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Success Story                                        1st Source Servall Carves                                        Aggr...
“Even when we’re involved in time-critical projects with demanding resource requirements, we don’t worry about whether our...
space. 1st Source Servall has benefited       Business Benefits                            data,” he says. “Because of the s...
“NetApp provides Zumasys scalable, flexible storage solutions that empower us to deliver customer applications and data 24/...
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1st Source Servall Carves Aggressive Growth Path with Zumasys IaaS on NetApp


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Challenge: Enable continued growth, reduce IT infrastructure and management costs, and free up IT staff resources to improve core competencies.

Solution: Migrate 100% of its corporate and customer systems to NetApp FAS3210 and FAS3170 storage systems in the Zumasys cloud.

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1st Source Servall Carves Aggressive Growth Path with Zumasys IaaS on NetApp

  1. 1. Success Story 1st Source Servall Carves Aggressive Growth Path with Zumasys IaaS on NetAppAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile During its recent period of strategic KEY HIGHLIGHTS Founded in 1929 in Detroit, Michigan, growth, the company experienced Industry 1st Source Servall is now one of North growing pains with its IT infrastructure. Appliance Parts Distribution America’s largest distributors of appli- As its office footprint, staff, customer ance parts, with 51 locations, including base, Web services, and transaction The Challenge 9 main distribution centers and 3 call volume grew, its storage environment Enable continued growth, centers, located in 13 states. The could no longer meet the needs of the reduce IT infrastructure and company serves national name-brand organization. “We were at a storage management costs, and free department and appliance stores as crossroads,” says Jeff Meyers, vice up IT staff resources to improve well as smaller regional companies president of Technology at 1st Source core competencies. such as appliance repair companies, Servall. “We either needed to make a Internet retailers, and property manage- significant investment in our infrastruc- The Solution ment firms. It is factory authorized for ture and expand our IT staff or make Migrate 100% of its corporate all major brands, including Whirlpool, the move to an outsourced IT model.” and customer systems to NetApp® FAS3210 and FAS3170 storage Electrolux, and General Electric, plus In addition to accommodating growth, systems in the Zumasys cloud. many other brands, and offers an inven- the new storage environment had tory in excess of 75,000 part numbers. to support applications such as the Benefits The Challenge company’s proprietary online platform, Reaching a storage crossroads where customers and service technicians 25% by making the transition As a family-owned and -operated log in to order parts, track shipments, to a shared, multi-tenant cloud company with an 80-year history, pay invoices, process warranty claims, service 1st Source Servall understands how and manage their accounts. The site to remain competitive and manage was growing dynamically, averaging 13 to 51 branch offices and growth. Paving an aggressive growth 8,500 unique logins per day and 80 to 550 employees through strategy, 1st Source Servall averages countless page hits and clicks; a flexible cloud platform one acquisition per year plus the addi- high availability and performance tion of branch locations in new and were critical requirements. the business-critical customer portal existing markets. In the past five years, the appliance parts leader has grown from 13 branch offices and 80 employees to 51 offices and a staff of 550.
  2. 2. “Even when we’re involved in time-critical projects with demanding resource requirements, we don’t worry about whether our systems are going to be available to us on NetApp storage in the Zumasys cloud. That’s a huge statement for a business to make.” Kevin Sullivan Chief Operations Officer, 1st Source Servall With an IT staff of four to support an customer needs,” says Stephen Mealey, applications. Today, 100% of 1st increasingly complex IT environment, manager, Cloud Services, Zumasys. Source Servall applications, including the team was challenged to serve “NetApp storage and replication are Web servers, Microsoft ® Exchange and its internal clients and support the fundamental to delivering a cloud Microsoft SQL Server ® environments, company’s network, hardware, and computing offering that helps our and IBM AIX, Linux®, and Citrix XenApp software environments. Disaster customers successfully compete and 6.5 systems, are all deployed on recovery activities that involved daily thrive in their markets.” NetApp storage. backups to tape were particularly time consuming, often spilling over into the The Solution Using NetApp SnapMirror ® technology, next day’s operations. Migrating to the cloud Zumasys migrated the 1st Source To deliver its cloud computing offering to Servall production data to the Zumasys After considering the options for an 1st Source Servall and other customers cloud within a matter of hours. Notes IT strategy that would help move the across North America, Zumasys relies Giobbi, “For an organization the size of company forward on its growth path, on NetApp FAS3170 storage systems 1st Source Servall, it was remarkable 1st Source Servall selected the Zumasys in an Irvine, California, production site, that the migration was completed in Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a replicating hourly to FAS3210 and a weekend, and with no downtime. FAS3020 storage systems at a Las The only way we could have achieved in Irvine, California, Zumasys, Inc., Vegas, Nevada, disaster recovery site. that was by using NetApp storage and a participant in the NetApp Partner The Zumasys cloud platform is com- SnapMirror replication.” The use of Program for Service Providers, helps posed of NetApp FAS storage, the NetApp SnapMirror technology companies such as 1st Source Servall Cisco® Unified Computing System™, decreased the migration process reduce costs and focus more energy on Cisco Nexus® data center