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NetInfo SRL Company Brochure

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NetInfo SRL Company Brochure

  1. 1. NetInfo SRL Company Brochure
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS COMPANY PROFILE ................................................................................................................... 3  NETINFO QUICK FACTS ................................................................................................................... 4  NETINFO TIMELINE ......................................................................................................................... 5  OUR SERVICES AND INDUSTRIES ..................................................................................................... 9  EMPLOYEES ................................................................................................................................. 12  INFRASTRUCTURE......................................................................................................................... 14  DATA STORAGE AND SECURITY..................................................................................................... 18  CONTACTS ................................................................................................................................... 19  CASE STUDIES ......................................................................................................................... 20  OVERVIEW ................................................................................................................................... 21  EAGLESTAR ................................................................................................................................ 22  SEWING ENTERPRISE ................................................................................................................... 25  TRADING SYSTEM ......................................................................................................................... 28  COMBANK .................................................................................................................................... 30  PLEDGE REGISTERING SYSTEM .................................................................................................... 32  JOBLESS REGISTERING SYSTEM ................................................................................................... 34  CARAT INSURANCE ....................................................................................................................... 36  GEOTRANS FREIGHT EXCHANGE SYSTEM ..................................................................................... 38  IREX SUB GRANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM..................................................................................... 41  2 │ Company Brochure
  4. 4. NetInfo Quick Facts Company • Software Development and IT service company • Founded in 1996 • Headquartered in Chisinau, Moldova • Microsoft Partner Services • Software development, testing and support • Web development and design • Remote administration • IT outsourcing Experience • Over 10 years of successful customer service • 70+ projects for 20+ satisfied customers worldwide • A number of mission-critical projects successfully completed and launched • Projects for governmental institutions • Experience in accomplishing projects of up to 1000+ man-months Personnel • 35 people in the team • English speaking staff • Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft certified developers • 100% of our staff have a university degree • 24% of our staff have 2 university degrees • 29% of our staff have a scientific degree COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 4 │ Company Profile
  5. 5. NetInfo SRL NetInfo Timeline 2009 • Development of the second version of “Enterprise” system • NetInfo joined ICT Moldova, Moldavian Association of Software Developers. 2008 • Development and implementation of “IREX Sub Grant Management” system • Development and implementation of “GeoTrans Freight Exchange” system 2007 • NetInfo became a Microsoft Partner • Implementation of “Trading” system in the Vivlavi-Com company • Implementation of “Trading” system in the Fundatia-Prod company 2006 • Implementation of “Applications accounting and Issuance of government benefits” system in the Ministry of Social Protection • Development and implementation of a system of labour accounting in garment production for the Ionel garment factory 2005 • Introduction of "Trading" system in the El Passo company • Implementation of “Salary and Personnel Management” system at the State Supreme Court of Justice 2004 • Implementation of “Salary and Personnel Management” system in the Department of Bailiffs at the Ministry of Justice • “Manufacturing” subsystem is implemented in Ionel garment factory 2003 • Development and implementation of a registration of unemployed COMPANY PROFILE citizens for National Agency for Employment • Implementation of “Trading” system in Acorex-Distributie company 2002 • “NetInfo” started cooperation with Eagle Investment System, USA • Participation at the exhibition “ComInfo-2002” • Introduction of “Pledge” system at the Ministry of Justice • Implementation of “ComBank” system in the International Commercial Bank ICBSB • Introduction of “Sapfir” software package in Banka Sociala • Development and implementation of the 3rd stage of “Enterprise” system for Ionel garment factory CASE STUDIES 2001 • Participation at “Cominfo-2001” exhibition • Development and implementation of “Insurance” system for Carat insurance company • Implementation of “Trading” system in Vladalina company • Implementation of the 2nd stage of “Enterprise” in Ionel garment factory • Development of “Sapfir” software system for Banka Sociala Company Profile │ 5
  6. 6. 2000 • Participation at the exhibition “Bank and office-2000” • Implementation of “Trading” system in Alina Electronic company • Implementation of “Client-Bank” system in Universalbank from Chisinau • Implementation of the 1st stage of "Enterprise" system in Ionel garment factory 1999 • Implementation of “Trading” system in Acorex company • Participation at the exhibition “Bank and office-1999” exhibition • Implementation of “Salary” program in the Ministry of Justice • Implementation of “ComBank” system in Banca Municipala from Chisinau 1998 • Work on expanding the functionality of “ComBank” system, ver. 2 • Introduction of additional SWIFT, currency transactions and SMART-cards subsystems in InvestPrivatBank • Implementation of “ComBank“ system in the Moldovan VIAS Bank • The start-up of ”Trading” management system 1997 • Implementation of “ComBank” system in Guinea bank, Moldova • Implementation of “ComBank”, an automated banking system in InvestPrivatBank. Phase-1 Core of the system, Bank Deposits and Loans 1996 • Work on “ComBank”, an automated banking system. • The company chose a client-server software development as its mainstream expertise area. • NetInfo was founded and registered COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 6 │ Company Profile
