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Webinar on Google Search Algorithm update. Panda 4.0. Stop Reacting and Start Doing.

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  • We will be focusing on “link spam”
  • If we look at what the future of search….
  • Goal was to Reverse Engineer the results

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  • Google Panda-webinar

    1. 1. #NetElixirU SEO Webinar Go Beyond Panda 4.0: Stop Reacting, Start Doing!
    2. 2. #NetElixirU About NetElixir NetElixir offers search marketing services and technology to retailers like Lenovo, Oneida and K-Swiss. We are headquartered in Princeton, NJ and have global offices in London and Hyderabad (India). The 70+ member NetElixir team consists of a multitude of search marketing engineers, data scientists, technologists, and global operations managers, all of whom are constantly ideating, innovating, and implementing unique practices that drive towards our vision of empowering global search advertisers. Follow us @NetElixir
    3. 3. #NetElixirU About NetElixir University NetElixir University was launched in 2012 with a vision of “democratizing the digital marketing industry through exceptional knowledge and expertise sharing.” Our goal is to share best practices in retail + digital marketing with 10,000 businesses, worldwide, by 2015. NetElixir University Share the love! Tweet our webinar insights! #NetElixirU
    4. 4. #NetElixirU About Shawn Swaim • SEO Manager, NetElixir,Inc. • Featured in Philly Business Journal, Yahoo! News. • 10 Years of Web Development and SEO Experience.
    5. 5. #NetElixirU What’s in Store • The Impact of Panda 4.0 • How can we use Panda 4.0 to predict the future of search • What IS the future of Search? • An Actionable Audit • Questions?
    6. 6. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0 • What it Was • Who did it impact? • What did it mean for me?
    7. 7. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0: What it Was • Expanded the intent of the original Panda • A Complete Change of the “Panda” portion of Google’s Algorithm
    8. 8. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0: Who did it impact? • Impacted 7.5% of all Search Queries • Impacted producers of “Thin” and Low Quality Content • Bad User Experience Offenders?
    9. 9. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0: Who did it impact?
    10. 10. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0: Who did it impact?
    11. 11. #NetElixirU Panda 4.0: Who did it impact? Bad User Experience? • 17 Years Old • Original Content • Non User Friendly Navigation • Thin Content?
    12. 12. #NetElixirU What Did it Mean for Me? • Traffic could have been effected (Look in Analytics at “Referring” Traffic) • Signal for what next Penguin update will target?
    13. 13. #NetElixirU We are Due for Another Penguin Update Penguin Update History 2.1 – October 4, 2013 2.0 – May 22, 2013 3 – October 5, 2012 1.1 – May 25, 2012 Penguin – April 24, 2012 Primary Targets: On Page Spam & Link Spam
    14. 14. #NetElixirU Predicting the Future through Penguin: What We Know: There will always be manipulation of Search Results Could Google be working towards An algorithm that does not use Back Links as a ranking factor?
    15. 15. #NetElixirU Industry Insight If you could summarize the future of Search in One Word, What would it be? “Mobile” “Quality” “Data” “Mobile”
    16. 16. #NetElixirU The Future of Search
    17. 17. #NetElixirU An Observation First and Foremost: None of the results displayed were determined by “backlinks”
    18. 18. #NetElixirU How Does it Work? Five Starting Points: 1. Use Structured Data 2. Use KML Sitemaps for any location specific Data 3. Think Beyond “Keyword Density” Rules 4. Utilize Web 2.0 Resources 5. Use a Map!
    19. 19. #NetElixirU 1. Use Structured Data Structured Data: • “Standardized Code” • Present MANY facets of your information to Google
    20. 20. #NetElixirU 1. Use Structured Data
    21. 21. #NetElixirU 2. Use KML Sitemaps for Locations KML Sitemaps • “Keyhole Markup Language” • Presents GPS Coordinates to Google • 2 Parts: KML and XML
    22. 22. #NetElixirU 3. Think Beyond “Keyword Density” Rules Keyword Density • Used to be “Use X Word X Times Per X Words” • Think in terms of “Wider Language” • Include Synonyms, Antonyms, and other related terms
    23. 23. #NetElixirU 4. Utilize Web 2.0 Resources Web 2.0 • REMEMBER: Google’s attempt is to aggregate data, so make it available!
    24. 24. #NetElixirU 4. Utilize Web 2.0 Resources
    25. 25. #NetElixirU 5. Use a Map! Google Maps • Use the Tools Google provides. • Google Makes it Very Easy
    26. 26. #NetElixirU 5. Use a Map!
    27. 27. #NetElixirU What to Keep in Mind: 1. Always Be Genuine 2. DO NOT SPAM!!!!!! 3. Think Beyond “Keywords” and strive to answer questions!
    28. 28. #NetElixirU Questions?
    29. 29. #NetElixirU Complimentary “Future of Search” Assessment Gain Expert Insight on your Website’s Mobile Search Presence, and get ready for the future of Search! If you are interested, email Marinn at to set up your appointment!
    30. 30. {