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Torti Gallas Avoids $45,000 per Day Loss with NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and Presidio


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Challenge: Support business with storage limitations, scalability challenges, and high power and cooling costs.

Solution: Utilize Presidio’s consultative services to design and implement a cost-effective solution leveraging VMware vSphere built on NetApp FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco.

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Torti Gallas Avoids $45,000 per Day Loss with NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and Presidio

  1. 1. Success Story Torti Gallas Avoids $45,000 per Day Loss with NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and PresidioAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile Data growth, server sprawl, and storage KEY HIGHLIGHTS Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc. is a global inefficiencies led to significant IT man- Industry architecture, planning, and urban design agement challenges, system performance Architecture, planning, urban firm based in Silver Spring, Maryland, issues, and rising data center costs. design with a 59-year history of design innova- “We had 25 servers on direct-attached tion. With additional offices in Los Ange- storage to support our business needs,” The Challenge les; California; Washington, DC; and says Omer Mushahwar, senior associ- Support business with storage Istanbul, Turkey, the firm has a creative ate at Torti Gallas. “From the standpoint limitations, scalability challenges, staff of nearly 100 people with expertise of data center and management costs, and high power and cooling costs. in urban design and town planning; resi- backup and recovery needs, and sup- dential, mixed-use, and neighborhood porting our staff, our IT environment was The Solution revitalization; and military housing proj- highly inefficient and definitely needed Utilize Presidio’s consultative ects. The firm’s commitment to innovative to be overhauled.” services to design and implement a cost-effective solution leverag- design work has led to more than 400 In the file share environment, for example, ing VMware® vSphere® built on international, national, and local awards. six different network servers supported NetApp® FlexPod® from NetApp The Challenge mission-critical files spread across the and Cisco. Transform an aging, inefficient organization. Storage limitations resulted data center in disparate storage volumes and content Benefits Torti Gallas is committed to creating redundancies, with files that were hard to Decreased storage requirements designs that match the context of its find and hard to manage. Staff members by 60% from 10TB to 4TB environment and are both aesthetically had to try and locate everything from Increased space savings up innovative and economically sensible. design specifications to CAD drawings to 75% When the firm recently assessed its based on variables such as with which Reduced physical servers by data center, it identified opportunities to applications they were created and when 84% with virtualization transform the infrastructure into a more they were produced. Decreased storage racks from 4 to 1, reducing power and innovative, cost-effective environment. The firm also experienced periodic data cooling costs As a firm that understands the inextri- center outages due to severe weather Eliminated periodic downtime; cable tie between great communities such as extreme heat or intense thun- avoiding $45K/day costs and great buildings, Torti Gallas set out derstorms. Disruptions to business Reduced network bandwidth to enhance and revitalize the IT infra- operations affected client service and by 70% structure that serves as the foundation could cost the firm $45,000 per day. for the award-winning staff.