  7. 7. NetInfo SRL Who We Are NetInfo is a Software Development and The company's proven experience, IT service company, headquartered in talented employees and capability to Chisinau, Moldova. Incorporated in deliver results of high quality allow 1996, today NetInfo employs over 35 NetInfo to bring tangible value to its professionals and delivers its services to customers' business and help them to organizations all over the world. achieve their strategic goals Vision The objectives of NetInfo are: • to achieve our vision generated from • to be internationally recognized as a the ability to realize what others professional software supplier cannot • to create original solutions of great • to become a reliable and efficient value partner for any NetInfo’s customer • to provide brand-new technology workplaces to talented people for creative work Company’s Strategy Cornerstones of our company’s strategy are: Company's strategy is based on: • sustainable development ensured by • long-term relationships providing clients with premium • steady growth ensured by foremost service services and reliable products • forward-looking partnerships to help • talented personnel which forms the companies improve their businesses project teams for mutual success Keys to Success COMPANY PROFILE Our unique services have successfully • local presence and remote transformed NetInfo from a local operations software development company into an • talented people international IT services provider. Our • appropriate processes, keys of success are: methodologies, and tools • dedicated teams • value superiority • efficient communication • long-term relationships • building customer loyalty CASE STUDIES Company Profile │ 7
  8. 8. Values Values of the company are of the • teamwork, mutual respect and foremost importance to our staff and personal integrity correspond to our way of thinking, living • quality and professionalism and behaving: • self-improvement • customer’s trust Organizational Structure The company is guided by the Board of Department Manager supervises and Share holders that consist of the key controls all projects assigned to the owners and top managers. The Board department. This person is usually determines the business strategy of the responsible for the introduction of new company and highlights the principal projects and relationship management. directions for its development. A department usually includes several The company consists of several project teams. Each team is guided by a departments – organizational units Project Manager and is working on a gathering people and projects according single project at a time. In some cases to their specialization. The Department projects can involve people from other Managers control daily operations in departments. these departments. COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 8 │ Company Profile
  9. 9. NetInfo SRL Our Services and Industries • Software Development • Web Design • Quality Assurance • Remote Administration • Software Support • IT Outsourcing • Web Development Software Development In modern world IT covers more and • architecture development more areas of our life providing us with a • software engineering lot of new opportunities to improve the • verification and validation, and way we work. NetInfo can help you • deployment and maintenance. create a unique solution in order to meet your specific business needs. The NetInfo has successfully completed a solutions we deliver allow our customers number of projects in the following to overcome market challenges and gain areas: competitive advantages • finance and investments NetInfo provides both full and limited • transportation cycles of application development, • trade including: • insurance • requirement definition and • government management Software Testing NetInfo offers its clients an opportunity determine what type of testing is to maximize the quality of their software needed. While performing manual through comprehensive software testing. and/or automated testing, our test COMPANY PROFILE This procedure is conducted with engineers develop a set of custom test minimum on-site staff involvement which scripts as well as a documentation allows the clients to lower their package (incl. test plan, use cases, test expenses. We offer independent testing cases, etc.). Documenting test results services of different types: allows presenting summarized • functionality testing information about project status to • usability testing custom test scripts as well as a • performance and load testing documentation package (incl. test plan, • compatibility and configuration use cases, test cases, etc.). testing Documenting test results allows presenting summarized information about project status to customers at any time CASE STUDIES We also provide our customers with consulting services and help them Company Profile │ 9
  10. 10. Software Support As organizations strive to integrate their project implementation, domain business and IT strategies, NetInfo’s expertise, large knowledge base of support services help them achieve their different tools and technologies, different business goals and objectives by types of SLAs offered to clients as well providing timely high-quality support. as the possibility to apply client's procedures when executing software NetInfo has been executing maintenance and support. maintenance projects since 1996. Since that time we have accumulated a broad While providing software support, we knowledge repository based on the best offer additional value to our customers practices applied to different projects. through expert consulting in specific With an established track record of areas, dynamic adjusting of support support services, we have a unique team size, as well as rendering services experience that is unmatched by other of further software improvement and re- vendors. Our strengths include engineering, etc availability of formal processes for Web Development We help our clients to make their Web • post implementation maintenance site an additional strategic tool in and support implementing their business goals. • business and technical consulting Specific services related to creating and successful functioning of Web sites We develop both simple Web pages and include, but are not limited to: comprehensive Web portals enabled • requirements elaboration and Web with e-catalogues, e-shops. We create site projection Web sites using either ready-made • professional Web design and content management systems or multimedia development developing customized CMS. • custom content management COMPANY PROFILE systems development Web Design NetInfo offers a wide range of design resources, Web site promotion, redesign services, including: and renovation of Web sites, Web site • design of Internet and Intranet Web support. sites Web sites created by NetInfo design • applications design team are stylish, modern, and easy to • flash presentations navigate. They are developed using • design for digital learning resources, traditional and innovative technologies. including flash and small video reels Such Web sites are intended not only to strengthen our clients' market positions, CASE STUDIES We provide a full scope of services but also to increase their competitive necessary for creating Web sites, advantages. including projection of Internet 10 │ Company Profile
