Top Reasons NTAPInsight Was Awesome


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NTAPinsight in Las Vegas was an awesome event. Here are top 10 reasons why.

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Top Reasons NTAPInsight Was Awesome

  1. 1. NetApp Insight Americas 2013! ! Top Ten Reasons It Was Awesome" October 7-10, 2013 " MGM Grand, Las Vegas" Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  2. 2. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #10. The People" Thanks to everyone who attended, participated and made the most out of Insight. " " Special thanks to these top Tweeters and others who helped spread the knowledge online: ! @netappgeek, @rnbeaty, @radarweaver, @vmmiss33 and @storagejockey." Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  3. 3. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #9. The Conversations" There were 2,760 tweets with the #NTAPinsight hashtag the week of Insight plus private chats happening in the mobile app. We were well connected." Want to optimize utilization of FlexPod? See the @Nimsoft Monitor demo in our booth @NetApp Insight. - @Cainc Coming to Insight? Check out my session on Storage Planning & Best Practices for SharePoint and SnapManager for SharePoint. - @NaSharePointGuy Tom Georgens opens Insight 2013 with over 2800 attendees! #NTAPinsight. - @udoklawi Front-and-center for #NTAPinsight Opening General Session. Proud to be part of the NetApp team! - @NetAppGeek Goal at Insight learn more about NetApp partner solutions #NTAPinsight. - @jim_insight Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  4. 4. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #8. Excellent Speakers" Some of our most Tweeted about speakers were " Tom Mendoza, Jay Kidd, Roger Anderson and Matt Watts. " Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  5. 5. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #7. Rocking the Night Away" Wednesday night Matt Nathanson brought the house down at Hakkasan wearing a special edition of The Storage Guy t-shirt. How much fun was the Insight Networking Cocktail Reception? " Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  6. 6. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #6. The Sharing" Everyone was excited about the break-out sessions, boot-camps and opportunities for free certification exams. Insight peaked on Wednesday, with the most conversations using the hashtag #NTAPinsight." Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  7. 7. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #5. The Learning" Make no mistake… ! While Vegas is the city of sin, everyone came to get insight. The learning opportunities were awesome and you took advantage of them all." It’s been a great week in #Vegas at #NTAPinsight but I’m ready to get back in front of my clients with all new knowledge. - @ajbergh Heading to #NTAPinsight I even decided to wear my #NetApp gear. Looking forward to getting my learn on. - @kevinkeeneyjr #NTAPinsight my goal is to learn the NetApp vision and execute! - @henryvillar Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  8. 8. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #4. The NetApp Team" We have an amazing team of employees and partners. ! Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success." Kudos to #NTAPinsight team for a fantastic event filled with great conversations and info sharing. And of course some fun in Vegas! - @ycloudialee That was a great #NTAPinsight. One of the best. I am pumped up. EF540, Flash, StorageGrid and cDOT… ONE TEAM!!! - @mattk4netapp Best ever #NTAPinsight. Great work by the @NetApp team on the conference & @NetAppANZ for getting me there! - @henryvillar Most of Malaysia team departing Vegas this morning. Thanks for the great event. Flawless. Great content. Great people. - @sckhoo Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  9. 9. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #3. The Humor" You’re smart AND funny." “You know how it is when you tell people you are in IT, men high five you, women swoon.” Matt Watts #NTAPinsight - @keith_aasen @InsightAmericas You know you had a great conference when you end up telling your non-IT friends about the sessions. - @CDNmgodfrey Outta here, can’t wait to do it again! Everyone keep your arrays humming and remember RAID isn’t just a bug spray! - @radarweaver #NTAPinsight Geek flashback: greatest error message ever “No keyboard detected press F1 to continue” Crazy firmware guys. - @radarweaver Welcome to #LasVegas! What happens at #NTAPinsight stays in the cloud… or something like that. - @insightamericas Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  10. 10. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #2. Vegas, Baby" What better place to get together but in Vegas, and the MGM Grand treated us right, with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from." Looking forward to a great week @Insight in Las Vegas. #NTAPinsight - @moreausa Made it safely to Las Vegas. Now off to the MGM to get some sleep before a big week of learning NetApp cDOT! #NTAPinsight - @GlowingMoose OK folks – now that the Cisco/FlexPod partner dinner is done tonight – where’s the best #NTAPinsight party in Vegas? - @valb00 Photo: Flickr Selbe B. Creative Commons 2.0 Insight" Innovation Taught Here #NTAPinsight"
  11. 11. Top Ten Reasons NetApp Insight 2013 Was Awesome #1. The Storage Heroes" Matt Watts kicked off The Storage Guy Hero Contest and Insight attendees rose to the challenge of showing off their heroic storage ways. ! The contest is still on, so join the fun at through Oct. 31." @chrbanes" Insight" Innovation Taught Here @jasonekinght" Matt Watts" #NTAPinsight"
  12. 12. Thank you!" Join the conversation:" @InsightAmericas" #NTAPinsight" NetApp Insight Americas " Learn about NetApp Insight Americas at: "" Insight" Innovation Taught Here