Success Story                                     Science Museum:                                     100% Virtual with VM...
“The single, unified architecture of VMware vSphere built on FlexPod has eliminated our previous storage management, perfor...
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“With desktop virtualization enabled by the VMware View built on FlexPod solution, museum data and applications are secure...
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Science Museum: 100% Virtual with VMware vSphere Built on FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco


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Challenge: Replace aging data center and direct-attached storage environ- ment and reduce server sprawl to simplify IT management and optimize lean nonprofit budget.

Solution: Consolidate the storage environ- ment and virtualize servers and desktops with VMware vSphere built on FlexPod from Cisco and NetApp.

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Science Museum: 100% Virtual with VMware vSphere Built on FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco

  1. 1. Success Story Science Museum: 100% Virtual with VMware vSphere Built on FlexPod from NetApp and CiscoAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile future to the wisdom of our past and lay- KEY HIGHLIGHTS The Science Museum of Minnesota is a ing a strong foundation for the next gen- Industry regional science museum and nonprofit eration” (source: 2011 Annual Report). Education organization located on the banks of The museum’s IT infrastructure provides the Mississippi River in downtown St. The Challenge the critical foundation for business Paul. The museum’s facilities include Replace aging data center and operations and museum activities. As a public science education center, direct-attached storage environ- a nonprofit organization, the museum research center, collection centers, ment and reduce server sprawl needs to deliver efficient IT services in and an IMAX Convertible Dome Omni- to simplify IT management and an environment that effectively supports theater. Founded in 1907, the Science optimize lean nonprofit budget. its membership and visitor community. Museum offers extensive teacher edu- The Solution cation and school outreach programs To meet its revenue and client service Consolidate the storage environ- and is known worldwide for its interac- needs, the museum adopted the ment and virtualize servers and tive exhibits, dynamic traveling exhibi- Tessitura Constituent Relationship desktops with VMware® vSphere® tions, and internationally distributed Management (CRM) system specifically built on FlexPod® from Cisco large-format films. designed for arts and cultural organiza- and NetApp®. tions. The museum wanted a single, The Challenge powerful database to record, track, and Benefits Optimizing a tight nonprofit budget manage important patron details. Attain almost 100% virtualized The Science Museum of Minnesota environment plays a vital role in the cultural and “Deploying the robust Tessitura CRM Achieve one-hour RPO for educational environment in St. Paul system in our existing environment mission-critical data through its galleries, collections, exhib- would have required adding eight Reduce storage requirements its, classes, and camps. In one year, physical servers and another eight for by 80% the museum provided science educa- redundancy, plus massive storage to Enhance security with desktop tion to more than one million visitors. support them,” says Joel Miles, director virtualization and control of With world-class exhibits such as of IT at the museum. “It was time to remote workstations “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and take advantage of virtualization—for the Provision and restore desk- the Great Pharaohs,” engaging classes Tessitura CRM deployment and to posi- tops/laptops in seconds such as “Chain Reaction Contraptions,” tion our organization for more efficiency and a 6,000-square-foot “Human Body and reduced costs down the line.” Gallery,” the museum is “linking our
  2. 2. “The single, unified architecture of VMware vSphere built on FlexPod has eliminated our previous storage management, performance, and scalability challenges. We’re almost 100% virtualized now, which simplifies management while acquisition and operational cost savings continue to grow.”Joel MilesDirector of IT, Science Museum of MinnesotaThe IT team worked with NetApp part- Once deployed, the solution equipped The museum has enhanced its dataner and solutions provider Northland the museum with a new level of flexibil- protection, disaster recovery, and regu-Systems and its sister IT professional/ ity and manageability in the data center. latory compliance plans with the Flex-managed services company, Xigent “Our data center has been transformed Pod solution and additional NetAppSolutions, to develop the right technol- into a pool of unified server, network, capabilities. The IT staff uses NetAppogy solution for the museum. Flexibility and storage resources that we can Snapshot™ technology to create hourlyand scalability to meet the changing quickly provision,” says Miles. “With point-in-time copies of patron, billing,organizational requirements were key an integrated virtualization platform, and exhibit data. End users are newlyfactors to consider. With Northland’s we have the flexibility and scalability to empowered with self-service capabili-recommendation, the Science Museum quickly adapt our infrastructure to seize ties using SnapRestore® for quickselected VMware vSphere built on new opportunities for reducing costs, restoration of inadvertently deletedFlexPod from NetApp and Cisco. improving productivity, and better files and reduced IT support tickets.