Rysavy Research Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage Webinar


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Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage Webinar
Presented by InfoWeek, NetMotion Wireless and Rysavy Research

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Rysavy Research Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage Webinar

  1. 1. Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage2013 Survey Results
  2. 2. AgendaPurpose of reportSurvey overview and methodologySurvey findings and analysisEmerging solutionsQ&A2
  3. 3. 3We simply ask the users if theyare having issues.How do you troubleshootconnectivity issues in your mobiledata deployment?
  4. 4. Why the Survey?Cellular data becoming extremely powerful• High peak throughputs and low latency• Broad availability• Capable mobile devicesIncreasing enterprise reliance on cellular networks• More mobile workers• More mobile devices• Networks under pressure• BYOD / consumerization• Necessity to do more in the field• Drive to reduce costs, increase productivity4How are organizations dealing with it?
  5. 5. Survey OverviewMethodology• 408 respondents▪ Networking professionals from variety of industriesand agencies▪ From organizations that use laptops, tablets, orsmartphones with cellular data plans provided andpaid for by the company• Conducted jointly with NetMotion Wireless5
  6. 6. Survey OverviewKey Insights• Data deployments are critical• Connectivity is the No. 1 concern• Lack of troubleshooting tools• No true analytical method for evaluatingcarriers and devices• Lack of visibility into cellular networkperformance• Risk of failure; no ability to continuallyimprove6
  7. 7. Findings and Analysis7
  8. 8. Importance of Cellular Data Deployment8How important is your cellular data deployment (i.e. using laptops, handhelds andtablets to remotely access corporate networks and applications) to the day-to-dayoperations of your organization?
  9. 9. Top Concern9What is your top concern regarding your cellular data deployment?
  10. 10. Most Common User Complaints10What are the most common user complaints you receive regarding your cellular datadeployment?
  11. 11. Connectivity is King – But Also ChallengingConnectivity over all else• Making connections and keeping them!• Critical for applicationsWhat makes it so challenging?• Inherent difficulty of contiguous coverage• Perception of no tools• More than just the carrierElements to consider• Radios / antenna• Variations based on exact location11Survey Note:55% of respondentssay droppedconnection is topuser complaint
  12. 12. Throughput Factors3G vs. 4GSignal qualityDegree of mobilityNetwork loadingTime of dayType of modem12HSPA downlink for 7.2 Mbps peak throughput network.Source: Rysavy Research white paper for 4G Americas.
  13. 13. Troubleshooting Tools13What tools, if any, do you use to troubleshoot and manage your cellular datadeployment?
  14. 14. Lack of Tools for CellularWhat makes it challenging to determinecarrier coverage?• Carrier coverage maps are not detailed• Maps differ depending on carrier• Carriers do not disclose detailed information• Modems vary on information they provideWhat are the available approaches?• Hope for the best• Rely on carrier coverage maps• Rely on adhoc experience• Do methodical testing (but how?)14We are essentially atthe mercy of ourprovider.Survey Quote:– AnonymousRespondent
  15. 15. Difficulty in Troubleshooting40% of respondents state that they do not have difficultytroubleshooting connectivity issues……but, what they do to resolve is not efficient15What is the primary method you use to resolveconnection drops in the field?
  16. 16. Difficulty in Troubleshooting60% do realize the difficulty…for significant reasons16What makes it difficult to troubleshoot connectivity issues withyour cellular data deployment?
  17. 17. Selecting a Carrier is Hard70% say the process of selecting a carrier is challenging, withlack of clarity into coverage and cost as top factors17
  18. 18. Selecting Carriers and Modems: Why it’s ChallengingAre they all the same?• Multiple claims of best coverage,fastest speeds• Cell site locations and density varies• 3G vs. 4G deployment variesSelecting a carrier• One carrier may be better than anotherdepending on exact locations• Need visibility into exact coveragecharacteristicsSelecting a modem• Modems vary based on radio and antennadesign18Survey Note:For criteria usedwhen selectingmodems, 37% saythey simply choosethe modemsprovided by thecarrier
  19. 19. You Can’t Manage What You Can’t SeeCellular data deployments are criticalTroubleshooting time and resource issue for many organizationsUser frustration may also impact productivityTools needed for visibility into cellular networksHelps with modem and carrier selectionAllows proactive management19
  20. 20. Poll Question:What tools do you use to troubleshootyour mobile data deployment?20
  21. 21. Andy Willett, NetMotion Wireless21
  22. 22. IntroductionsNetMotion Wireless• Based in Seattle, WA• Software provider focused onchallenges of mobile field workersand wireless2248%11%11%7%3%20%NMW CustomersGov’tTelecom/CableUtilities/EnergyOther Comm’lHealthcareInsurance
  23. 23. Emerging SolutionsSoftware to enable visibility into cellularnetwork performance• New software to provide managementsolution to wireless networks• Tracks real-time field user experiences• Enables flexibility to managedevices, technology and carriers• Provides data to make informed businessdecisions on wireless investments• Benefits mobile workers, as well as IT staff andbottom line23
  24. 24. Network Ecosystem24Mobile ITTEMTelecom Expense ManagementMDMMobile Device ManagementMAM/MEAPMobile App ManagementMobile Enterprise App PlatformMNMMobile Network ManagementWireless NetworkNPM / APMNetwork Performance ManagementApplication Performance ManagementEnd User ExperienceVirtualizationCloudPrivate or PublicWired NetworkPublic Wireless NetworkMeasurement on theWireless Network
  25. 25. Locality25AnalyticsLocality Serverand ConsoleLocalityDatabaseBusinessIntelligenceDatabaseOptional:Mobility XELocalityClientsCorpFirewallCorp NetworkPublic CellularNetwork
  26. 26. Signal Quality26I have no powerto address thecarrierslimitations.Survey Quote:– AnonymousRespondent
  27. 27. Signal Quality27
  28. 28. Troubleshooting2862% ofrespondents sayit’s challenging toreplicate fieldworker issuesSurvey Note:
  29. 29. Adapter Performance29Survey Quote:Soon to switchbased on resultsfrom Locality.– AnonymousRespondentWhat criteria doyou use to selectyour modem?
  30. 30. What’s Driving Traffic – Impacting Performance?30Only 21% ofrespondents saythey have a way tomeasure thelargest troublespots for coverageSurvey Note:
  31. 31. Customer Comments31“To keep our employees productive in the field, we needed tolearn definitely what’s working, what’s not and why.”“We wanted to reduce our support load in two ways: avoidknown issues and/or quickly find the root of new problems.”“We wanted to know once and for all what was causing therise in officer help desk tickets. Whether it was user error or atechnology or carrier problem, we just wanted to know whatto fix and move on. ”
  32. 32. Questions?32
  33. 33. Thank You