switches, from the anticipated two days to just core business by transitioning applica- and VMware® vCloud®, vSphere®, and a couple of hours. tions and infrastructure to the Zumasys vCenter™ solutions. cloud. Zumasys offers its enterprise- NetApp MultiStore® software helps class cloud computing, virtual desktop “We were committed to moving 1st Zumasys maintain the partitioning and as a service, disaster recovery, and Source Servall applications to newer, security of its shared storage and net- storage solutions on NetApp storage. faster, more flexible hardware, and working resources, which deliver the NetApp allowed us to make that 6TB of 1st Source Servall data, while “NetApp provides Zumasys scalable, happen,” says Paul Giobbi, CEO of maximizing utilization in the 100TB flexible storage solutions that empower Zumasys. Cooperative support and storage environment. Other efficiencies us to deliver customer applications and service from industry partners Cisco, are enabled by NetApp deduplication, data 24/7 in a secure, high-availability NetApp, and VMware reduce time which allows Zumasys to reclaim a cloud, and to easily adapt to changing to deployment for 1st Source Servall substantial amount of its storage
  3. 3. space. 1st Source Servall has benefited Business Benefits data,” he says. “Because of the sizefrom a new level of IT efficiency by Delivering IT and business agility of some of our databases, we simplymaking the transition from a dedicated By leveraging the Zumasys Cloud ran out of space. We sent an e-mail toon-site infrastructure to a shared, Computing IaaS offering, with a NetApp Zumasys requesting more storage tomulti-tenant cloud service, reducing storage infrastructure providing the support this process, and within a dayits storage costs by 25%. foundation, 1st Source Servall spends they allocated the space and we were less time solving IT problems and more able to perform our backups. In ourZumasys leverages NetApp integrated previous storage environment, provi- time growing its appliance parts busi-data protection to provide ongoing sioning new storage took as long as ness and serving its customers. Theavailability of 1st Source Servall systems three days.” NetApp unified storage platform enablesand data, including its business-critical Zumasys IT to centrally manage thecustomer portal. When 1st Source By leaving infrastructure management dynamic storage infrastructures in itsServall customers depend on quick to Zumasys, the 1st Source Servall IT 102,000-square-foot Irvine data centerand even emergency order processing, team can focus on important projects and its 407,000-square-foot data centerongoing availability of the customer that help move the business forward. in Las Vegas, the 10th-largest dataportal is imperative. Current projects include managing and center in the world. optimizing the aggressive acquisitionFor a company that suffered a 1996 fire process, condensing the company’s Zumasys IT efficiencies translate intoat its Detroit headquarters that burned database environments, which expand more affordable cloud services forthe facility to the ground, 1st Source significantly with each acquisition, customers such as 1st Source Servall.Servall remains committed to a reliable and refining its customer portal. In addition, NetApp MultiStore allowsdisaster recovery plan that protects Zumasys to host 1st Source Servall and High availability, elevatedinvaluable corporate assets. Zumasys other customer data in a secure, shared customer serviceuses NetApp SnapMirror to replicate environment. 1st Source Servall relies on the high avail-1st Source Servall data nightly andNetApp Snapshot™ ® Kevin Sullivan, chief operating officer at ability, high performance, and efficiencytechnologies for advanced backup 1st Source Servall, offers a glimpse of of NetApp storage in the Zumasysand recovery of 1st Source Servall how the scalability, manageability, and cloud. In the company’s previous stor-corporate and customer data. NetApp data protection capabilities of NetApp age environment, reliability sometimesSnapManager ® for Microsoft Exchange storage support the company’s devel- impacted employee and customerand Microsoft SQL Server provide host- opment efforts: “We were making access to systems. In addition, inefficient,based configuration and backup support changes to our Microsoft SQL Server time-consuming tape backup processesfor the 1st Source Servall Exchange environment and needed to perform demanded excessive bandwidth, oftenand SQL Server environments. a complete backup of our production impacting customer-facing systems.
  4. 4. “NetApp provides Zumasys scalable, flexible storage solutions that empower us to deliver customer applications and data 24/7 in a secure, high-availability cloud and to easily adapt to changing customer needs.” Stephen Mealey Manager, Cloud Services, Zumasys, Inc. “We haven’t experienced any of SOLUTION COMPONENTS those reliability issues since moving to Zumasys Cloud Computing, with stor- NetApp Products Protocols age and replication from NetApp,” says NetApp FAS3210, FAS3170, and iSCSI Sullivan. “Even when we’re involved in FAS3020 storage systems NFS time-critical projects with demanding Data ONTAP ® 8.0 system CIFS resource requirements, we don’t worry operating in 7-Mode about whether our systems are going NetApp MultiStore Third-Party Products to be available to us on NetApp storage VMware vSphere, vCenter, in the Zumasys cloud. That’s a huge Operations Manager and vCloud statement for a business to make.” Protection Manager Cisco Nexus SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange Server SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server Linux servers SnapMirror AIX servers Citrix XenApp 6.5 technologies NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, MultiStore, SnapManager, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. business breakthroughs. Discover our Cisco and Nexus are registered trademarks and Unified Computing passion for helping companies around the System is a trademark of Cisco Systems. VMware, vCloud, and vSphere are registered trademarks and vCenter is a trademark of world go further, faster at VMware, Inc. Microsoft and SQL Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered Go further, faster ® trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6545-0412