“VMware on FlexPod was clearly the serving our patrons.”right solution to address the Science The NetApp Data ONTAP® 8 operatingMuseum’s current and future needs VMware vSphere built on FlexPod system provides the museum a singleand, in addition, cost-effectively ele- delivers virtualized mission-critical appli- system management framework forvated the museum’s infrastructure to cations for the museum, including the increased operational efficiency.enterprise class,” says Steve Pheneger, Tessitura CRM system, which enables NetApp multiprotocol support enablesaccount manager at Northland. museum employees such as visitor rela- the organization to leverage existing tions associates and educational pro- infrastructure assets. NetApp dedupli-The Solution gram directors to see a patron’s entire cation is reducing the museum’s stor-Consolidating into a unified, highly history in one streamlined constituent age requirements by as much as 80%.scalable architecture record. The museum also leverages the NetApp Flash Cache helps boostThe Science Museum leveraged the solution to virtualize and support many performance and improve the end-userexpertise from Northland Systems to other environments, including payroll experience with intelligent caching ofdeploy and configure the new solution. and accounting systems, a point-of-sale application workloads.“From our experience with FlexPod, we system, a collections management data- base for its 1.75 million artifacts, an IT To help make sure of business continu-knew data migration and installation ticketing system, Microsoft® SQL Server® ity, NetApp SnapMirror® integrated withcould occur quickly and seamlessly,” 2008 R2, Liquidware Labs Stratusphere VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Man-notes Rod Lucero, chief technology FIT, and VMware Zimbra® Collaboration ager automatically replicates museumofficer at Xigent Solutions. “VMware on Server, which includes 700 e-mail data hourly to the FlexPod solution inFlexPod was the right choice to meet accounts, and a resilient, growing virtual the secondary data center. The IT staffthe needs of the Science Museum, desktop environment supported by can achieve recovery point objectivesboth today and tomorrow.” VMware View™. as low as one hour for critical data on which the museum depends for daily
  3. 3. Primary Data Center Secondary Data Center Virtu Virtualized Desktops Virtu Virtualized Desktops VMware View 5 VMware View 5 VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Tessitura Constituent Relationship Management Tessitura Constituent Relationship Management VMware vSphere 5 V VMware vSphere 5 Cisco Unified Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) NetApp SnapMirror Computing System (UCS) B230 M1 Blade Server VMware Site Recovery B200 M2 Blade Server Manager NetApp Snapshot NetApp SnapRestore Cisco Nexus 7000 NetApp Deduplication Series Switches NetApp FAS3210HA NetApp FAS3140HAFigure 1) The FlexPod solution in the primary data center is composed of a NetApp FAS3210A storage system, Cisco UCS B230 M1 Blade servers, CiscoNexus 1000V Series switches, and VMware vSphere 5 and vCenter for virtualization. A similar FlexPod solution resides in a secondary site for disaster recovery.Virtualized applications include Tessitura CRM, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server, in addition to 200 virtualized desktopsrunning on VMware View 5.operations. FlexPod also helps the in the FlexPod solution and supported working offsite will use adequate antivirusmuseum meet its stringent Payment by VMware vCloud® Director and support aren’t realistic options for us,”Card Industry Data Security Standards VMware View 5. This end-user computing says Miles. “With desktop virtualization(PCI DSS) requirements by supporting environment with 200 virtual desktops enabled by VMware View built on Flex-its log management software. for box office, call center, and gift shop Pod, the museum data and applications personnel is eliminating regular hard- are securely located onsite. OffsiteBusiness Benefits ware replacements in these compute- employees can access the systems theyA virtualized platform for today intensive environments. “We can quickly need 24x7, home computers can’t infectand tomorrow provision storage and virtual machines our systems, and our data remainsWith the cost of running a 370,000- and transparently connect users to their