NetWrix Customer Case Study                                          Meeting Active Directory Auditing Needs of a Municipa...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          Studyfew different vend...
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Meeting Active Directory Auditing Needs of a Municipal Government with 15,000 Users


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Meeting Active Directory Auditing Needs of a Municipal Government with 15,000 Users

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Meeting Active Directory Auditing Needs of a Municipal Government with 15,000 Users “We have considered a number of technologies (there’s aCustomer:Aarhus Kommune, lot on the market). But found NetWrix the best…”a large municipality in Denmark Søren Lauritsen, IT-consultant, Borgmesterens Afdeling, IT, Aarhus KommuneWeb Site:www.aarhus.dkNumber of Users: 15,000 Aarhus Kommune is a municipality on the east coast of theIndustry: State Government Jutland peninsula in central Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 469 km2 (181 sq mi), and has a total populationSolutions: of 307,000. The city of Aarhus is the second largest city inChange Auditing Denmark, the principal port on the east coast of Jutland, andProduct: the seat of Denmark’s second-largest bishopric.Active Directory Change Reporter Challenge: Change Audit of a Diverse IT infrastructureVendor: with Decentralized User AdministrationNetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 The large municipality has a vast and complex IT infrastructureWeb Site: featuring numerous OUs and over 15,000 users. One day the whole organization was at the point when tracking AD changesCustomer Profile:Aarhus Commune is the municipality made by system administrators became an uneasy task toof Jutland’s capital Aarhus – the city accomplish without a proper 3rd party solution.of more than 300,000 inhabitants. It isthe centre of “Greater Aarhus”, which As Lauritsen explains, “The municipality is characterized byhas a population of approximately multiple supplier setup. This however gives a complex structure1,2 million people. Aarhus is also on the access management of the AD in specific OUs and makesDenmark’s fastest-growing city and it difficult to see who has made which changes. Furthermoreleading growth center. the municipality is characterized by its decentralized user administration, which requires monitoring”. Solution: Comprehensive Change Auditing Tool at an Affordable Price IT consultants at Aarhus reviewed several solutions prior to making a final decision to go with NetWrix. They considered a Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyfew different vendors, but Active Directory satisfy the requirements of the municipality’sChange Reporter became #1 choice of the IT department which include Active Directorymunicipality’s AD operations engineer and change auditing in multiple OUs andscored the highest in terms of “usability, decentralized user administration monitoring.references on web and price”, as further One of the main indicators of a customer’sdescribed by Lauritsen. satisfaction with an auditing solution is “We have considered a number of efficient reporting of all changes in the giventechnologies (there’s a lot on the market). environment. That is exactly what NetWrixBut found the solution by NetWrix the best in Active Directory Change Reporter is able torelation to the price”, adds Lauritsen. show: all information on Active Directory changes at fingertips.The client showed overall satisfaction withboth sales and implementation procedures: In other words, the IT department is now capable of monitoring all critical changes in“The sale was flexible and able to relate to Active Directory with custom reports whichcustomer’s needs”, commented Lauritsen. provide, according to Lauritsen, “Nice and“It only took 4-5 working days from ordering brief overview on key information.”to AD operations engineer had it installed”,says Lauritsen, “and with some help from About NetWrix Corporationproduct documentation, it was in place.” Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provides innovative and cost-effectiveProven Results: Controlled IT solutions that simplify and automateInfrastructure the management of Windows networks.Diverse IT infrastructure is hard to control With in-depth knowledge and experienceand audit. Tracking exactly who made what managing Windows environments of allchange, where and when is a cumbersome task sizes, the company delivers solutions toindeed without an efficient change auditing meet complicated business requirementssolution. Active Directory Change Reporter by while fulfilling the best expectations of ITNetWrix proved to be the right solution to professionals. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.