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Advanced grading and beyond in Moodle


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Presentation by Kim Edgar and Mark Drechsler at the 2012 School Moodlemoot in Brisbane covering the existing rubric grading forms in Moodle 2.2 and the current NetSpot development work to redevelop the Assignment module for Moodle 2.3.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Advanced grading and beyond in Moodle

  1. 1. ADVANCED GRADINGKim Edgar & Mark Drechsler
  2. 2. Agenda• Advanced Grading in Moodle 2.2• Assignment Redevelopment for Moodle 2.3• Future developments• How to contribute
  3. 3. Advanced Grading Moodle 2.2• Assignment setting: Grading method (simple direct grading, rubric)• New Grading method: Advanced Grading forms – Rubrics• Capabilities: manage advanced grading forms (various settings)
  4. 4. Creating your assignment
  5. 5. Assignment settings: Advanced grading
  6. 6. Create or select Rubric
  7. 7. Create a new Rubric
  8. 8. Create from template
  9. 9. Adding and removing items
  10. 10. Grading using a Rubric
  11. 11. Student’s view: Graded assignment
  12. 12. Moodle 2.3 Assignment redevelopment
  13. 13. Need: wide-ranging enhancementsto the Assignment module to meet the needs of large institutions.
  14. 14. Solution: Work with Moodle HQ and a consortium of universities to redevelop the core Assignment module.
  15. 15. Result: New Assignment module including first batch of enhancements scheduled for release in Moodle 2.3 core.
  16. 16. Individual extensions
  17. 17. Granting an extension
  18. 18. Team assignments
  19. 19. Blind marking
  20. 20. Future development• Web services• Cover sheets• Self and peer assessment• Multiple markers• Better support for offline marking
  21. 21. Resources• New features Moodle 2.2: ry:New_features• Assignment changes Moodle 2.3: ent• Moodle roadmap:• Moodle tracker:
  22. 22. Thank you! :DImages from: Microsoft Clipart gallery, screenshots and kedgar