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NetWrix Customer Case Study                                           Minimizing Cost and Impact of Strong Password Policy...
NetWrix Customer CaseCase                           NetWrix Customer Study                           StudyThe major drawba...
NetWrix Customer Case                      NetWrix Customer Case Study                       Studythe lockout issues and r...
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Minimizing Cost and Impact of Strong Password Policy at a Global Telecommunications Company


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Minimizing Cost and Impact of Strong Password Policy at a Global Telecommunications Company

  1. 1. NetWrix Customer Case Study Minimizing Cost and Impact of Strong Password Policy at a Global Telecommunications Company “NetWrix proved to be helpful in solving day to day IT needs and troubleshooting Active Directory”Customer:Telstra International Pallab Chakraborty, IT Engineer, Telstra InternationalWeb Telstra International is a leading global supplier of managedNumber of Users: 500 network services and international data, voice and satelliteIndustry: IT/Telecom services. It is a division of the leading Australia-based, tier 1Solutions: telecommunications and media services company, TelstraIdentity Management Corporation Limited and owns one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world.Product:Account Lockout Examiner Challenge: Negative Impacts of Strong Password PolicyVendor: Resulting in Overloaded IT Help DeskNetWrix CorporationPhone: 888-638-9749 One of the major issues the IT department of Telstra InternationalWeb Site: had to face on a global level was frequent account lockouts in Active Directory. “We were having lots of issues with accountCustomer Profile: lockouts in different parts of the globe” said Pallab Chakraborty,Telstra International is a leading IT Engineer at Telstra supplier of managed networkservices and international data, voice Account lockout is a feature of password security in Windowsand satellite services. It is a division that disables a user account when a certain number of failedof the leading Australia-based, tier1 telecommunications and media logons occur due to wrong passwords within a certain interval ofservices company, Telstra Corporation time. The purpose behind account lockout is to prevent attackersLtd. from brute-force attempts to guess a user’s password--too many bad guess and a person is locked out. Strong password policies and account lockout thresholds exist for very good reasons and have been common practice for a number of years now as the first line of defense against hackers and thieves and are also required by many compliance regulations, especially in financial services industry. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. NetWrix Customer CaseCase NetWrix Customer Study StudyThe major drawback of every implementation “A research was done on other products,of an account lockout policy is “false-positive” but found out NetWrix was good and a lotaccount lockouts happening because of of people have already benefitted from thisforgotten, changed or expired passwords. As product worldwide.” commented Chakraborty.a result, like most other IT departments, the The client expressed overall satisfaction withhelp desk staff of Telstra International had to both implementation and support procedures:resolve numerous account lockout problems “Deployment was smooth, service was goodeach and every day taking time away from and on time”, said Chakraborty. “It was easy tobusiness critical IT projects. “Initially we were install and simple to use.”getting frequent account lockouts in ActiveDirectory. The reason is, users would log in to Proven Results: Controlled ITmultiple machines and keep them locked and Infrastructurethen when their AD password would expire,they would change the password, but the other Having deployed the Account Lockoutdesktops or laptops would still be locked with Examiner the IT team was impressed bytheir old passwords.” explained Chakraborty. its performance as the product was not“So this caused frequent account lockout only able to resolve the initial problemissues and it was impossible to find out what – i.e. finding the exact pc/laptop whichmachines users have logged in to and locked was locked out – but also excelled atwith their old passwords”. fulfilling other tasks as it is capable of troubleshooting account lockoutsSolution: Streamlined and Effective themselves, e.g. finding potential causes ofResolution of Account Lockouts that and quickly unlocking the accounts. “NetWrix Account Lockout ExaminerWhen the situation with help desk tickets came to the rescue and after running thebecame critical the IT department at Telstra tool, we were able to find out from whichcarried out a product search in order to find machine, the account lockout was gettingan appropriate resolution to constant account generated and it resolved a lot of otherlockout issues. After reviewing the existing issues like that.” said Chakraborty.products present on the market, the teamimmediately decided in favor of NetWrix Thus with the help of Account LockoutAccount Lockout Examiner, since it was clear Examiner the IT team at Telstra managedthat ALE is one of the few quality products to meet one of the major objectives: reducewidely recognized among IT professionals the number of help desk calls and tickets:and praised by so many satisfied customers. “The product helped us quickly resolve Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. NetWrix Customer Case NetWrix Customer Case Study Studythe lockout issues and reduce our account NetWrix top-quality change auditinglockout tickets” commented Chakraborty. solutions have won 30 awards and are used by thousands of organizations around the world.Moreover, the IT team was now able The impressive list of customers from variousto quickly address other related issues industries includes many well-known brands,especially in Active Directory and such as IBM®, Boeing®, Mitsubishi®,increase the efficiency of handling routine Hyundai® and more.operations. “I would recommend NetWrixAccount Lockout Examiner as the productis helpful in solving day to day IT needsand troubleshooting Active Directory”concluded Chakraborty, “We are happy tohave found NetWrix, because I benefittedfrom the product and IT operation becamesmooth.”About NetWrix CorporationNetWrix Corporation is a highly specializedprovider of solutions for IT infrastructurechange auditing. Change auditing is the corecompetency of NetWrix and no other vendorfocuses on this more extensively. With thebroadest platform coverage available in theindustry, innovative technology and strategicroadmap aiming to support different types ofIT systems, devices and applications, NetWrixoffers award-winning change auditingsolutions at very competitive prices, matchedwith great customer service. Founded in2006, NetWrix has evolved as #1 for ChangeAuditing as evidenced by thousands ofsatisfied customers worldwide. The companyis headquartered in Paramus, NJ, and hasregional offices in Los Angeles, Boston,Tampa and the UK. Copyright © NetWrix Corporation. All rights reserved.