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Learning Analytics Challenges in High-Consequence Industries Infographic


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Learn how a centralized learning & performance management system will help you address learning analytics challenges in highly regulated industries.

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Learning Analytics Challenges in High-Consequence Industries Infographic

  1. 1. of companies say HR Analytics is high or medium priority# of organizations have a data analyst dedicated to learning* see the lack of skilled resources as a challenge in progressing with HR Analytics# While Only Low-performing Under-performing Average-performing Above-average High-performing 8% 30% 37% 22% 3% How would you describe your organization’s Learning & Development analysis efforts?* Learning Analytics Challenges in High-Consequence Industries Big data and analytics have become an integral part of how companies in highly regulated industries do business. While several organizations have reaped the benefits of learning analytics, many are still apprehensive about implementing it. Do you have flexibility to create your own reports without the need to learn complex tools? Can you easily create dashboards and charts? Do you have the technology to integrate multiple data sources? » » » Are you ready to take advantage of learning analytics? 85% 90% 18%
  2. 2. DOWNLOAD NOW Get actionable knowledge from your learning data NetDimensions Analytics is a sophisticated business intelligence application for learning analytics and HR data that enables organizations to gain actionable insights into their talent management processes. Did you like this collateral? Then you might also be interested in our Gain Actionable Insights with Talent & Learning Analytics White Paper The LMS is the only source of learning data analysis* Have a data analytics tool integrated with the LMS* See current solution as a challenge in progressing with HR analytics# of organizations only analyze their learning program’s data annually or on an ad hoc basis* continuously analyze their learning program’s data* Over Only Get real-time reporting on regulated training and competencies/certifications Proactively monitor compliance status to mitigate risk Gain insights into how to improve learning and compliance Combine information from other systems to compare and contrast information throughout your business. » » » » Benefits of using an LMS for Learning Analytics: Role of the LMS in data analysis How frequently is data from learning programs analyzed? REFERENCES: * Learning Analytics 2017 – High Consequence Industries (The Brandon Hall Group). # Learning and Talent Analytics: Practical Strategies to Drive Real Outcomes (Fosway, 2015). 85% 19% 35% 14% 45%