Owens Community College adds Single Sign-On and Meets FERPA


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Owens Community College needed to simplify the management of user communities. Owens was provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts manually, which took up to 24 hours. The college wanted to provide a single sign-on experience to bring added convenience to students while providing better controls over data in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Owens also wanted to replace its virtual private network (VPN) solution. “We had to distribute client software anytime a user wanted VPN access,” said Stroud. “This was time-consuming for technicians and frustrating to users.” This is their success story.

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Owens Community College adds Single Sign-On and Meets FERPA

  1. 1. S U C C E S S S T O R YNetIQ Helps Owens Community CollegeGraduate to the Next LevelExecutive SummaryINDUSTRY DESCRIPTIONOwens Community College is a fullyaccredited two-year, state-assistedhigher education institution locatedin northern Ohio. The college offers130 academic programs for a variety ofcareer paths.BUSINESS SITUATIONEvery semester Owens CommunityCollege had thousands of users toprovision. Also, students wanted simpleaccess to the college’s 200-plus webcourses and the online applicationsthose classes relied on.THE NETIQ DIFFERENCEWith its NetIQ solution, OwensCommunity College can now provisionand deprovision in ten minutes insteadof 24 hours, provide a single sign-onexperience to students and faculty,and has experienced significantsavings in money and staff time.PRODUCTS AND SERVICESIdentity ManagerAccess Manager™SecureLoginWith more than 200 online courses,Owens Community College attracts aweb-savvy student body.“The betteronline service we deliver, the more indemand our school becomes,”said MartinStroud, deputy CIO of Owens CommunityCollege.“It’s critical that we delivertechnology with maximum ease of use.”The college needed to simplify themanagement of user communities.Owens was provisioning anddeprovisioning user accounts manually,which took up to 24 hours. The collegewanted to provide a single sign-onexperience to bring added convenience tostudents while providing better controlsover data in compliance with the FamilyEducation Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).Owens also wanted to replace itsvirtual private network (VPN) solution.“We had to distribute client softwareanytime a user wanted VPN access,”saidStroud.“This was time-consuming fortechnicians and frustrating to users.”The SolutionThe college implemented IdentityManager to automate accountprovisioning.“NetIQ is the leaderin identity management,”saidStroud.“Identity Manager makes itvery straightforward to integrateapplications and automate processes.”The college then hired WeisbergConsulting, Inc., a NetIQ Gold Partner,to oversee the solution’s design andimplementation.“Weisberg Consultingis one of the foremost experts in theidentity management world,”saidStroud.“They greatly simplified ouridentity management processes.”“We set out to accelerate students’accessto necessary tools and create efficienciesfor IT staff,”said Matt Weisberg, vicepresident and CIO of Weisberg Consulting,Inc.“We architected a solution wherethe school’s Banner student informationsystem feeds into Identity Manager,based on user roles, to automate accountprovisioning and deprovisioning.”
  2. 2. Worldwide Headquarters1233 West Loop South, Suite 810Houston, Texas 77027 USAWorldwide: +1 713.548.1700U.S. / Canada Toll Free: 888.323.6768info@netiq.comwww.netiq.comhttp://community.netiq.comFor a complete list of our officesin North America, Europe, theMiddle East, Africa, Asia-Pacificand Latin America, please visitwww.netiq.com/contacts.Follow us:By implementing Access Manager™and SecureLogin, Weisberg gavestudents single sign-on accessto on-premise software like theOzone portal and cloud-basedapplications, such as Google Apps.Ease of administration was animportant factor for adopting the NetIQsolution.“Implementation is a walk inthe park with Access Manager,”saidWeisberg.“One of the shining examplesof the solution’s ease of use is its menu-based SAML implementation, which is amuch better interface than competingproducts from IBM and Sun.“All accessrequests are synchronized againsta single authentication directory,providing convenience for studentsand ease of administration for IT staff.”The college uses the VPN capabilitieswithin Access Manager to givestudents, faculty and staff the sameexperience, whether they’re accessingapplications on campus or at home.“The NetIQ solution is web-based,so users no longer have to installclient software on their computers,”said Stroud.“That’s a huge benefit.”The scalability of Access Managerhas also been extremely beneficialduring busy registration times.“AccessManager offers the flexibility ofload balancing,”said Stroud.“That’sadvantageous for an environment likeours with nearly 100,000 identities.We can dynamically add moreresources as needed so studentsgain the performance they’ve cometo expect when they visit our site.”Owens Community College CutsProvisioning and Staff TimeUsing NetIQ solutions, OwensCommunity College has automateduser provisioning and deprovisioning.“We used to spend two weeks eachsemester administering accounts,”said Stroud.“Now provisioningand deprovisioning is done injust ten minutes instead of 24hours.”In addition, students cannow authenticate once to accessall the applications they need.The NetIQ solutions have saved thecollege huge amounts.“We wouldhave needed at least two more FTEs tomanage our environment without theautomation we gained from IdentityManager and Access Manager,”saidStroud.“Moreover, students now usethe same interface and credentials forall resources. And we have confidencein our ability to safeguard students’data in compliance with FERPA.”The college is already planning toextend its use of NetIQ technology.Having authentication, single sign-on and authorization capabilitieswithin a single solution makes it easyto incorporate new applications.“There are hundreds of academicweb-based applications we’dlike to enable single sign-on for,”said Stroud.“Moving forward, wecan tie these into our existingauthentication schema to meet theever changing needs of our students.”Learn more today by contactingyour NetIQ partner or a local NetIQsales representative, or by visitingwww.netiq.com for contactinformation in your area.“NetIQ is the leader inidentity management.Identity Manager makesit very straightforwardto integrate applicationsand automate processes.”Martin Stroud,Deputy Chief Information Officer,Owens Community CollegeNetIQ, the NetIQ logo and Access Manager are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetIQ Corporation in the USA. All othercompany and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies.© 2013 NetIQ Corporation and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. CSS90063OCC PO 03/13 F