  11. 11. NetInfo SRL IT Outsourcing NetInfo offers its clients a wide range of business verticals that are both regional IT outsourcing services that cover the and global in scale. whole project life-cycle, including: • consulting At NetInfo, we deliver professional and • project/product design reliable solutions to our customers. With • software development NetInfo, our clients can spare their own • software testing resources and be confident that our • deployment and maintenance team of full-time IT professionals is just as committed to the project as their own These services give our clients an team. Our customers can be assured opportunity to use Netinfo’s dedicated that our quality control guidelines are teams to extend their own pool of applied throughout each phase of the software developers, verification and project life-cycle, and our experienced validation engineers, and other IT management team personally oversees specialists. Our expertise extends every stage of the project. across a vast range of industries and Remote Administration Thus, outsourcing enables our clients to • setting up customized infrastructure focus on their core business activities solutions and integrating them with and gain added value from applying other client's business processes NetInfo technical expertise while • infrastructure management services reducing overall project costs. that include maintaining, servicing NetInfo’s remote administration service and upgrading infrastructure, to includes monitoring of system make sure it runs at optimum levels. parameters, troubleshooting, performing software updates, running backups, and Outsourcing infrastructure management performing security monitoring. Right by NetInfo provides quick and significant COMPANY PROFILE from providing unbiased, vendor-neutral benefits to our clients. These benefits advice and designing a roadmap for include: clients' IT infrastructure needs, up to • high quality of services building and managing the infrastructure • well-established processes for throughout its lifecycle, we provide a metrics capturing and reporting complete range of services: • continuous improvement programs to apply best practices in IT • consulting on infrastructure planning infrastructure management and optimization, to meet specific • cost optimization through remote customer needs management model • resources for other complex and critical tasks CASE STUDIES Company Profile │ 11
  12. 12. Employees • Over 35 employees • 24% of our staff have 2 university • Our mean age - 30 years old diplomas • The oldest - 48 years old • 29% of our staff have a scientific • The youngest - 21 years old degree • 100% of our staff have a university • Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and IBM degree certified professionals Overview Last year the number of our employees within. A number of project managers crossed the mark of 35 people, which is combine their managerial functions with the highest so far in the company's software development work. history. This number includes permanent staff The NetInfo team is composed of young which works primarily on different and ambitious people who are dedicated projects. About 80 per cent of our to continuous learning and willing to employees are IT specialists (both undertake new challenges. The majority testers and developers), with about 20 of IT specialists has a university degree percent working in management, in computer sciences and applied administration, infrastructure, etc. For mathematics. At least 80 per cent of years the company has adhered to the employees have a Master’s degree. principle of organic growth, where most Some of employees continue their of the project managers are hired from studies at MBA School. Our employees are Microsoft, Sun, COMPANY PROFILE Oracle, and IBM certified professionals CASE STUDIES 12 │ Company Profile
  13. 13. NetInfo SRL Recruitment Since the time of its foundation the collaboration with local educational company management professes the institutions, Netinfo has an opportunity principle of top talent recruitment versus to hand-pick the most talented young human resource recruitment. Therefore, people who would like to start their in addition to passing corresponding career with our company. proficiency tests, all the candidates have To ensure a smooth admission and to be “scanned for fit” with regard to adaptation of new employees, all corporate and team spirit. newcomers have to pass probation The company takes a proactive period, during which they can test their approach to personnel selection and skills on a specific project, obtain development. additional training from an experienced Given a highly competitive local IT supervisor, and get an insight into the market, the Company's primary target company's lifestyle and working are students and graduates of local relations. technical universities. Due to its close The employees for “EagleSTAR Project Team” have been recruited in a short period. COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES Company Profile │ 13
  14. 14. Infrastructure From its foundation, NetInfo has been investing funds into the development of its infrastructure. Therefore the company's environment is productive, reliable, and secure. NetInfo infrastructure includes: • The 2.690 ft, (250 sq m) in the 3rd level of three-storey building in company's rent • Up to 50 fully-equipped workplaces • An office telephone exchange • Structured cable system • 1Gbit/100Mbit local network, scalable up to 70 nodes • Two separate internet uplinks provided by independent ISPs • 24/7 guarded office • Data backup and security checks performed routinely on a regular basis • Uninterruptible power supply for a mission-critical hardware • Web-hosting server in a separate DM-zone. Foreword NetInfo understands the increasingly working conditions because we consider important role of factors such as reliable the company’s highly skilled personnel customer communication, secure data to be the primary competitive storage, and data protection from advantage. unauthorized access, in the provision of Therefore, from its inception NetInfo has software development services. Special been investing funds into the attention is given to the improvement of development of the infrastructure. COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 14 │ Company Profile
  15. 15. NetInfo SRL Premises The company has a long term rent air intake to ensure comfortable working agreement in a three-storey building, conditions. located in the center of Chisinau, Each individual’s workplace is at least Moldova. The total office space is 65 ft (6 sq. m), providing comfortable 2690 ft (250 sq. m). conditions for productive work. The building meets the requirements of NetInfo follows an organizational policy international standards developed by of providing a separate office space to ISO and other well-recognized each project team. This may be a institutions. separate room for a small or medium The building is equipped with a powerful size team, or several rooms for a larger air-conditions, which hold the specified team. temperature and supplies sufficient fresh COMPANY PROFILE NetInfo's workrooms for project teams CASE STUDIES Company Profile │ 15
