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NetWrix Customer Case Study      IBF     Consulting Inc                      Improving Data Security and Expediting IT    ...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          Studyas well as be able...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                          NetWrix Customer Study                          StudyFreeware tools pro...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                         NetWrix Customer Study                         Studyat IBF Consulting re...
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Improving Data Security and Expediting IT Support in a Private Equity Investment Firm


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Improving Data Security and Expediting IT Support in a Private Equity Investment Firm

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study IBF Consulting Inc Improving Data Security and Expediting IT setting the standard for IT professionals Support in a Private Equity Investment Firm “NetWrix products all have the same thing in common:Customer/integrator: they do a good job at what they’re supposed to do and areIBF Consulting,IT consulting firm simple enough to implement.”Web Site: Ian Fischer, President, IBF IBF Consulting is a full service IT Consulting firm specializingEnd-customer:Private Equity Investment Firm in small to midsize companies (SME). As technologyNumber of Users: 75 integrators, they provide turnkey project work and completeIndustry: Banking and Finance outsourced solutions (“Outsourced IT department”). Full lifecycle management of all technology and technology relatedSolutions: functions are their responsibility.Change auditing; end-point security,systems management Challenge: Securing Critical Data and FacilitatingProducts: Everyday IT Administration TasksFile Server Change Reporter, USBBlocker, Service Monitor Private customer information is one of the most delicate and yet vulnerable types of data kept by any company regardless theVendor: industry it represents. However, in investment and finance sectorNetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 the importance of such information increases 3 fold. Each andWeb Site: every day companies face numerous risks related to unauthorized access to sensitive files stored within the corporate network -Customer/Integrator’s Profile: financial statements, private customer data, banking card andIBF Consulting is a full service IT account access info and so on.Consulting firm. As technologyintegrators, they provide turnkeyproject The data is usually kept in dedicated file servers or clientwork and complete outsourced machines within the network environment and may be accessedsolutions. and for example copied directly to an external USB device or perhaps modified or even deleted by someone remotely connected to a given server. That is why it is essential that companies develop strong security strategies in order to safeguard valuable data and prevent unauthorized use of removable media Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyas well as be able to track who did what, where That was the main reason why IBF firstand when within the file server environment. did extensive product research to find the most appropriate tools that would meet theirOne of the clients of IBF Consulting, a private requirements. It was decided to look forequity investment firm, was no exception and alternative functional solutions with richhad entrusted all IT management and security reporting capabilities at an affordable price.issues to a reputable IT consulting firm – IBF It was crucial that the solutions excelled atConsulting which operates as an outsourced performing initial tasks, had straight-forwardIT department of their client companies. “IBF UI and were not overloaded with unnecessaryConsulting manages their client base like features: “I rarely use built-in MS tools torunning an emergency room at the hospital” solve a problem, I generally look to 3rd partysaid Ian Fischer, President, IBF Consulting. for that. I always research a product beforeProviding IT support to their client – the team purchasing. Besides price, functionality,at IBF has to take care of many different IT reporting and tech support are importantmanagement tasks as system administration, factors for me. May similar products varysecurity control and others which consist of greatly once you have a close look at them.hundreds of routine day-to-day operations Some of them offer lots of bells and whistles,difficult to handle simultaneously without but may not do a good job on the basic need.”,automation. Once the need for automation said Fischer.was realized, IBF Consulting started lookingfor an appropriate set of solutions to cover Soon they found out about NetWrix solutionsvarious security and systems monitoring through one of the reputable magazines forissues: from end-point security and file server IT pros. The products were capable of doingevent auditing to monitoring critical Windows exactly what was required of them and the costservices. of purchase appeared to be one of the lowest in the market:Solution: Efficient and AffordableSoftware for Auditing, Security and “I have read about your products in professional journals (Win IT Pro), and usedMonitoring some of your free tools. I was doing productFrom the very beginning the team at IBF research and thought I should see whatConsulting realized that native tools from NetWrix had to offer. The product seemedMicrosoft were not capable of resolving the to have everything I was looking for at anissues they came across every day managing affordable price.”, explained Fischer.the IT infrastructure of their client. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudyFreeware tools proved useful and it was products served very well to improve thedecided to purchase the enterprise edition of overall security of their client’s data both end-NetWrix File Server Change Reporter first point and on the be able to track and prevent unauthorized “The USB lockdown app greatly enhancedand accidental changes to the file server our client’s security from the inside out andenvironment. inside in. Until you implement a product likeOnce NetWrix File Server Change Reporter this, you don’t realize how many ways thereproved to be excellent value for money, the are to lose data. Locking down the USB portsteam at IBF Consulting purchased USB was only part of the solution. The other halfBlocker and Service Monitor. was whitelisting a specific brand/model of USB drive which is password protected &“I was pleased enough with FSCR to then encrypted. Their data is now secure at thepurchase the USB lockdown and then the desktop AND in the field.” explained Fischer.Service monitor. These products all have asimilar feel to them and didn’t take a long Moreover, the team was satisfied not onlytime to understand or implement.” commented with the product performance and ROI butFischer. also recognized the simplicity of product deployment, maintenance and the levelThe solutions were implemented in almost of technical support: “I think the NetWrixno time and successfully launched with a products offer a basic product at an affordablelittle help from the NetWrix technical support price which is easy to implement andteam: “The research took only a few weeks, maintain” said Fischer, “Support is USA baseddeployment was done in a week. Deployment and very helpful. All at a good value”, hewent relatively smooth, although there were added.some issues which I was able to quickly workout with support.”, said Fischer. Not only have the products improved the security issues but also substantially releasedProven Result: Boosted Data Security the workload of the whole team at IBFand Systems Administration Made Consulting when it came to servicing theEasy IT infrastructure of their client: “NetWrix makes our job easier to do on a day to dayHaving deployed NetWrix File Server Change basis. There’s less for us to worry about.”Reporter, USB Blocker and Service Monitor, commented Fischer.the team at IBF Consulting was able to realizethe full potential of the products. The most Having been able to appreciate theimportant thing for the team was that the advantages of NetWrix solutions the team Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studyat IBF Consulting recommends NetWrix NetWrix, because change auditing is the coreto all who value easily deployable quality competency of NetWrix and no other vendorproducts at an affordable price: “I would focuses on this more extensively. Accordingrecommend NetWrix to anyone that is looking to the survey conducted during MS Tech-Edfor a solid base product which is simple to 2011, 18% of IT professionals use NetWriximplement at a low cost per seat” concluded for change auditing, which is the highestFischer. percentage across the industry.About NetWrixNetWrix Corporation is a highly specializedprovider of solutions for IT infrastructurechange auditing. Change auditing is the corecompetency of NetWrix and no other vendorfocuses on this more extensively. With thebroadest platform coverage available in theindustry, innovative technology and strategicroadmap aiming to support different types ofIT systems, devices and applications, NetWrixoffers award-winning change auditingsolutions at very competitive prices, matchedwith great customer service. Founded in2006, NetWrix has evolved as #1 for ChangeAuditing as evidenced by thousands ofsatisfied customers worldwide. The companyis headquartered in Paramus, NJ, and hasregional offices in Los Angeles, Boston,Tampa and the UK.NetWrix top-quality change auditingsolutions have won 30 awards and are used bythousands of organizations around the world.The impressive list of customers from variousindustries includes many well-known brands,such as IBM®, Boeing®, Mitsubishi®,Hyundai® and more. They have chosen Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.