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Enhancing Financial Data with Infographics


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Learn five reasons to tell your nonprofit story using financial data with Infographics.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Enhancing Financial Data with Infographics

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  6. 6. © Copyright and confidential 20166 Why Infographics Matter “A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can compress time and space. … It can illuminate patterns in massive amounts of data. … It can make the abstract convincingly concrete. (Which player was ESPN’s SportsCenter most discussed during the 2012 football season? Tim Tebow — and by a colossal margin. Seriously?)” By Andrea Ovans Harvard Business Review
  7. 7. © Copyright and confidential 20167 How to Create Infographics This post on Beth’s Blog has lots of great resources on how to create Infographics, it even has infographics on how to create infographics.
  8. 8. © Copyright and confidential 20168 How to Create Infographics To get at this meaning and mattering stuff, I like to start with the four W’s (actually, number four starts with an H, but you get the idea…): 1. Who are you trying to reach? 2. What do you want them to know (and do)? 3. Why should they care? 4. How will you get in front of them? (from Draw me a Story - NTEN Article)
  9. 9. © Copyright and confidential 20169 Tools (in no specific order) • Canva • • Piktochart • • Hohli Charts • amCharts • Google Chart • Wordle • Inkscape • Tool List Links: •The Next Web •Smashing Apps •InfographicsArchive
  10. 10. © Copyright and confidential 201610 Infographic Story Data Design Most infographics I found did not include financial data
  11. 11. © Copyright and confidential 201611 Group Exercise Use these four questions along with the annual report I passed out to come up with some Financial Data Infographics 1. Who are you trying to reach? 2. What do you want them to know (and do)? 3. Why should they care? 4. How will you get in front of them? (from Draw me a Story - NTEN Article) NOTE! You can use what you know about the YMCA to pull in a story or other information!
  12. 12. © Copyright and confidential 201612 Financial Statement Example These did include Pie Charts but they didn’t really tell a story
  13. 13. © Copyright and confidential 201613 What Story Does Financial Data Tell? • Tie donations to impact • Show financial stability • Explain financial decisions • Explain revenue mix • Fundraise
  14. 14. © Copyright and confidential 201614 Financial Data Transparency Overhead Myth • Overhead Ratio • Budget Size • Annual Donations • Average Donation Size • Days cash on hand • Program and Fundraising Efficiency • Functional Expenses • Operating Margin • Debt Service • Cost per Dollar Raised • Operating Reliance Revenue
  15. 15. © Copyright and confidential 201615 Financial Data – Start Internally Establish your KPIs and help all staff understand them. Get staff appropriate access to financial data and tie it to their work Donations- Revenue Track the Spending Tie to Outcomes
  16. 16. © Copyright and confidential 201616 Design Get some help! -Pro Bono -Volunteer -Paid No Marketing Expertise Start with a template or find a tool with pre-built starting points Some Marketing Expertise Get creative and customize to really match the personality of your org! High Marketing Expertise I think the design of this PowerPoint and the design of this slide shows I am not a Marketing-Design expert! I typically seek help from Marketing, Data and Design experts, but I go to them with the story and a sketch of an idea!
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