Digital workplace, a transformational framework


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Challenges and approaches when using a digital workplace to support organizational change.

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Digital workplace, a transformational framework

  1. 1. The  digital  workplace  -­‐  a  transforma6onal  frameworkJane  McConnellIntranets  &  Digital  Workplaces  -­‐  Strategy  &  Governance ns niz atio orga wide 456 worldIOM  Summit,  Cologne,  June  2012 twitter: @netjmc
  2. 2. 2•  What  is  the  Digital  Workplace?•  Fundamental  ques6ons  -­‐  Embedding  into  the  organiza6on  -­‐  Balance  between  freedom  and  framework  -­‐  Ownership•  3  reali6es  and  3  ac6on  areas:  -­‐  Build  a  holis6c  view  -­‐  Support  stakeholders  -­‐  Lead  change twitter: @netjmc
  3. 3. Jane  McConnellIntranets  &  Digital  Workplaces  -­‐  Strategy  &  Governance14  years  of  consul/ngDirect,  hands-­‐on  clients:United Nations – Secretariat (NY)UNAIDS (Geneva)Department of Peacekeeping (NY)UN High Commissioner for Refugees (Geneva)Intl. Federation Red Cross (Geneva) - - - - - - - - -Amadeus (Madrid) EDP (Portuguese Electricity Co.) Novartis (Basel)ArcelorMittal (Luxembourg) Ericsson (Stockholm) Océ (Holland)AGF (Paris) Essilor (Paris) OMV-Petrom (Vienna)Areva T&D (Paris) Gemalto (France) Pernod-Ricard (Paris)Arup (London) GDF Suez (Paris) PPR (Paris)Alcatel-Lucent (Paris) Georgia-Pacific Europe (UK, France) RATP (Paris)Alstom Group (Paris, Switzerland) GlaxoSmithKline (Belgium) SNCF (Paris)Bayer (France) IKEA (Sweden) Suez Environnement (Paris)Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) Lagardère (Paris) Telenor (Oslo)E.D.F. (Paris, French Electricity Co.) Neopost Industries (Paris) Total (Paris) Nokia (Helsinki) UPM (Helsinki) twitter: @netjmc
  4. 4. Jane  McConnellIntranets  &  Digital  Workplaces  -­‐  Strategy  &  Governance6  years  of  research "The  defini4ve  source  of  Annual  report  since  2006 data  on  how  Intranets   are  evolving  in   enterprises.” ns Tony  Byrne,  Analyst,   ni z atio orga wide The  Real  Story  Group 456 world“Unique  in  the  industry;  true  insight  and  perspec4ve.”                                                                        Paul  Miller,  CEO  of  the  global  Intranet  Benchmarking  Forum"Jane  McConnell  is  the  undisputed  thought-­‐leader  on  global  intranets  today.”                                                                  James  Robertson,  Designing  Intranets:  crea4ng  sites  that  work" twitter: @netjmc
  5. 5. An  eco-­‐system  of  digital  and  web-­‐based  tools  and  places  that  people  use  to  do  their  jobs Workforce Partners, clients Public Social collaboration (real-time, constant movement, unpredictable) DISCOVER, DISCUSS Managed (authoritative, stable, reference) REFER, DO Structured collaboration (creative, coordinated, goal-oriented) WORK, CREATE + the mobile dimension (anytime, anywhere, any device)
  6. 6. 3rd shift the mobile dimension (anytime, anywhere, any device) structured collaboration1st shift social collaborationProductivity & efficiency 2nd shiftProject collaboration TransparencyDefined organization Networked collaboration Self-organizationOctober 2011 twitter: @netjmc
  7. 7. 7The digital workplaceraises fundamentalquestions for digitalmanagers leaders twitter: @netjmc
  8. 8. 8How to embed the digital workplace in theorganization? Examples... •  Integrate  into  business  processes  and  ac/vi/es •  Serve  the  customer-­‐facing  workforce •  Make  it  part  of  job  objec/ves twitter: @netjmc
  9. 9. Social and mobile are changing the game, giving 9people more freedom. How do we get the rightbalance between the “framework” and“freedom”?Challenges:  •  How  to  get  “obligatory”  content  and  messages  to  everyone?•  How  to  prevent  fragmenta/on  and  the  crea/on  of  thousands  of  “mini  silos”? twitter: @netjmc
  10. 10. 10Who is the “legitimate” owner of the digitalworkplace? Responsible  for  defining  and  ensuring... •  The  mission:  what,  for  whom •  Decision-­‐making  roles:  clarity •  High-­‐level  strategy:  how  to  get  there twitter: @netjmc
  11. 11. 11Decision-­‐making  is  fragmented twitter: @netjmc
  12. 12. 121.  Build  a  holis/c  view•  Get  your  organiza/on  to  see  the  “big  picture”•  This  requires  a  degree  of  coherent  decision-­‐making  across  the  organiza/on. Informal   Formal   coordina/on  of   decision-­‐making  different  “owners” Digital  Board twitter: @netjmc
  13. 13. 13Stakeholders  are  losing  control twitter: @netjmc
  14. 14. Losing control Communication IT HR • the message • the toolset • profiles • the target • the users • expertise • personal • the timing • the rollout brandingOctober 2011 twitter: @netjmc
  15. 15. 152.  Support  stakeholders•  Work  through  key,  poten/al  “obstacles”  that  risk  weakening  the  transforma/on Communication IT HR • interactive • portfolio of • rich profiles & communication tools & self & feedback purposes description twitter: @netjmc
  16. 16. 16The  digital  workplace  is  an  enabler  that  facilitates  change twitter: @netjmc
  17. 17. 173.  Lead  change1.  Establish  a  sense  of  urgency2.  Form  a  powerful  guiding  coali/on3.  Create  a  vision4.  Communicate  the  vision5.  Empower  others  to  act  on  the  vision6.  Plan  for  and  create  short  term  wins7.  Consolidate  improvements  and  produce  more  change8.  Ins/tu/onalize  new  approaches 8  steps  for  leading  change Jean  P.  KoTer,  Harvard  Business  School,   Author  of  best-­‐selling  “Leading  Change” twitter: @netjmc
  18. 18. 183.  Lead  change Frequently missing1.  Establish  a  sense  of  urgency2.  Form  a  powerful  guiding  coali/on steps3.  Create  a  vision4.  Communicate  the  vision5.  Empower  others  to  act  on  the  vision6.  Plan  for  and  create  short  term  wins7.  Consolidate  improvements  and  produce  more  change8.  Ins/tu/onalize  new  approaches twitter: @netjmc
  19. 19. 19•  What  is  the  Digital  Workplace?•  Fundamental  ques6ons  -­‐  Embedding  into  the  organiza6on  -­‐  Balance  between  freedom  and  framework  -­‐  Ownership•  3  ac6on  areas:  -­‐  Build  a  holis6c  view  -­‐  Support  stakeholders  -­‐  Lead  change twitter: @netjmc
  20. 20. Jane McConnellIntranets & Digital Workplaces - Strategy & Governance Get in touch! twitter @netjmc cell +33 (0)6 12 03 66 34 (in France) LinkedIn group “NetJMC&Co” with 700 practitioners twitter: @netjmc