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Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

NetElixir SEO Manager Liz Donkus presents a strategic approach to Search Engine Optimization, keeping up with Google algorithm changes, and how to make your website as search friendly as possible!

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up an SEO consultation!

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NetElixir University Workshop - Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. September 12, 2012
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization• How Search Engines Work• History of SEO• How Google Ranks Websites• SEO Best Practices• SEO Myths & SEO Facts• Keeping Up with Google
  3. 3. How Search Engines Work Information is When a userSpiders comb the Information found returned to the performs a internet moving by the spider is user as search search or query,from link to link to indexed or engine results, a those search capture URLs collected, catalog series of links to terms are looked and the content ed, and stored in websites that are for in the they contain a database relevant to the database user’s query
  4. 4. History of SEOThe ‘modern’ Internetbegan in 1993 with thelaunch of NetscapeNavigator *data from greenlight
  5. 5. History of SEOGoogle launches in 1998 & Netscape Navigator declinesinto obscurity *data from greenlight
  6. 6. History of SEO2003 – 2006 Google acquires Blogger, YouTube and launches the1st updates *data from greenlight
  7. 7. History of SEO 2007 through 2010 Google goes through many more algorithm updates, launches Universal Search and many other search engines give up… *data from greenlight
  8. 8. How Google Ranks Sites Its critical for websites to appear on Page 1 of Google, especially in one of the top three organic positions, as these spots receive 58.4 percent of all clicks from users* *data from Optify
  9. 9. How Google Ranks Sites
  10. 10. How Google Ranks SitesOn-Page Factors 40% On-Page Factors – what’s on the pages of your site
  11. 11. How Google Ranks SitesOn-Page Factors Keyword Targeting What is the real value of the right keywords?
  12. 12. How Google Ranks Sites On-Page Factors August 2011 ‘glass water bottle’ position 63 on Google! Brought 12 visitors to the site $44 in revenue from organic search August 2012 ‘glass water bottle’This is a glass water bottle position 2 Google!from Brought 836 visitors to the site $580 in revenue from organic search
  13. 13. How Google Ranks SitesOn-Page Factors
  14. 14. How Google Ranks SitesOn-Page Factors
  15. 15. How Google Ranks SitesOn-Page Factors
  16. 16. How Google Ranks SitesOff-Page Factors 60% Off-Page Factors – what sites are linking to your site Acquiring links from respectable, relevant sources will help the site rank for keyword phrases that are unbranded, thus driving many new visitors to the site.
  17. 17. How Google Ranks Sites Off-Page FactorsLink building MUST appearnatural.This can be achieved by usinga large variety of websites andtypes of links.
  18. 18. How Google Ranks Sites 20% On-Page Factors – what’s on the pages of your site 20% Off-Page Factors – what sites are linking to your site
  19. 19. How Google Ranks Sites 20% User Engagement – are visitors staying on your site, visiting many pages, etc
  20. 20. How Google Ranks Sites 20% Site Quality – is your site quick, does your site offer quality content, etc
  21. 21. How Google Ranks Sites 20% Social Signals – is your content being shared, are your URLs mentioned in social media
  22. 22. SEO Best Practices 4. Be ‘positively’ active in Social Media 3. Find quality, relevant websites to link to your site 2. Find and target the ‘right’ keywords 1. Build an accessible site with quality contentSEO Pyramid created by Rand Fishkin for SEOmoz
  23. 23. SEO Myths & SEO FactsMyth 1: Meta Keywords Matter“If I put ALL my best keywords into my site’s metakeyword field, I’ll get a jumpstart to the top of Google”
  24. 24. SEO Myths & SEO FactsFact 1: Meta Keywords are ObsoleteIn 1995, the search engines Infoseek and AltaVista (rememberthem???) began promoting the use of the keywords attribute as away of categorizing web pages. In May 1996, the major searchengines got together to discuss and set standards for Meta data.In 2010, Google has announced that they do not consider theKeywords Meta Tag at all in their search algorithm.
  25. 25. SEO Myths & SEO FactsMyth 2: More Links = Better Rankings“I’ll just get everyone I know to link to my site and I’ll beat the top of Google in no time!”
  26. 26. SEO Myths & SEO FactsFact 2: It’s not Quantity of Links, butQualityFewer QUALITY links (‘authority’ sites, niche relevant, etc) pointingto your site will do much more than 1,000’s of low-quality, irrelevantlinks
  27. 27. SEO Myths & SEO FactsMyth 3: SEO is a one-time Job!“All I need is to get an SEO to fix my site – use all the latest andgreatest bells, whistles and tools, then I can relax and wait for the$$ to pour in!”
  28. 28. SEO Myths & SEO FactsFact 3: The SEO’s Job Never Really EndsSEO is a slow and on-going process. These are some of the reasonsyou can’t sit back and relax:• Your competition is always evolving• Google keeps changing the rules• Reached #1 on Google? Now you need to work to maintain thatposition
  29. 29. Keeping Up with GoogleGoogle Algorithm ChangesGoogle has done a great job at keeping us on our toes in the pastfew years….In 2012, there have already been 27 Google updates that have hadan impact on organic search – and it’s only September!In 2011, Google made 21 changes and February 23, 2011 was thebeginning of the ‘Panda Update’.2010 only saw 8 changes from Google, but ‘Caffeine’ was a BIGchange. This change focused on speed and brought about otherchanges such as ‘Google Instant’ and Instant Previews.
  30. 30. Questions
  31. 31. NetElixir Inc. Email: Website: Phone: 609.356.5112This NetElixir report is intended for general information and is based on publicly available data available on the Internet at aparticular point in time. NetElixir gives no guarantee regarding this information and accepts no liability for any inconvenience, orany direct or conse uential loss, arising from reliance upon this information.No part of this report may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic,mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without the permission of NetElixir, Inc. 2012 NetElixir, Inc. All rights reserved.