Video Strategies for Nonprofits


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Video Strategies for Nonprofits

  1. 1. March Net Tuesday Video Strategies for Social Change Makers Speaker : Erica Stanley, Organizer With additional discussion from Ina Stanley of Virtual Sidekick March 24, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Meet and Greet/ Refreshments About NetSquared NetSquared Atlanta News News Topic Discussion Q&A Session
  3. 3. About NetSquared Goal: To help hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations successfully utilize the community empowering capabilities of the Internet to increase their impact and achieve social change.
  4. 4. NetSquared Atlanta News New Organizer ( me :-D ) Venue / Time Change Our Community Site and Other Social Media Outlets Challenges and Workshops
  5. 5. Our New Community Website Powered by Ning Resource for our Meetups Blogs, Forums, Videos, and Photos to keep the discussion going in bet ween Meetups
  6. 6. Other Social Outlets Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Page
  7. 7. News Conferences Current Challenges Mobile Technology Webinar Net2 ThinkTank
  8. 8. Conferences N2Y4 NetSquared Conference Tuesday, May 26 – Wednesday, May 27, 2009 (just after Memorial Day) conference/n2y4 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference Sunday, April 26 - TuesdayApril 28, 2009
  9. 9. Current Challenges
  10. 10. NY24 Mobile Challenge An opportunity to develop and collaborate on Projects using mobile technology for social change, and compete for cash prizes. Submission Deadline: April 3, 2009 3:00pm PDT
  11. 11. Change the Web Challenge Sponsored by Social Actions Building innovative tools to help people find and share opportunities to take action on the Web Submission Deadline: April 3, 2009 3:00pm PDT
  12. 12. Mobile Technology Webinar Hosted by NetSquared’s parent company TechSoup Mobile Technology for Advocacy and Activism Thursday, March 26, 2009 See Details here
  13. 13. Net2 ThinkTank Monthly Brainstorming session Netsquared posts a topic or question to the NetSquared community Participants submit responses throughout the month Responses are collected on the last week of the month ThinkTank Topic for March April’s Topic announced April 2
  14. 14. Main Discussion: Video Strategies for Nonprofits Telling your story effectively Tools Distribution Advertising and Affiliate Programs Additional Resources
  15. 15. Why Video? A way to break out and be seen Video is an expectation for most 30- and-under nonprofit audiences A compelling way to document your work for potential donors
  16. 16. How Nonprofits Can Use Video Effectively Tell your story in a compelling way Keep your Audience in mind Humor is a huge plus Don’t forget the Call-to-Action Build a video library consistency in branding and message
  17. 17. Tools Required: A digital camera and computer Yep, that’s it Also Helpful: Video Editing Soft ware Adobe Premiere Elements Sony Vegas Movie Studio Basic video editing soft ware often comes pre-installed on many newer computers
  18. 18. Distribution
  19. 19. Advertising and Affiliate Programs YouTube Nonprofit Program DoGooder TV’s Nonprofit Video Awards Blip.TV Advertising Program Flip’s Camera GiveAway Program
  20. 20. Additional Resources Virtual-Sidekick video marketing for nonprofits See3 Communications Online Video Guide See3 Blog Nonprofit Video Production Tips