protected and secure.”square-foot facility, employing a staff original desktops without losing aof more than 600 full- and part-time Visionaries in science and transaction, and virtual desktops can technologyemployees plus 1,000 volunteers, and be backed up or restored in seconds,”developing the science education pro- The Science Museum of Minnesota has notes Miles.grams and exhibits that engage visitors a long history of educating and inspir-of all ages, the museum is taking advan- With virtual desktops in the Computer ing visitors through its interactive andtage of the virtualization and cost Education Center, the museum has traveling exhibits, collections, Omnithe-reduction opportunities provided by greatly simplified the IT services that ater films, classes, and camps. Itsthe FlexPod solution. support the center. To teach 200 worldwide recognition is clear, being courses covering more than 80 subjects one of only a few museums in theToday the museum runs all applications such as Microsoft Windows®, Apple® United States to exhibit The Dead Seaand data on NetApp storage and Cisco Mac® OS X, and database design, staff Scrolls, giving visitors the opportunityUnified Computing System™ (UCS™) members were required to reimage to explore one of the greatest archaeo-servers on the FlexPod platform. “The classroom PCs several times daily to logical discoveries of the 20th century.single, unified architecture of VMware prepare for each class. “Now ourvSphere built on FlexPod has eliminated Through IT innovation that includes instructors have self-service, virtualour previous storage management, per- server virtualization and desktop virtual- private data centers for their trainingformance, and scalability challenges,” ization made possible by VMware on environments, eliminating the costly,says Miles. “We’re almost 100% virtual- FlexPod, the museum is able to elimi- time-consuming desktop imagingized now, which simplifies management nate the limitations and management process,” says Miles.while acquisition and operational cost complexity of siloed systems andsavings continue to grow.” Through desktop virtualization, the server sprawl. FlexPod scalability will museum is also effectively securing enable the museum to deliver additionalEnd-user computing and IT resilience IT services as needed to support remote workstations. “Supplying remoteThe Science Museum has implemented workers with museum-issued laptops exciting new educational programs anda desktop virtualization strategy rooted and guaranteeing that employees research endeavors moving forward.
  4. 4. “With desktop virtualization enabled by the VMware View built on FlexPod solution, museum data and applications are securely located onsite. Offsite employees can access the systems they need 24x7, home computers can’t infect our systems, and our data remains protected and secure.”Joel MilesDirector of IT, Science Museum of Minnesota “We’re constantly looking for new ways SOLUTION COMPONENTS to leverage technology to better meet the needs of our staff while helping to FlexPod Components Snapshot technology further differentiate the museum as a NetApp FAS3210A and FAS3140A SnapRestore visionary institution,” says Miles. “The storage systems FlexPod solution from NetApp and SnapMirror Cisco Unified Computing System Cisco frees up our IT budget and Deduplication (UCS) B230 M1 and B200 M2 Blade resources for IT innovation, while virtu- Servers Third-Party Products alization has allowed us to evolve our IT environment into a dynamic data center Cisco Nexus 1000V combined Liquidware Labs Stratusphere FIT that can quickly and cost-effectively with 5000/6000/7000 Series Core Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 respond to changing business needs. Switches Tessitura Constituent Relationship We’re pushing the technology envelope Management Virtualization Components and, by doing so, extending our com- VMware vSphere 5 VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server mitment to science and technology.” VMware vCloud Director Trend Micro Deep Security VMware vCenter Site Recovery Partners Manager (SRM) Northland Systems VMware View 5 NetApp Software Xigent Solutions Data ONTAP 8.0 system operating in 7-Mode Flash CacheSolution delivery partner: NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexPod, SnapMirror, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate SnapRestore, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, business breakthroughs. Discover our SQL Server, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft passion for helping companies around the Corporation. vCloud, VMware, vSphere, and Zimbra are registered trademarks and vCenter and View are trademarks of VMware, Inc. world go further, faster at Cisco Nexus is a registered trademark and Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco UCS are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. Apple and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All other brands or Go further, faster ® products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6557-0512