  2. 2. “By deploying VMware vSphere on FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco, we’ve reduced our physical servers from 25 to 4, eliminated 3 of 4 storage racks, and decreased our data center power and cooling costs.” Omer Mushahwar Senior Associate, Torti Gallas and Partners The firm needed a more reliable data assistance from Presidio, we were able system operating in 7-Mode, with center environment and sound disaster to deploy a single integrated compute, 64-bit aggregates that store entire recovery plan. storage, and network architecture that databases on a single aggregate while meets today’s IT objectives while posi- simplifying database management. IT management decided that to improve tioning us for growth.” NetApp deduplication helps the com- service levels, lower data center costs, pany optimize storage resources and make sure of business continuity, and The Solution keep control over a threefold data position the company for growth, the A single architecture with broad increase in the past three years. The company needed to move to server vir- flexibility integrated FlexPod design enables Torti tualization and an enterprise-class data Assisted by data center virtualization Gallas to dynamically provision pools of center environment. Working closely experts at Presidio, Torti Gallas imple- server, network, and storage resources with technology partner and IT solu- mented FlexPod solutions in its primary rather than individual components, tions provider Presidio to investigate data center in Silver Spring, Maryland, drastically reducing provisioning time. its options, the firm zeroed in on the and secondary data center in Laurel, FlexPod data center solution. Maryland. Leveraging the single unified The IT staff manages, monitors, and pro- FlexPod architecture with advanced vir- visions storage in the VMware vSphere “We were sold on VMware for virtualiza- and ESX® 4.1 virtual environment, which tualization capabilities and built-in effi- tion, so it was imperative that the stor- includes 15 virtual servers, through ciencies, Torti Gallas consolidated its age technology integrated seamlessly infrastructure and streamlined IT vCenter™ using NetApp plug-ins. Solution with VMware,” says Mushahwar. “Repu- integration enables the team to easily management. tation in the storage marketplace was move between VMware, Cisco®, and also critical, and everyone we consulted “By deploying VMware vSphere on NetApp consoles such as NetApp with had great things to say about FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco, we’ve OnCommand® Operations Manager for NetApp. The VMware on FlexPod solu- reduced our physical servers from 25 to a seamless management experience. tion was the clear choice for our virtual- 4, eliminated 3 of 4 storage racks, and Integration across NetApp OnCommand, ization and cost-efficiency goals and decreased our data center power and Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco offers all of the capabilities we need for cooling costs,” says Mushahwar. The UCS™ ) Manager, and Cisco Nexus® a scalable, agile, secure enterprise.” firm has virtualized mission-critical NX-OS components enables Torti Gallas environments, including Microsoft® SQL to manage the FlexPod platform at the Mushahwar stresses the vital role that Server® 2008, Microsoft Exchange 2007, infrastructure layers. Open APIs allow Presidio played in the FlexPod deploy- Deltek Financial Management, and the IT team to easily integrate FlexPod ment. “We utilized Presidio’s consulta- WebArchives Intelligent Digital Asset technologies with other orchestration tive services to design and implement Management (iDAM) software, all management solutions. a cost-effective solution, with a flexible running on NetApp. finance option that allowed us to acquire Torti Gallas protects onsite data by the equipment up front and spread the The NetApp storage systems are sup- creating incremental copies using NetApp costs over four years,” he says. “With ported by the NetApp Data ONTAP® 8.0 Snapshot™ technology and recovering
  3. 3. Primary Data Center Secondary Data Center Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Exchange 2007 Microsoft Exchange 2007 Deltek Financial Management Deltek Financial Management VMware vSphere VMware vSphere and vCenter and vCenter Cisco Unified Cisco Unified Computing Computing System (UCS) C250 System (UCS) C250 NetApp SnapVault NetApp Snapshot Cisco Nexus 5020 Cisco Nexus 5020 NetApp SnapRestore Switch Switch NetApp NetApp Deduplication NetApp SnapManager SnapManager for SQL Server for SQL Server NetApp Virtual NetApp Virtual Storage Tier Storage Tier NetApp FAS3210 NetApp FAS3210 running Data ONTAP 8.0 running Data ONTAP 8.0 NetApp OnCommand NetApp OnCommand Operations Manager Operations Manager NetApp SnapMirror VMware Site Recovery ManagerFigure 1) VMware vSphere built on FlexPod at Torti GallasThe FlexPod data center solution is composed of NetApp FAS3210 storage system, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) C250 M2 Rack-Mountservers, Cisco Nexus 5020 switches, and VMware vSphere and vCenter for virtualization. A FlexPod solution in the company’s secondary data centerstores a mirrored copy of production applications and data.deleted data using SnapRestore®. virtualization made possible by the AutoSupport™ applications to assist inAdditional protection is provided by FlexPod data center solution. Physical monitoring system health and takingSnapManager® for SQL Server