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Conquering Data Monitoring Challenges in the Realm of Derivatives Trading Systems


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When a global provider of Derivatives and Trading Systems needed to maximize their network performance and improve their network monitoring and data analysis, they turned to Net Optics Director Data Monitoring Switch. The firm faced the challenge of optimizing multiple redundant data centers to provide customers with the fastest possible access to trading data from international futures markets. Director’s ability to connect dozens or hundreds of critical high-volume data links dynamically to monitoring tools made it the ideal solution for providing the firm’s customers with the performance they demanded.

What you will learn:

Presented by Net Optics' FAE Aron Ingebrigtsen, this webinar will walk through a specific deployment scenario of Net Optics' Director Data Monitoring Switch as a key network infrastructure component for a global leader in Derivatives and Trading Systems.

Join us to discover:
The advantages of gaining 100% visibility across multiple data centers
How key features such as aggregation, regeneration, and traffic filtering at line speed make Director ideally suited to high-performance networking
The key business benefits of traffic monitoring and inspection

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Conquering Data Monitoring Challenges in the Realm of Derivatives Trading Systems

  1. 1. Conquering Data MonitoringChallenges in the Realm ofTrading SystemsIntelligent Access and MonitoringArchitecture Solutions
  2. 2. Today’s PresenterAronIngebrigtsenField Applications EngineerNet Optics, Inc.aron@netoptics.comTom LosField Applications EngineerNet Optics, 2
  3. 3. Agenda 1 • Case Overview • Data Monitoring Challenges 2 for Financial Networks • Possible Solutions to 3 Challenges 4 • Chosen Solution 5 • Achieved Outcome 3
  4. 4. Customer Case - ProfileThe Company• Provider of high-performance software and data for derivatives transactions from multiple exchanges• Award-winning customer service and innovationInfrastructure• Redundant data centers in the U.S. and world wide located close to exchanges 4
  5. 5. Case Overview - Requirements• 100% uptime of critical trading links• Improve network visibility for all teams across world wide data center footprint• Enhance network monitoring solutions by unifying data stream• Reduce monitoring solution footprint and increase efficiency of the current systems• Allow for data center growth and entry into new trading markets 5
  6. 6. Common Challenges in Financial Networks • How will Increasing network Data monitoring tools Volume handle increase? • Can data be shared among Data Accessible multiple groups with no impact on data links? • Can current Increasing network tools Network keep up, or will Speeds they drop packets? 6
  7. 7. Case Overview – The Core Issue Network Managers Need data on health of entire network to ensure uptime and Special Projects SLAs Need focused data specific to one exchange or region Contention for data access causes conflict, slow resolution time Trading Algorithm Specialists Need specialized, one-off data from across the network 7
  8. 8. Possible Solutions Taps Only Taps and Matrix Switch Net Optics Director™• 1-to-1 connection • Overly complex • Unified, consolidate between Tapped link • Not unified d architecture and monitoring tool • Costly • Flexible• No flexibility for data configuration sharing / options for future aggregation changes 8
  9. 9. Chosen Solution 9
  10. 10. Case Overview – The Core Issue Resolved Network Trading Special Managers Algorithm Projects Get the data Specialists Get the data they need Get the data they need they need 10
  11. 11. Director™Highlights:• Combines the features of multiple Net Optics products: iTap™, Aggregator, Regeneration, Matrix Switches• 7400 (74Gbps), 5400 (54Gbps) and 3400 (34Gbps) throughput options• Targets centralized IT department data monitoring• Streamlines the amount of data sent to monitoring tools• Enables using 1Gbps monitoring tools on 10Gbps networks, and 10Gbps monitoring tools on aggregated 1Gbps links• Hardware-based filtering engine for low latency 11
  12. 12. Achieved OutcomesChosen Solution: Director™ Data Monitoring Switchwith inline DNM network modules• Inline network modules replace individual taps into a simple and elegant 1U appliance.• Smart filtering on the Director allows for certain market exchanges to be filtered out and directed to one, or multiple network monitoring tools.• No longer are groups silo’d! Collaboration is expanded across the firm and problems can be solved in a shorter time frame.• Multiple exchange links can be aggregated together and fed to multiple groups, and or multiple monitoring tools.• A Director stack can include up to 340 network ports, with data being shared in between any of the units in the chain. This can all be managed from one master Director unit for ease of management. 12
  13. 13. Director – Key Takeaways Key Feature Advantage Benefit Collapsing taps into the Multiple ports in a small,1U Director chassis andInline Network Modules form factor enhancing visibility into those tapped links. Prevent oversubscription on Tools & groups within theIntelligent data access and tool ports firm only see the data that iscontrol relevant. Data from any Director can be intelligently shared to any other unit in the stack. Manage hundreds of portsDirector stacking This allows for groups to from a single interface! see the entire picture when troubleshooting. 13
  14. 14. The Future for this Customer - Data Monitoring Switch• (24) 10 Gig ports/(10) 1 Gig ports• L2/4 Filtering capabilities• RMON statistics for each port• SPF+ based 10G interface can also support 1G• Remote access through management port / SNMP v3• Radius/TACACS+• Device neutral can be used with analyzers or security tools• Dual power for redundancy (hot-swappable)• 19” Rackmountable 1U Chassis 14
  15. 15. Q&A• Question & Answer• Download the Case Study here:•To sign up for our newsletter:• Thank you Net Optics, Inc. 408.737.7777 15