” and permissions, such as modifications to configuration settings, creation and deletionTo meet its needs, Eclipse Group implemented of mailboxes, information stores, Exchangea suite of integrated NetWrix auditing servers, connectors, protocol parameters,products, including NetWrix Active Directory storage groups and many other types of objectsChange Reporter, Exchange Change Reporter and their permissions.and Non-owner Mailbox Access Reporter. Non-owner Mailbox Access ReporterNetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter detects all situations when administratorstracks and reports on Active Directory and other users with excessive rights havechanges, pinpointing all “who, what, when and gained access to another user’s mailbox. The Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer Case NetWrix Customer Case Study Studyproduct shows exactly who accessed what can’t be manipulated for non-essentialmailboxes, when, and it allows Eclipse Group business detect unauthorized activity from users with With the NetWrix line of Active Directory andexcessive or misconfigured rights, who may Exchange auditing solutions in place, Eclipseotherwise pose as security threats. Group rests assured knowing that they are safeProven Result: Improved Security and from additional security breaches associatedPeace of Mind with unseen Active Directory and Exchange changes and access.Since purchasing the integrated bundle ofNetWrix change auditing solutions, Eclipse “I am very happy with my decision to goGroup has enjoyed the newfound sense of with NetWrix, and I would recommend themsecurity that comes from a well-audited IT to anyone,” said Stainthorpe said. “Theirinfrastructure. software does exactly what it says on the tin, and we anticipate introducing NetWrix “After implementing the Exchange change products to our customer base as a value-addreporting solutions, we were able to see who service to existing support arrangements.”was opening mailboxes other than their own,and this allowed us to tighten our security About NetWrix Corporationpolicy,” Stainthorpe said. “In the past, Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporationunauthorized access to Exchange mailboxes provides innovative and cost-effectivehas created problems for us, where employees solutions that simplify and automategained access to privileged accounts in order the management of Windows view confidential information via e-mail.” With in-depth knowledge and experience“Active Directory Change Reporter also managing Windows environments of allallows us to proactively monitor changes and sizes, the company delivers solutions toprevent unauthorized access occurring in the meet complicated business requirementsfirst place,” Stainthorpe added. “I now have while fulfilling the best expectations of ITpeace of mind knowing that Active Directory professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.