and the storage requirements have decreased proactive steps to help optimize sys-backup and recovery feature of Virtual from 10TB to 4TB in the virtualized tem performance and make sure ofStorage Console. The IT team also pro- FlexPod environment. NetApp dedupli- system availability.tects data by performing disk-to-disk cation is freeing up 35% to 75% of the Keeping operations up and runningbackups with NetApp SnapVault®, Snap- firm’s storage space in various storageshot technology, and NetApp deduplica- areas, reducing some drives by tera- With an enhanced disaster recoverytion to provide point-in-time backup bytes. SnapMirror is reducing network plan and improved system perfor-copies in native format. bandwidth utilization by 70% with built- mance, Torti Gallas protects valuable in network compression. The larger data, reduces risk, maintains availabil-The firm’s enhanced disaster recovery 64-bit volumes of the Data ONTAP 8 ity, and meets 2-hour recovery pointplan, which helps protect business- operating system help optimize storage and 4-hour recovery time objectives.critical company and client data, uses efficiency and performance while paring A FlexPod solution in the company’sNetApp SnapMirror® to replicate data down administration time. secondary data center stores a mirroredtwice daily from the production site to copy of production applications andthe 100% virtualized colocation facility. The company is leveraging additional data, which the IT team can quicklySnapMirror simplifies data replication operational efficiencies since moving recover in the event of a system, site,for Torti Gallas across multiple NetApp away from silos of IT operations and or regional systems and the firm’s iSCSI data to the unified, virtualized FlexPodand NFS protocols for any application infrastructure. While the previous direct- “The FlexPod solution and integratedin its virtual and physical environ- attached-storage environment distrib- disaster recovery capabilities fromments. SnapMirror integrates with uted file shares across different servers, NetApp, VMware, and Cisco haveVMware Site Recovery Manager, pro- the integrated FlexPod architecture allowed us to take a big step forwardviding the firm rapid, reliable, and centralizes the firm’s architectural in business continuity,” says Mushah-cost-effective automated disaster design, client billing, proposal, and other war. “The solution helps prevent therecovery and enhanced application important files on NetApp storage. loss of $45,000 per day during powerprotection for its virtualized applica- outages and empowers us to serve ourtions such as Microsoft SQL Server. “Our teams can now look in one place clients and generate revenue without for the content they need to perform skipping a beat.”Business Benefits their jobs,” notes Mushahwar. “We areAchieving new IT and operational also seeing performance gains in the data About Presidioefficiencies center environment where we deployed Presidio architects purpose-built ITAs a leader in low-impact and sustain- FlexPod, which further improves the solutions and services that enable cus-able design, Torti Gallas is reducing its availability and accessibility of our vital tomers to solve their most challengingdata center footprint through server project content.” Torti Gallas IT staff problems and achieve extraordinary leverages Web-based NetApp My success. Presidio brings a unique
  4. 4. “The FlexPod solution and integrated disaster recovery capabilities from NetApp and VMware have allowed us to take a big step forward in business continuity. The solution helps eliminate the $45,000 per day cost of downtime and empowers us to serve our clients and generate revenue without skipping a beat.” Omer Mushahwar Senior Associate, Torti Gallas and Partners client engagement framework that SOLUTION COMPONENTS minimizes risks associated with tech- nology adoption and ensures the FlexPod Components SnapManager for SQL Server highest quality of service, including: NetApp FAS3210 storage systems Virtual Storage Console Consulting Services Cisco Unified Computing System SnapMirror Network Assessments (UCS) C250 M2 Rack-Mount SnapVault Financing Options Servers Managed Services and Support Deduplication Cisco Nexus 5020 Switches My AutoSupport Virtualization Components VMware ESX 4.1 Third-Party Products Microsoft SQL Server 2008 VMware vSphere and vCenter Microsoft Exchange 2007 VMware Site Recovery Manager Deltek Financial Management NetApp Software Data ONTAP 8.0 system operating Partner in 7-Mode Presidio 7601 Ora Glen Drive OnCommand Operations Manager Greenbelt, MD 20770 Snapshot technology SnapRestore NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, AutoSupport, Data ONTAP, FlexPod, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate OnCommand, SnapManager, SnapMirror, SnapRestore, Snapshot, and SnapVault are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in business breakthroughs. Discover our the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft and SQL Server passion for helping companies around the are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ESX, VMware, and vSphere are registered trademarks and vCenter is a trademark of world go further, faster at VMware, Inc. Cisco and Cisco Nexus are registered trademarks and Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco UCS are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or Go further, faster ® registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6558-0512