How the World's Largest Date Agriculture Company "Planted" File Server Auditing


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How the World's Largest Date Agriculture Company "Planted" File Server Auditing

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study How the World’s Largest Date Agriculture Company “Planted” File Server Auditing “NetWrix File Server Change Reporter came as a handy tool for auditing, organizing, reporting and archiving all kind of required changes… It really removed the burden of huge auditing requirement of our IT department”Customer:Al Foah Co., Ahmed Maged, Senior System Engineer at Al Foah Co. Holding a BSc. inWeb Site: Electronics Engineering, MCSE:M, MCITP:EA and ITIL V3. With more than 5 years of hands on extensive experience with various Microsoft technologies andNumber of Users: 300Industry: Agriculture diverse IT HW and SW systems and a solid knowledge and practice of IT Service Delivery and Operation Management. My working experience varies from Military,Solutions: Engineering Consultancy, Hospitality and Agriculture sectors.Change auditing Al Foah Co. is the world’s largest producer of dates and is aProducts: member of the General Holding Corporation, Abu Dhabi. It wasFile Server Change Reporter established in 2005 by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council withVendor: the objective of making UAE dates sector financially viableNetWrix Corporation and internationally competitive. The company specializes inPhone: 888-638-9749 producing dates: dried fruit, syrup, paste, vacuum packedWeb Site: dates etc. Al Foah production facilities include: Emirates DatesCustomer/Integrator’s Profile: Factory at Al Saad, Al Marfa Dates Factory, Dates ReceivingAl Foah Co. is the world’s largest Centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Foah Farm in Al Ainproducer of dates and is a member City (the largest organic farm in the world) and some others.of the General Holding Corporation,Abu Dhabi. It was established in 2005 Challenge: Native Auditing of File Servers - Timeby the Abu Dhabi Executive Council Consuming and Resource Intensivewith the objective of making UAEdates sector financially viable and Very often IT departments have to deal with complex situationsinternationally competitive. on the spot and that is when suddenly they realize they could resolve the issue almost in no time if only they had the right tool in place. Otherwise it sometimes takes weeks to go through security audit logs before on multiple servers finding out who Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study Studychanged or accessed what files, where and Solution: Streamlined File Server Auditwhen. The IT department at Al Foah Co. was Reporting Within Minutes, not Hoursno exception when they once discovered some and Dayssensitive data had been deleted from theirfile servers and they were forced to spend too As a long-time user of NetWrix products andmuch time looking for answers. At first they having had positive experience working withtried using native tools from Microsoft to freeware editions of NetWrix products Ahmedhelp them deal with the problem; however the Maged, the Senior System Engineer at Alchange auditing process was still very time- Foah made a decision to go with the Enterpriseconsuming. “We already worked with native edition of the File Server Change Reporter totools which did some of what we looked for. be able to better control all the changes in theBut it required time and effort that we may not File Server environment and provide instantalways have” said Maged. response to deletions and changes of sensitive data.At this very moment they realized the need ina specialized change auditing tool: “We were “I’ve always had a positive feedback onlooking for an auditing solution to avoid us NetWrix products. I’ve worked with thethe time wasted reading thousands of logs to free versions for some time and found that itfigure out who did what. The need was based provides what we needed” said Maged.on reactive approach after some sensitive The Al Foah’s IT department started workingdata was deleted and we needed to get to old closely with NetWrix technical support onbackups for restoration.” continued Maged. the product deployment which required someThe most important goal was reporting on all testing and evaluating. However, with thechanges to file servers including file deletions. help from NetWrix technical support andAt the same time, the management was sales teams the IT department of Al Foah wasinterested in getting regular reports on HR and able to install the product in time, acquire theFinance file access which also became one necessary product licenses and put everythingof the must-have capabilities of the desired to work.solution: “Main requirement was for file “We had a really good support from NetWrixserver changes and deletion audit. We wanted team, … deployment was straight forward…to make sure that whoever deletes a sensitive The support guys are really patient as far asfile is logged. We also needed read audit on I can imagine with great IT knowledge andHR and Finance data based on management responsive actions. Sales are cooperative andrequirements” commented Maged. friendly” commented Maged. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudyProven Results: IT Department NetWrix solution.Relieved from a Burden of Auditing “The File Server Change Reporter simply didSince deployment of the NetWrix solution what we wanted to have,” said Maged. “, it’sthe departments that actually own the data a great product with great support team thattook total control over file server changes and will help you get it up and running with thepreviously cumbersome weekly reports to minimal IT knowledge.”the management turned into a simple routine About NetWrixexecuted by computers. NetWrix Corporation is a highly specialized“Changes to our file servers used to cause us provider of solutions for IT infrastructuremuch headache especially with sensitive data change auditing. Change auditing is the corebeing deleted. Spending hours with security competency of NetWrix and no other vendorlogs trying to figure out who did what was focuses on this more extensively. With thequite a pain. NetWrix File Server Change broadest platform coverage available in theReporter sends custom weekly report to industry, innovative technology and strategicdepartment managers with all their folders roadmap aiming to support different types ofchanges, and it really removed the burden IT systems, devices and applications, NetWrixof huge auditing requirement of our IT offers award-winning change auditingdepartment.” said Maged. solutions at very competitive prices, matchedAl Foah’s IT department was also impressed with great customer service. Founded inby the particular features of the product such 2006, NetWrix has evolved as #1 for Changeas report filters which allow customizing Auditing as evidenced by thousands ofreports exactly the way they need: “One of the satisfied customers worldwide. The companygreat advantages is filtering file changes based is headquartered in Paramus, NJ, and hason folder path. A technique that helped us regional offices in Los Angeles, Boston,separate each department head report based on Tampa and the UK.his/her files only.” commented Maged. NetWrix top-quality change auditingWhen NetWrix File Server Change Reporter solutions have won 30 awards and are used bywas implemented the IT department of Al thousands of organizations around the world.Foah was finally able to save a lot of time and The impressive list of customers from variousresources normally needed to organize and industries includes many well-known brands,carry out auditing as the required processes such as IBM®, Boeing®, Mitsubishi®,were successfully automated thanks to the Hyundai® and more. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.