  16. 16. A conference room is available for carrying out discussion meetings, project negotiations, consultations, and workshops. There is a cafeteria in the office with a set of soft furniture. It allows staff and guests to have lunch and coffee breaks with comfort and relaxation. Hardware and Software NetInfo has developed an internal standard to unify the hardware and software used in the company. Thus most of 35 workplaces are equipped COMPANY PROFILE with Hewlett-Packard PCs built on Intel processors and motherboards, and Samsung 17” TFT monitors. MS Windows 2000/2003 and XP/Vista software is installed on these PCs. There are about seven servers based on MS Windows 2000 and 2003 acting as domain controllers, mail, backup, version control, and DBMS servers used in NetInfo internal development process and different database-related projects. Additionally, company uses servers with different software platforms (Windows, CASE STUDIES SCO UnixWare, Solaris, Linux and BSD) to realize current projects. Additionally, as required, the server park is upgraded and customized according to the current tasks. All servers operate under strict supervision and ensure the confidentiality and security of the processed data. 16 │ Company Profile
  17. 17. NetInfo SRL NetInfo adheres to the firm anti-piracy policy. The Network and Security policy has been enforced to prevent any unauthorized installation of software. Communications The company has a long term rent building is equipped with a powerful air- agreement in a three-storey building, conditions which hold the specified located in the center of Chisinau, temperature and supplies sufficient fresh Moldova. The total office space is air intake to ensure comfortable working 2690 ft (250 sq. m). The building meets conditions. the requirements of international Each individual’s workplace is at least standards developed by ISO and other 65 ft (6 sq. m), providing comfortable well-recognized institutions. The rented conditions for productive work. Structured Cable System The network is based on a structured • integrate the local computer network cable system (SCS) and was built with and telephone system triple reservation. • allow flexible and quick re- The SCS is supporting 1 Gbit network arrangement of the teams COMPANY PROFILE to: • facilitate the network management Internet At NetInfo we use two optical cable Analysis of our statistical reports Internet uplinks, provided by separate confirms that the average annual ISPs, which operate independent Internet outage time has not exceeded connections to the main backbones in four hours. the US and the EU, to ensure unbroken communication. Customer Communication CASE STUDIES NetInfo telephone network and local advantage of IP phone communication, network are based on the same SCS. web-cameras, instant messaging and e- Currently the office exchange operates mail. With the help of these 12 internal and 5 external telephone communication facilities we are able to lines. Customers can contact NetInfo at stay in reliable 24/7 contact with our any time and be sure that their call will customers. be accepted. They can also take Company Profile │ 17
  18. 18. Data Storage and Security Back-up procedures We use the secured corporate storage information. All e-mail traffic is also system installed on a separate server saved to the dedicated mail servers. with restricted access to keep program Once a week this information is source code, documents and other replicated to another server, CDs and tapes, and kept in a safe place. Internet Comprehensive protection of the • a special DMZ to place the web- company’s data includes the following hosting, terminal and FTP servers components: • Antivirus protection through daily • firewall ensuring Internet protection centralized scanning of servers and • installation of the most recent workstations and real-time e-mail patches on all servers and traffic scanning. workstations Security Precautions to Isolate Client’s Development Environment Client networks are accessed through are allowed to access the remote reliable VPN-links to provide additional network from the PCs designated for data security to a client. Only the that particular project. members of the assigned project team Uninterruptible Power Supply System COMPANY PROFILE Besides a small amount of electricity • power system electricity feeders from outages of NetInfo office in last two two independent power substations years (two interruptions for less than 30 • full supply of servers through UPS minutes) NetInfo has implemented an for about 30 minutes Uninterruptible Power Supply system, which guarantees power supply, even in case of major faults in Moldova. CASE STUDIES 18 │ Company Profile
  19. 19. NetInfo SRL Contacts NetInfo SRL 25/3, Gh. Asachi str. 3rd floor, MD-2028, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Email: URL: Phones /Moldova/: +373 (22) 838-176 +373 (22) 838-175 Fax /Moldova/: +373 (22) 213-659 Phones /USA/: +1 (617) 340-3127 COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES Company Profile │ 19
  21. 21. NetInfo SRL Overview This section contains the most interesting case studies that represent our expertise in providing solutions for different business areas and demonstrate our competencies through using specific programming languages and technologies. The table below presents a summary of projects included into this section. Project Industry / Project Description Technologies Page Name Business Area Oracle 10, MS-SQL,C/C++, Web-based Finance and .NET, ISAPI, TCP/IP, EagleStar investment accounting 22 Investments XML/XSL, HTTP/SSL, VSS, system CVS, NTLM, LDAP Automation system for Internet, Intranet, IBM- Sewing Garment the clothing Informix, Client-Server, 25 Enterprise Factory manufacture Informix-4GL, Data management Replication, CVS IBM-Informix, Informix Universal automation High-Availability Data Trading Wholesale and system for the Replication, MySQL, 28 System Retail Trading wholesale and retail Delphi, I-4GL, C/C++, management Internet/Intranet, Unix Shell, Unix Utilities, C/C++, I-4GL, Unix Shell, Finance and Automated Banking ComBank Unix Utilities, Informix 30 Investments System Enterprise Data Replication Pledge Informational system Java SE, Swing, Java Mail, registering e-Government of registering pledges, JDBC, XML, S/MIME, DES, 32 system notary acts RSA cryptography Jobless Information portal for Oracle 9i, My SQL, Java, Registering e-Government registering 34 Swing, JDBC, TCP/IP COMPANY PROFILE System unemployed citizens Carat Insurance Integrated Oracle 8i, Java SE, Swing, Insurance 36 Insurance Info System Win Shell. GeoTrans Web-based MS-SQL, MySQL, XML, Cargo Freight international freight HTML/ JavaScript, AJAX, 38 Transportation Exchange exchange system HTTP/IIS, ASP, PHP IREX Sub Grant Web-based Sub Grant ASP.NET, AJAX , C#, e-Buisness 41 Management Management System JavaScript, CSS, SVN System CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 21
