How Does Google's Hummingbird Update Impact Your SEO Efforts?


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Steven Pope, eCommerce Marketing Manager of Ulla Popken, a plus size women’s clothing brand, will host this insightful webinar as a part of NetElixir University’s Guest Expert Series. Steven will be sharing his thoughts on what Google’s Hummingbird update means for retail search marketers and how does it impact their SEO efforts.

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  • Shahira introduces Steven Pope.***Steven begins presentation.Steven: Thank you for inviting me to your webinar…Before we begin I just want to let everyone know what a pleasure it is it work with Net Elixir. I use Net Elixir for my paid search campaigns and have been impressed with their agility at making changes and quite frankly I love their big vision of the future. So if you’re looking for someone to management your paid search campaigns on Adwords and Bing, you should check these guys out.
  • Google is changing, getting more on brand from original search framework.Content is King.It’s all about relevancy and user experience.Lots of updates this year, including Hummingbird.SEO impacts include algorithm changes that decrease the value to link building, make having a content of library the focal point to SEO strategies.
  • On September 23, 2013 Google announced keyword traffic data would soon become 100% “Not Provided” inside of Google Analytics. Just four days later on Google’s 15th birthday, Google announced a search algorithm update called Hummingbird.The impact to losing keyword data is this: Reporting becomes more difficult. Companies relying solely upon Google Analytics are hurt most. Everyone can still see how much global traffic is getting to a particular keyword, you just won’t be able to see in Google Analytics where YOUR traffic is coming from by keyword. I recommend focusing more on page rankings for particular keywords, it will just be harder for you to determine the success of your SEO efforts in terms of traffic by keyword. Globally you still have the same ultimate number, and if more people are finding your site you will still have the numbers to prove that, you just can’t prove they came in on “plus size clothing” versus “Ulla Popken.”Hummingbird is supposed to return better search results. Google revealed that this update is supposed to make search more about the customer experience through “precise and fast” results.
  • I’ve highlighted how long it took Google to respond to my search, .4 seconds. And it returned 3.5-million results. If you want to be at the top of page 1, your site has to be precise and fast.
  • Search is not dead, Hummingbird just changes how we look at it.Hummingbird is definitely not another Google animal update.In fact, Hummingbirds do not hitch rides on the backs of geese as they migrate south.
  • Google has a thing for animal names. While these are past updates, Google does continue to do updates as part of their past Penguin and Panda patches. I’m not diving into these today but in short, Penguin de-ranked spam sites, and Panda de-ranked low quality sites. If you want to learn more aobut these updates, I’d recommend Googling them.
  • While I won’t be talking about Penguin and Panda, I do want to point out how Hummingbird is different. While previous updates were tweaks that changed one thing or another, Hummingbird is like taking the engine out of a car and replacing it.
  • People don’t search the web for keywords, they search the web for answers. And Google rewards pages that provide them.
  • Hummingbird makes page speed extremely relevant.Hummingbird also opens the door for mobile search to go to the next level and addresses conversational search.
  • If your executive team is coming up to you and asking, why haven’t we gained any search rankings? And yet you don’t have a content strategy in place, don’t expect any results. We’re in the information age, customers are more informed ever than before. You have to build content on multiple fronts. Why should customers buy from you? What are the features of your product or service? What do you think about the competition? What is going on in the industry? What did your company do this week? There are hundreds of things you could write about, and as long as you know what keywords to write about you just need to experiment and see what happens. Don’t forget to build subscription models and send your content out to your email data bases. This is lead nurturing 101.Build a website that talks to your site, has a conversation with them.Instead of asking “what keywords will users be searching for” we need to ask “what kind of information are users looking for?”
  • . The general search volume trends will stay the same, but each individual keyword will lose some search traffic as more users search uniquely in how they speak.With search becoming more about “User Intent” searchers will become retrained, more knowledgeable, and search for more things also segmenting search.With larger businesses beginning to dominate SEO, it is just a matter of time before they overwhelm small businesses in rankings. Google makes the most of their money with big businesses and they’re going to continue to cater.
  • Thank you for taking the time to listen to my presentation, I purposely asked Net Elixir to give us some dedicated time to answer questions from the attendees. Please ask me any SEO question.
  • How Does Google's Hummingbird Update Impact Your SEO Efforts?

