NetMotion Wireless Troubleshooting Wireless Cellular Networks Webinar


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Troubleshooting Wireless Cellular Networks Webinar

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  • PURPOSE OF SLIDE: Provide quick overview of what you’ll talk about today and why.May want to include a quick update on the company (in appendix)May want to include update on Mobility XE roadmap (see sales sharepoint)
  • The idea is that:Your corporate network infrastructure is criticalYou spend a lot of money and resources on the tools to monitor your network’s performancePublic cellular networks are becoming a critical component of your infrastructure as well (with more employees working in the field), but you have no tools to monitor performance and improveLocality gives you the insight and tools you need to do soNarrative:(On the left side).  Here's your corporate network – WAN infrastructure, remote offices, etc.  It's a critical part of running your business, and because of that, you have tons of tools to give you visibility you need into what  going on with that network.  SLAs, Data sniffers – there's an entire industry build around performance monitoring for your corporate network.(Shifting focus to the right side).  But today, your users aren't just using your corporate network.  The public cellular networks have become a key piece of your overall infrastructure.  And, it's no longer just email… it's mission critical data and applications being sent over those public networks.  And to support those services, you've made big investments – in devices, in monthly service, in mobile applications.  Cellular networks have arguably become as important as your corporate network.But what tools do you have for monitoring performance on those cellular networks?  Almost none.  You've got carrier coverage maps, a carrier bill, and an account rep to call.  You don't have the information you need to actively manage that network.[transition - So how do you get that information…. Introducing Locality]
  • NOTE: Demo scenarios will not be on this screen in the final deck.PURPOSE: Now that you’ve told the customer a little about Locality, it’s time to show them. The product demo should be about proving that Locality is REAL, and can do all the things you’ve told them. Let them know you’ll be taking them through a few different real world scenarios to show them how Locality delivers on the promise you’ve put forth – that Locality can increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • NetMotion Wireless Troubleshooting Wireless Cellular Networks Webinar

    1. 1. Troubleshooting Wireless Cellular NetworksJohn Bailey, NetMotion Wireless
    2. 2. AgendaWireless Deployments• Reliance on Cellular Networks• Challenges• SolutionsSoftware for VisibilityBenefitsCellular Network Management Software DemoContact2For Questions use the Question Control Panel
    3. 3. Rapid Growth in Mobile3Will the Expanding Use of MobilityTechnologies be a Top Priority?
    4. 4. Rapid Growth in Mobile4Changes to Mobile Solutions Budgets
    5. 5. Growth = Increasing Reliance on Cellular NetworksModern workforce is more mobile• Wi-fi not always available fortraveling workers• Workers rely on cellular networks foraccess to applications, back-officesystems and data• Ubiquity of cellular networks andmobile devices allow for moremobility5Only 10% of organizationshave adequate visibility intospend on wireless services.Greater visibility can savecompanies from 10 to 35% oftheir wireless costs.
    6. 6. Increasing Reliance on Cellular Networks6
    7. 7. Increasing Reliance on Cellular Networks7
    8. 8. Performance MonitoringTools and SLAsRemote OfficesWLAN / WAN / LANPublic CellularNetworkField WorkforceWhere and when do my users havecoverage issues?Where is next generation networktechnology being used?What carrier and/or device would performbest for this particular user?Are all my devices performing effectively?Are all of my deployed devices being usedon a regular basis?Public CellularNetworkField WorkforceCorp NetworkApplicationsChallenges to Wireless Deployments8Low Visibility Impacts Productivity, Increases Cost
    9. 9. Emerging SolutionsSoftware to enable visibility into cellularnetwork performance• New software to provide managementsolution to wireless networks• Tracks real-time field user experiences• Enables flexibility to manage devices,technology and carriers• Provides data to make informed businessdecisions on wireless investments• Benefits mobile workers, as well as IT staff andbottom line9
    10. 10. New Tools for Cellular Network Management10A New Level of Insight into Your Wireless Network DeploymentsAnalyticsLocality Serverand ConsoleLocalityDatabaseBusinessIntelligenceDatabaseOptional:Mobility XELocalityClientsCorpFirewallCorp NetworkPublic Cellular Network
    11. 11. LocalityTM Demonstration11
    12. 12. SummaryMobile initiatives critical to business inorder to increase productivityGrowing mobile workforce creates morereliance on cellular networksVisibility into these networks is crucial tosave time, moneyNew solutions, like Locality, emerging tohelp manage networks12More
    13. 13. Questions?ContactJohn BaileyTechnical Sales