  22. 22. EagleSTAR Customer: Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon. USA. Actual Project Size: 1300 man-months Team Size: 18 in total, including 3 testers, 2 dev. team leaders, 1 system architect and analyst, 2 DB designers, 9 developers Actual Duration: more than 6 years, till now Technologies: .NET, Intranet, Internet, ISAPI, TCP/IP, XML/XSL, HTTP/SSL, VSS, CVS, NTLM, LDAP Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, Delphi, JScripts, Perl, VB/VBA Operating Systems: Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Web Servers: MS IIS, Apache, IBM Web Sphere Browsers: Thin and Rich Web Clients for MS IE 5.5-7.0, Mozilla Customer Profile Eagle Investment Systems reporting, messaging, reference data ( is management, and outsourcing. headquartered in Newton, MA, USA. It provides powerful investment systems In 2001 Eagle Investment Systems was software to the financial services incorporated into Mellon Financial marketplace. Eagle's Web-based Corporation ( systems automate internal systems to Headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, support STP requirements of money Mellon is one of the world's leading managers, mutual funds, hedge funds, providers of financial services for COMPANY PROFILE brokers, plan sponsors, banks, institutions, corporations, and affluent corporate trusts, and insurance individuals companies. Eagle's business experience contributed The company provides solutions for much to the improvement of Mellon's portfolio management, investment financial services in the rapidly growing accounting, performance measurement, outsourcing marketplace, mutual funds attribution, AIMR/GIPS compliance, processing, and insurance accounting. CASE STUDIES 22 │ Case Studies
  23. 23. NetInfo SRL Challenge Eagle Investment Systems customers experience, allows us to come up with were looking for an investment innovative initiatives aimed at leveraging accounting system to satisfy and product competitiveness. support any kind of business regardless Atmosphere of mutual trust, established of its size, complexity, and accounting over the years of cooperation, provides needs. for unparalleled performance, and NetInfo was chosen to be one of the facilitates predictable product most competitive outsourcers as a development plan implementation. company which strives to find the best Time shift due to the difference of time solutions for the tasks set by the zones is envisaged not as an obstacle, customer not only following the but as a powerful project management requirements but also offering an tool, allowing for a 16-hour virtual acceptable solution. working day. Broad technological expertise, based on Focus on customer needs and quick previous and current solution response have become an “agent” of NetInfo company. Solution The dedicated teams from both sides the EagleSTAR® project. During this governed the development process. period the knowledge transfer model Flexible combination of offshore and on- was designed and refined to be used in site presence created the most suitable both ongoing and forthcoming projects. project development process. An on-site NetInfo and Eagle came to an project manager from NetInfo came to agreement about knowledge transfer the client's premises to supervise the objectives, formats, and scope of work most critical tasks only; that was specific for current project tasks. The sufficient to properly manage the remote application data was documented in team. manuals and sent to the client. A pilot project focused on developing a Additional explanations were provided COMPANY PROFILE security console (GUI), and a low-level via email. library for a specified protocol preceded CASE STUDIES The project timeline was used to architecture in the separate measure the success of the relationship development environment behind the through checking whether a task was client firewall. However, direct access to performed as planned. the client's network was necessary in We studied a comprehensive scope of the implementation phase. Our the user's needs and defined the responsibility was to Web and Windows functionality of the solution. This led to front - end for business applications, the entire redesign of a multi-tie middle tier and database programming. Case Studies │ 23
  24. 24. Results The EagleSTAR project is the most Investment System's major offshore recent collaborative project we perform development teams. Our software with the client after several other solutions allowed Eagle to reduce successful projects. Now NetInfo is development/maintenance expenses as considered to be one of Eagle well as “time-to-market” facilities. Customer Comments “It is a pleasure to work with NetInfo. As choosing the best design approaches a part of EagleSTAR Web team, we with limited prior knowledge and using have been working with the Netinfo the help of very capable engineering team for over three years and Netinfo resources to execute the design. has contributed significantly to the The STAR user interface reflects this product development process. We look mature and professional development forward to expanding the scope of the process. relationship to achieve greater levels of We wish Netinfo the best in their future cooperation. efforts.” Netinfo has successfully resolved all of the hurdles related to offshore Marc J. Firenze, development and has provided Eagle Chief Development Officer, with unparalleled levels of design, Eagle Investment Systems development and support services. Netinfo has been especially good in COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 24 │ Case Studies
  25. 25. NetInfo SRL Sewing Enterprise Customer: Ionel SA Garment factory. Moldova. Actual Project Size: 1800 man-months Team Size: 14 in total, including 2 testers, 1 dev. team leader, 3 DB designers, 8 developers Actual Duration: Launched in 1999 – present day Technologies: Intranet, Internet, Client-Server Programming Languages: C/C++, Delphi, Informix-4GL, Informix-SQL, AWK, UNIX Utilities, Win/Unix SH script Operating Systems: Windows, SCO UnixWare, Linux Databases: IBM-Informix Customer Profile Garment factory Ionel SA, is one of the development and production of various largest specialized enterprises in the garments, manufactures products to the Republic of Moldova in the garment customer drawing curves and creates sector (2500 workers), existing since their own model of garment products. October 1945. The factory has a large The factory has a large number of network of shops where you can always orders, and produces finished products find a large assortment of high quality for overseas clients, and for the internal garments. The factory runs full cycle of market of Moldova. Challenge Customer was looking for a system of It was required to automate the following automation of production. The company processes: COMPANY PROFILE already operated a number of various • procurement tasks automating some processes. They • managing the sale of finished processed the data collected manually products on the ground and entered by the • manufacturing and production costs operators of department of automation. • planning system (budget) • accounting (cash, accounts Our company was assigned receivable, creditors, accounting for development and implementation of a long-term assets and depreciation, comprehensive system in the factory, etc.) which would automate the entire financial and managerial accounting of garment production. CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 25