    1. 1. How Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Impact Your SEO Efforts? NetElixir University Guest Expert Series
    2. 2. About NetElixir NetElixir is a global search marketing agency headquartered in Princeton,NJ. We specialize in applying mathematical models to drive exceptional search Marketing results for our clients like UllaPopken, Lenovo, K-Swiss and Oneida. Follow us! @NetElixir
    3. 3. About NetElixir University • NetElixir University was launched in 2012 with a vision of “democratizing the digital marketing industry through exceptional knowledge and expertise sharing.” • Through monthly webinars and quarterly seminars, we hope to provide the tools & knowledge to help people become better search marketers. NetElixir University 3
    4. 4. Who is Steven Pope? • Steven Pope is eCommerce Marketing Manager at Ulla Popken, a leading women’s plus size clothing retailer. • He has 5+ years of experience in every aspect of digital marketing strategy and execution. He specializes in SEO. • Steven has an MBA from Western Governors University, and a BS in Communication from Weber State University.
    5. 5. My Personal SEO Experience • I’ve used all leading enterprise SEO tools, including Conductor Search Light at my present and previous company. • I’ve done complex, end-to-end SEO implementations for multiple firms. • Steven’s SEO Trivia: A Higher Education company I worked for, StraighterLine, wanted to rank for algebra terms. I paid a professor to create 100 math videos all titled around how people search for algebra, and got one landing page to rank for 20 keywords on page 1!
    6. 6. Hummingbird and its impact on SEO The smallest extant bird species is a hummingbird, the 5cm Bee Hummingbird. They hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings12–80 times per second. Source: 6
    7. 7. Google is changing
    8. 8. Announced September Google Changes • Non-provided Keyword Data • Hummingbird
    9. 9. What’s a “search algorithm?” • That’s a technical term for what you can think of as a recipe that Google uses to sort through the billions of web pages and other information it has, in order to return what it believes are the best answers.
    10. 10. Why is it called Hummingbird? • Google told us the name comes from being “precise and fast.”
    11. 11. Hummingbird Myths • Search is dead • Hummingbird is just another Panda/Penguin. • Hummingbirds hitch rides on the backs of geese as they migrate south.
    12. 12. Previous Google Updates: Penguin De-ranked Spam Sites Panda De-ranked Low Quality Sites
    13. 13. Hummingbird is a Much Bigger Game Changer New Search Engine.
    14. 14. Hummingbird “Humanizes” Search • Relevant content based on “User Intent.” − Previously a search query weighed all words equally, Hummingbird is smarter to figure out a user’s true intent. • Conversational Search − Search 2012: “plus size clothing” − Search 2014: “Siri: Where can I buy plus size clothing” • Keyword stuffing will become a thing of the past. Imagine if every post was keyword stuffed, that would get annoying… It’s all about natural content now. It’s less about keywords and more about content now. − Instead of asking “what keywords will users be searching for” we need to ask “what kind of information are users looking for?”
    15. 15. 3 Quick Ways to Optimize Your Site Today Post Hummingbird 1. Decrease your website page load times to below 2 seconds. − I used Edgecast, a paid service to cache my site. Went from 5-seconds to 1. − If you have internal IT resources, challenge them to reduce speeds. Start with photos, these are generally the worst culprit, then look at tags/pixels. − Test your speeds at free sites like 2. Create a content strategy, increasing/starting blog production. − Quality > Quantity − Post 1-3 times a week minimum − Each post focuses on 1-3 keywords repeated 2-3 times. 3. Begin to optimize on “conversational search.” − Content strategies can segment on mobile search queries.
    16. 16. My Personal Take • SEO is in its infancy. • I think Keywords are going to become hyper segmented due to mobile • I think SEO is one of the hardest marketing initiatives to get organizations to adopt, requiring months/years of buy-in and re-buy-in requiring conversations across multiple departments. • Larger business will increasingly dominate search.
    17. 17. Questions Please
    18. 18. Thank You! Questions? Email or tweet with hashtag #NetElixirU & we’ll get back to you! For access to free SEO and SEM tools, visit Steven Pope eCommerce Marketing Manager Ulla Popken USA @NewAgeMarketer 19