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Case Study - Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)


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Let's see how MUSC increased completion rate of mandatory training and improved participation rates!

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Case Study - Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

  1. 1. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 1 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina MUSC Corporate University Launch Focuses on Adoption, User Experience Medical University of South Carolina Best Launch of a Corporate Learning University Octoberr 2016 Company Background Company At-a-Glance Headquarters Charleston, SC Year Founded 1824 Revenue US $959.9 million (Year ended June 30, 2015) Employees 13,000 Global Scale (Regions that you operate in or provide services to) Statewide across South Carolina Customers/Output, etc. MUSC educates and trains more than 3,000 students and residents, and has nearly 13,000 employees, including approximately 1,500 faculty members. MUSC operates a 750-bed medical center, which includes a nationally recognized Children's Hospital, the Ashley River Tower (cardiovascular, digestive disease, and surgical oncology), Hollings Cancer Center (a National Cancer Institute-designated center) Level I Trauma Center, and Institute of Psychiatry. Industry Healthcare Stock Symbol N/A Website
  2. 2. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 2 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina Budget and Timeframe Budget and Timeframe Overall budget $185,000 Number of (HR, Learning, Talent) employees involved with the implementation? The project had upwards of 50 or more stakeholders from the 3 organizational entities that included training and development, human resources, system education and clinical education. Stakeholders were involved in the selection and implementation. Number of Operations or Subject Matter Expert employees involved with the implementation? The implementation was led by representatives from the Chief Learning Office and the Office of the Chief of Information Officer. The core project team had 11 members from the stakeholder group that included human resource information systems supervisors, clinical education coordinators, human resource coordinators from each entity, learning coordinators and IT analysts. Number of contractors involved with implementation 1 (NetDimensions) Timeframe to implement Less than 4 months to implement across the organization Start date of the program May, 2015 Business Conditions & Business Needs The launch of the Corporate Learning University at the Medical University of South Carolina was focused on two main components: adoption and user experience. To achieve successful adoption of MyQuest, the learning management system for its more than 19,000 users, MUSC launched a campaign that included sneak-peek demonstrations, drop-in informational sessions, hands-on training sessions, in-person promotions, distribution of MyQuest-branded merchandise and support stations across the campus manned by the project team for learners to discover the ease and functionality of MyQuest.
  3. 3. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 3 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina Figure 1: MyQuest-branded Merchandise Source: MUSC 2016 Figure 2: Support Stations Information Source: MUSC 2016
  4. 4. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 4 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina Students, faculty, and Medical Center staff were available to peruse the MyQuest system, discover how to launch online courses, find the right courses to aid in their professional development, and sign up to add the MyQuest app to their mobile device. The promotion also included an infographic detailing the vast array of educational opportunities available from over 100 catalogs as well as functionality such as reports, widgets, polls, and more. MUSC also created a special Yammer Group to allow learners to easily connect. Figure 3: MyQuest Infographic Source: MUSC 2016 To enhance user experience, MUSC engaged its marketing department in the design of the MyQuest skin and homepage to help create a professionally-branded look. It also focused on improving annual mandatory educational content by meeting with subject matter experts for content validation, using newly purchased eLearning templates from NetDimensions for content design. The company also offered Adobe Captivate boot camps during the implementation phase to train staff on the use of the authoring tool and instructional design leading practices
  5. 5. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 5 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina for its department-specific content development. MUSC provided a MyQuest Help Desk to all learners starting on the first day of the launch and is now on-going (Monday-Friday), and is manned by system administrators from the three entities of the organization. Figure 4: Monthly Newsletter for MyQuest Administrators Source: MUSC 2016 From start to finish, MUSC set a realistic timing for the implementation that included a smooth adoption to the new system while also enhancing the learning experience for users.
  6. 6. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 6 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina Overview MUSC’s main goal was to offer a full range of new training and learning opportunities that would reach beyond mandatory modules and routine annual quizzes. Currently, the system has over 100 catalogs that showcase various subjects and content offerings on and around campus. The catalogs range from diversity and inclusion, personal health and wellness, to total health population. There are also catalogs with content that directly apply to the organizational pillars. The system has provided the opportunity to incorporate external learning and offer programs that contain blended learning. MyQuest provides learners with a user-driven learning experience, the driving force for the name of the system. Learners have the opportunity to browse through content that is both informal and impactful. Additionally, compliance was a key focus. The Joint Commission is a U.S.-based organization that accredits more than 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the country. The launch allowed MUSC to produce the compliance reporting needed to meet Joint Commission requirements. MUSC’s corporate university is also better prepared to provide the information and documentation needed for any audits that the Joint Commission will conduct in the future. Structure of the Corporate Learning University The implementation had the full support of executive leadership. During the implementation, the project was governed by the project steering committee, chaired by the Chief Learning Officer and a representative from the Office of the Chief of Information. The steering committee met every month to decide on important aspects regarding compliance, budget, scope, business needs, and configuration of the system. The steering committee provided support to the project team, led by the Learning Technologies Manager. After implementation of the system, the steering committee transitioned to the MUSC Health Learning Council, which oversees strategic learning; the project team transitioned to the MyQuest User Experience Committee, which focuses on user experience of the learners.
  7. 7. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 7 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina MUSC supports internal employees, students, faculty, and contractors, as well an extended enterprise, branded as “MUSC Learning” that includes the community that can register for courses offered by the organization. Delivery of Learning With the new LMS platform, the organization began to incorporate new learning technology methods and tools to re-engage its learners. MUSC moved from 3,000 PowerPoint and PDF lessons that it had collected over the course of 11 years to over 1,000 interactive lessons with quality content. Content is now refreshed and updated annually. The various methods now include webinars, on-the-job training, surveys, evaluations, programs with blended learning, external training, seminars, and many different test question options. MUSC moved away from PowerPoint being the sole authoring tool to incorporating Adobe Captivate and Articulate-created content, videos, electronic books, MOOCs, and external training opportunities. MUSC is also expanding to include social learning capabilities and mobile learning with the use of the NetDimensions Talent Slate application. With NetDimensions Learning, MUSC is now able to offer a variety of training catalogs to its learners, based on areas of interest. It also added access to resources found on the internet – something that it was not previously able to do with its old system. Measureable Benefits Employees are encouraged to frequently visit MyQuest to “quench their thirst for learning.” MUSC experienced a significant increase in the completion rate of mandatory training and improved participation rates reaching as high as 92% in MUSC’s quarterly town hall information sessions, delivered by its CEO. These sessions are mandatory for every employee in the Medical Center. Increased completion rates, improved safety scores, and increased organizational goal percentages are a huge positive impact to the organization. Following NetDimensions Learning go-live, activity, and participation in the LMS is up by 50%. MyQuest has also gained a considerable amount of interest from the organization regarding adding content and hosting events in the system, making MyQuest the go-to tool for the organization.
  8. 8. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Not licensed for distribution. Page 8 2016 Excellence Awards Case Study Medical University of South Carolina Overall MUSC learned that there has to be a governance structure for content placed in the learning management system, otherwise it can become 3,000 lessons that no one ever updates. Leadership support is essential to the implementation and organizational adoption of any project. Team collaboration is vital to the success of a project. Adoption of a new system doesn’t happen overnight, it takes planning, belief in the work, and support to users or audiences. MUSC’s future outlook is to continue research and educate its team in new ways to engage learners using the most effective methodologies. The outlook also includes introducing the organization to new learning technologies and system functionality, while optimizing on-the-job training.
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