  26. 26. Solution NetInfo carried out a full complex of • implementation of a subsystem of works for the introduction of Enterprise the finished product management hardware-software complex. • establishing a system accounting of Together with the customer business working hours in the workplace and a processes for automation was system of accounting vouchers developed and approved. (specifications, technological It has been installed structured cable schemes, vouchers) network and new servers, based on • implementation of a subsystem of SCO UnixWare and Windows 2000 the cost of the finished goods operating systems were installed. . Due to the complexity of the system, a Our experts made a gradual large range of finished products, development, implementation and components and materials, the IBM- configuration of the information system Informix DBMS server was installed in of automating garment enterprises in the the replicative mode (Primary and following order: Secondary), which enabled a separation • implementation of core systems of operating and reporting subsystems, (accounting, book-keeping, and even distribution of the load. marketing and supply management, Currently the number of simultaneous basic accounting) users of the system exceeds 150. Modes of Ionel – Enterprise operation COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 26 │ Case Studies
  27. 27. NetInfo SRL Result As a result, the client received a reliable • since the introduction of the system high-performance system for automation data are stored inside the system of textile production process. which allows analyzing information The customer received the following for greater periods of time. benefits from the introduction of the • strict control over manufacturing automation: finished products and over quality of • use of new technologies of the the production in any batch at any Industrial Division time • possibility to manage a large amount • ability to obtain analytical data for of data related to the more detailed analysis and taking decisions. information for the production. Customer Comments "Our collaboration with NetInfo lasts partner, and are eager to continue our over a long period. It is very important long-term cooperation." for us to get our order in time and of high-quality. NetInfo is a professional Head of Automation Department. software developer for a company of our Factory "Ionel" type, and client is always the first priority Valihmetov Boris for it. We got reliable and responsible September 2005 COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 27
  28. 28. Trading System Customer: Vladalina SRL Trading Company, Moldova Team Size: 11 persons Actual Duration: from 2001 year till now Programming Language: Delphi, I-4GL, C/C++ Unix Shell, Unix Utilities Operating systems: Windows, Linux, SCO UNIX Databases: IBM-Informix Dynamic Server 9.2.4, Informix High- Availability Data Replication, My SQL Customer Profile Vladalina company is one of the largest sale of food. It carries on wholesale and wholesale and retail traders in Moldova. retail trade as well as shipping in all Founded in 1997, it has branches in all areas of the country. Total number of the regions of Moldova, and Chisinau in employees in the company is 480 particular. Vladalina specializes in the people. Challenge The customer needed an automated • management of retail and wholesale system for retail and wholesale trade. trades The customer has already used record- • accounting (funds, settlements with keeping system for certain tasks and it debtors and creditors, long-term was necessary to move existing data to assets and their wear, etc.) the new automated system. Besides, • storage items registration among basic requirements was ensuring • budget management 24/7 operating capacity of the system. • sub-system for registration of goods COMPANY PROFILE certification It was necessary for the customer to • sub-system of planning and analysis automate all business processes of the of sales company. Thus, the following tasks were • analytical reporting defined: • management of procurement Our company was chosen as a software solution provider. CASE STUDIES 28 │ Case Studies
  29. 29. NetInfo SRL Solution NetInfo was contracted to develop an High-Availability Data Replication system automated trading system. Our experts was installed. Such approach made it did preliminary research and agreed on possible to divide “Sales” and a centralized DB which would be used “Reporting” systems on different servers as a basis of the automated system. The with common data storage, which storage of all client’s data was moved to resulted in reliable failsafe high- the headquarters of the customer’s performance automated system for retail company and connection with all and wholesale trades. Currently the subdivisions was established. To ensure number of users working simultaneously quick response of the system two BD amounts up to 185 connections. servers were set up and IBM-Informix Modes of Vladalina “Trading” system operation COMPANY PROFILE Customer Comments We are using ”Trading", software for realization of both our current and future workflow automation developed by plans." NetInfo. Functionality of this software gives us a great advantage in our General Director of Vladalina SRL. business area. The principle that Balea Vitalii software developing surpasses our January 2006 needs gives us a confidence in CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 29
  30. 30. Combank Customer: InvestPrivatBank, Moldova Team Size: 15 persons Actual Duration: from 1997 till 2006 Programming Language: C/C++, I4GL, Delphi (Dev Express components) Operating systems: Windows, SCO UnixWare, Linux Databases: IBM-Informix Dynamic Server 9 Customer Profile InvestPrivatBank is a full-range large variety of banking services and commercial bank, which provides a products to its customers Challenge Commercial bank InvestPrivatBank was consideration. Of special interest were reorganized into independent bank on such systems as DiasoftBank, R-Style, February, 1994. Initially, automation was Va-Bank developed by Force. realized through non-commercial software based on Clarion DBMS. As a result, bank experts decided on Selection of the integrated system for “ComBank” system since it fully met all the bank took about a year. During this set requirements. Agreement of period of time a large number of Installation and Implementation of the automated banking systems advertised system was concluded late in October, on IT exhibitions were under 1997. COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 30 │ Case Studies
