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Energy Infographic


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Learn how a centralized learning & performance management system will help you tackle the skills shortage and stringent compliance needs in the energy sector.

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Energy Infographic

  1. 1. HOW TO TACKLE THE SKILLS SHORTAGE AND STRINGENT COMPLIANCE NEEDS IN ENERGY in Energy Challenges Workforce Skills Shortage Challenges (Source: SSE Warns Of Skill Shortage In The Energy Industry, SSE, 2015) vs Australia Employees in the energy industry are on average older than in many other sectors – creating a challenge to replace the staff coming up to retirement age. Recruiting and training the next generation of qualified and skilled workers is an ever-increasing priority. 50% of the energy sector’s workforce is expected to retire by 2023 employees will need to be recruited to plug the gap (Source: Who Will Replace Nuclear Power’s Aging Work Force, Power Engineering, 2015) of the nuclear energy workforce will be eligible for retirement by 2018 workers will be needed by 2019 to fill the gap created by retirees in the US nuclear energy sector 208,000 20,000 39% What to do » Implement personalized learning programs to rapidly train new talent for technical roles. » Offer dispersed workforce flexible ways to take training such as mobile for performance support or offline learning. » Engage a new generation of employees in innovative learning experiences.
  2. 2. HOW TO TACKLE THE SKILLS SHORTAGE AND STRINGENT COMPLIANCE NEEDS IN ENERGY in Energy Challenges Workforce NetDimensions helps organizations in the energy industry by providing a single, fully integrated training and performance platform to manage the people part of regulatory compliance. Visit our website today to learn more. Frequently changing industry regulations as well as complicated and diversified regional government regulations make compliance management critical. of companies in the energy sector manage at least some portion of their compliance activities under a single Chief Compliance Officer. 73% (Source: 2016 Energy Compliance survey report, Deloitte) Companies find a full-blown enterprise-wide assessment too complex and time-consuming to conduct every year. decrease compared to 2014of operations staff personnel (non-management) have a variable compensation linked to compliance performance metrics in 2015 What to do » Implement a central solution to proactively monitor compliance. » Automate processes by being proactive and always prepared for compliance audits. » Get real-time reporting on health & safety training and certifications. » Easily manage employee performance and compensation via a single, integrated solution. DOWNLOAD NOW Did you like this collateral? Then you might also be interested in our 5 Main Benefits of Using your LMS for Regulatory Compliance Training brief. of companies perform an enterprise level compliance risk assessment once a year only 55% 29% 35% ONLY only perform compliance risk assessment on an ad hoc basis 22%