  31. 31. NetInfo SRL Solution The process of implementation of the • economic analysis system core took 2 months. Our • Interbank settlements specialists conducted workshops on • consolidated accounting “ComBank” system for the employees of • internal accounting the bank to teach them how to operate the system. After implementation of “ComBank” system, InvestPrivatBank negotiated a The first stage of implementation long-term contract for further contained 7 “ComBank” modules: development and support of the • system core “ComBank” system. • loans and deposits • FX transactions Modes of “ComBank” system operation Customer Comments COMPANY PROFILE “We made a careful and in-depth study legislation. We are pleased with of workflow automation software for NetInfo's team professionalism in bank area. From a great number of development, implementation, offers, we made our decision based on maintenance and testing such complex reliability, functionality and simplicity in software as system of bank's workflow implementation. “ComBank" system has automation." CASE STUDIES become our choice. During operational testing all the data was introduced to the Head of Automation Department system so as to get integrated InvestPrivatBank evaluation. Results were great. Our Martianov Mihail clients can be sure that "ComBank" June 1998 system works correctly and fully meets the requirements of our country's Case Studies │ 31
  32. 32. Pledge Registering System Customer: Department of Justice of the Republic of Moldova Actual project size: 28 man-months Team Size: 4 in total, including 1 project manager, 1 tester, 2 developers Actual Duration: more than 6 years Technologies: Java SE, Swing, Java Mail, JDBC, XML, S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension), DES, RSA cryptography Programming Language: Java, SQL Operating systems: Windows, Linux Databases: IBM Informix Customer Profile Government Department of Justice of the Republic of Moldova Challenge In accordance with the law in the • ability to work with documents in the Republic of Moldova on the «Single off-line mode, with subsequent register of mortgage of movable transfer via e-mail property», the Ministry of Justice of the • documents registration in a single Republic of Moldova declared a public registry tender for the creation and delivery of an • use of secure communication information system for security of channels property. • the use of cryptographic protection and electronic signature COMPANY PROFILE The basic system requirements were: • remote and automatic updating of • connecting to the notary offices software versions. throughout the Republic of Moldova CASE STUDIES 32 │ Case Studies
  33. 33. NetInfo SRL Solution Based on requirements defined by the Encryption and protection modules are customer in the tender documents, there supplied with the information system. was developed a system on the platform independent language Java, and, as a The system has minimum requirements database, IBM Informix running under for hardware and system software. Use OS Linux. of IBM Informix, an industrial database system, ensures high reliability data storage and processing speed. The security system is provided using standard algorithms for encryption and The system provides the opportunity to electronic signature RSA and DES. The work on throughout the country and system uses encryption software to minimize the time access to satisfy the Java Cryptography communications by the possibilities to Extensions (JCE) specification. send a created package of documents. The system can operate in both on-line and off-line modes. Schematic diagram of the system The process of registration of mortgage . COMPANY PROFILE Results The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of mortgages of movable property and Moldova, has received an information assets of notarial acts. system that works throughout the state, which maintains a centralized registry of CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 33
  34. 34. Jobless Registering System Customer: National Agency for Employment of Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Moldova Actual Project Size: 85 man-months Team Size: 10 in total, including 1 PM, 2 testers, 1 system architect, 1 system analyst, 1 DB designer, 4 developers Actual Duration: more than 4 years Technologies: Java, Swing, JDBC, TCP/IP Programming Language: Java Operating systems: Windows Databases: My SQL, Oracle 9i Customer Profile National Agency for Employment is a The work of the National Agency is specialized body of central public guided by the “Act on employment and services at the Ministry of Economy of social protection of persons in search of the Republic of Moldova, authorized to work” and other existing laws and carry out a policy strategy for the international treaties in this field. development of the labour market, social The National Agency has in its protection for those in search of work. subordinate employment agencies of district, municipal and republic levels. Challenge Our challenge was to replace the old • the level of the republic. COMPANY PROFILE separate information systems on a The integrated information system was single information system that provides designed to provide: data exchange between the Department • operation of a unified information and regional agencies. system of the labor market It was necessary to create an integrated • informing the public about the information system for employment demand in the labor market services, covering all levels of • technological process of public government: servicing by the agencies, at all • the level of the individual stages. employment agency; • the level of the city with the district division; CASE STUDIES 34 │ Case Studies
  35. 35. NetInfo SRL Solution As a solution of the problems with the Periodically data are exchanged state of the communication lines was the between the central database and concept of a system with distributed territorial agencies. The central databases. Each agency has its own database represents DBMS Oracle8i. territorial MySQL database server. The registration of the unemployed Schematic diagram of the system citizens Территориальное Территориальное P/ IP агенство N агенство 2 TC TC P/ IP Национальное агенство занятости населения TC P/IP P P/I TC TCP /IP Территориальное агенство 1 P P/I TC Кишиневское агенство. Филиал Z Кишиневское агенство. Филиал A Кишиневское агенство. Центральный офис Results • calculation and recording of As a result, the customer, representing payments of various types of benefits the Government, received a single • registration of vacant jobs system of registration of the unemployed • registration and forming groups for COMPANY PROFILE citizens in the whole territory of the the retraining of unemployed citizens Republic of Moldova. • registration of contracts with With the help of the developed system, enterprises and training institutions the National Agency for Employment for re-training. exercises: • formation of more than 100 types of • record-keeping and registration of various reports. the unemployed citizens • management of the given recommendations on finding work CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 35
  36. 36. Carat Insurance Customer: “Carat” Insurance Company, Moldova Team Size: 11 in total Actual Duration: 2004 - 2006 Programming Language: Java (Swing, JDBC), XML Operating systems: Windows Databases: Oracle 8i Customer Profile Company Carat is a universal insurance Currently it has 5 offices in the cities of company that provides more than 30 the republic. In other parts of the types of insurance services, and uses a republic there are official representatives broad regional network and unique of the company. The number of qualified technology for reliable insurance staff is 117 employees, including coverage of a wide range of risks. insurance agents. Challenge Carat insurance company invited • insurance of vehicles tenders for a contract to develop an • cargo Insurance automated insurance system. Among • medical insurance main requirements was automation of all • retirement insurance insurance types: • insurance of citizens going abroad Our company was recognized as the • insurance of civil liability best bid for development and • insurance of property implementation of the software solution. COMPANY PROFILE • insurance against accidents CASE STUDIES 36 │ Case Studies
  37. 37. NetInfo SRL Solution Implementation of “Insurance” hardware • adjustment of the informational and software package included: system “Insurance” to the • development and approving of new requirements of the customer business processes • development and implementation of As a result of the implementation of the structured cable network “Insurance” system, the client was • installation and setting up of servers provided a reliable high-performance • installation and setting up of the first automated system for all operations 10 work places (Windows related to insurance business. workstations) Modes of “Insurance” system operation COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 37
  38. 38. GeoTrans Freight Exchange System Customer: Duchis-Trans SRL. Moldova Actual project size: 50 man-month Team Size: 5 developers, including 1 project manager Actual Duration: 2 years Technologies: MS-SQL, MySQL, XML, HTML/ JavaScript, AJAX, HTTP/IIS, ASP, PHP Programming Language: ASP, JavaScript, PHP Operating systems: Windows Databases: MS SQL Customer Profile Company Duchis-Trans is an Bulgaria, and Turkey) to all regions of international freight transportation Europe and Asia, as well as in the company with head office location in opposite direction. The company has its Chisinau, Moldova. Its principal activity own car park in Chisinau. Company’s is the road and intermodal freight rolling stock consists of more than 40 transportation directly from Moldova and trucks. neighboring countries in the region (Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Challenge maintenance and content management Customer looked for a convenient as well as opportunity to place COMPANY PROFILE system for searching, publishing, advertising banners and ads. recording and sharing offers for freight. International freight exchange system Freight companies and cargo carriers was to contain special paid protected were supposed to become principal sections to provide services for users of the system. transportation. Also, the customer Among the major requirements to the wanted the system to be able to export system were providing multi-language and import data in and from similar user-friendly interface, sustainability of systems. the system to data load, simple CASE STUDIES 38 │ Case Studies
  39. 39. NetInfo SRL Solution When designing the first version of the In this regard, it was decided to enhance system, it was decided to use the MS the system with export / import data Windows platform and ASP technology functionality in and from other similar as well as MS SQL, because this systems. approach best met the requirements of the customer. While creating the system AJAX technology made it possible to developers kept in mind the possibility of significantly reduce traffic and load on filling into the system of different legal- the server. MS SQL and ASP allowed informative materials on freight. for further development of the system Further development of the system using new technologies of ASP.NET. represents a shift to providing paid information services. Development of free services is also in view. COMPANY PROFILE Web-based “International freight exchange” system CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 39
  40. 40. Results Our customer is a cargo carriers company. The developed system allows NetInfo have developed and promoted it to have exclusive access to the latest the system's web site. Traffic has grown information regarding offers for freight from 4.6 million visits per year to nearly and users of the system. Currently 40 million. 1500+ freight offers per day are being Customers placing advertisements on registered in the system. For 3 years the the website use website’s services free system has had more than 4500 users. of charge. Traffic has grown from 4.6 million visits per year to almost 40 million COMPANY PROFILE CASE STUDIES 40 │ Case Studies
  41. 41. NetInfo SRL IREX Sub Grant Management System Customer: IREX (the International Research & Exchanges Board) Actual project size: 800 man-months Team Size: 6 in total, including team leader, system architect, designer, 3 developers Actual Duration: half a year Technologies: ASP.NET, AJAX , C#, JavaScript, CSS, SVN Programming Language: C#, JavaScript Operating systems: Windows Databases: MS SQL Web Servers: MS IIS Customer Profile IREX (the International Research & policymakers, business leaders, Exchanges Board) is the premier US journalists, and other professionals. nonprofit organization specializing in IREX serves as a major resource for higher education, independent media, universities, governments, and the Internet development, and civil society corporate sector in understanding programs in the United States, Europe, international political, social, economic, Eurasia, Middle East, and Asia. Since its and business developments. founding in 1968, IREX has supported over 15,000 students, scholars, Challenge The former system could not generate • availability to identify and access COMPANY PROFILE reports automatically. Data was stored the latest version of the required in printed paper documents and excel document (documents are files. The customer set the following processed by different employees requirements for the Grant Management at their workplaces in and outside System: Chisinau) • availability to obtain current • validation of the data entered in status of all projects in the the system. program CASE STUDIES Case Studies │ 41
  42. 42. Solution The SGMS provides following facilities • attaching photos to documents to its users: • creating unique tags for documents • creating new documents • formal letters module • editing existing documents • creating new user • user authentication and document access rights differentiation • generating reports in several formats including XLS Schematic diagram of the system The system in operation Sub-grant Sub-grant agreement Tender No Add Tranche sheet SG Close agreement ammendments Yes Transhe sheet Procurement Sub-grant Extention of SG Close SG Close out doc agreement sub-grant Letter agreement COMPANY PROFILE Tender document Final Project Procurement Mid Project Evaluation meeting Progress Review meeting Implementation interactions Biweekly Training Journal monitoring report CASE STUDIES 42 │ Case Studies