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Revlon Executive Summary


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Revlon Executive Summary

  1. 1. Executive Summary IT Simplicity Drives Business Agility at RevlonThe Power of One(ness) On the Road to anSimplicity as a competitive weapon Agile Data InfrastructureRevlon manufactures and ships millions of beauty products to more than Agility, Revlon style100 countries across 6 continents. In 2006, David Giambruno joined the company Now on the road to an agile data infra-as CIO to help the iconic global brand accelerate innovation by modernizing its structure enabled by the NetApp Dataoutdated IT infrastructure. ONTAP ® operating system, Revlon is able to align IT to the business. Here’s“Six years ago, Revlon IT was seen as an impediment to the business,” explains what that means for Revlon today.Giambruno. “Web mail didn’t exist, company laptops didn’t work overseas,and offices didn’t have WiFi. My first task was simply to get IT out of the way • Delivering impact faster throughof the business.” intelligent data management Automation and intelligent data man-He began by instituting a philosophy of brutal simplicity, standardizing Revlon’s agement enable one storage engineers­ ystems and technology on a global scale. He selected NetApp® as the single to manage 3.6PB of data with 30TBstorage and data management technology. This “oneness” simplified administration, of changes per week—work that usedenabling IT administrators to achieve a greater command of the technology and to require 10 people.deliver more for the business with no increase in costs. • Achieving nondisruptive operations through immortal data availabilityOver time, what started as an effort to deliver baseline services has yielded Data ONTAP enables six-9s uptime,profound benefits. Revlon’s simplified vendor philosophy and a NetApp based resulting in fewer than 13 secondsprivate cloud infrastructure have reduced the time to deliver IT projects by 70% of downtime each year.and increased the number of projects by 425%. Incremental costs, hardware • Growing without limits throughfootprint, and installation time have been eliminated. Effectively, NetApp has infinite data scalingenabled the business to achieve these results while avoiding an investment of With 3.6PB of committed data insidemore than $70 million. its systems, Revlon can scale easily— consuming 660 million SKU attributes“In our industry, it’s all about the speed of business and delivering capabilities,” per month—with minimal incrementalGiambruno adds. “Simplification equals speed, and that speed provides agility. cost to the business.We do what the business needs—only faster, cheaper, and better.” Timeline to IT Agility: 0-100% in Five Years No incremental spending to achieve results. Infrastructure Global Cloud Global Cloud Simplification Deployment in Production 18 months 3 years 5 years • Reduced costs with $70+ million in savings and avoidance “We do what the business • 425% more IT projects needs—only faster, cheaper, • Increased business and better.” capabilities David Giambruno Senior Vice President and CIO Revlon
  2. 2. One CIO One Storage EngineerHow one CIO became the inflection point for an entire business How one storage engineer foughtWhen Giambruno joined Revlon in 2006, he had his work cut out for him. a fire in Venezuela from the beach“There were literally Buddha statues in the factory that people would rub, in North Carolinahoping things went well,” he says. In June 2011, Revlon’s Venezuela factory suffered a massive fire. Revlon storageGiambruno knew that success would take more than transforming the engineer Ben Gent was on vacation wheninfrastructure; it would also require a cultural shift. “Technology is easy,” he was notified that the data center wasexplains Giambruno. “People are hard.” being consumed by flames.Giambruno began implementing his philosophy of change management, feeding Fortunately, one of Revlon’s first movesthe organization small changes a little bit at a time. With a constant drip of new with NetApp had been to implementcapabilities and a rock-solid infrastructure, a new culture emerged in his department. a disaster recovery strategy with aPeople now feel empowered to try new things, accelerating innovation at Revlon. 15-minute global replication target thatToday, there are no Buddhas in the factory. In fact, people rarely think used NetApp SnapMirror ® technologyabout IT. And that’s just the way Giambruno likes it. to mirror all the systems in Venezuela to a disaster recovery site in Edison, New Jersey. Within minutes, with Gent working from his cellphone, the Revlon team was able to take the mirrored files, split them,A New View of Big Data copy them in flight, and put the clonesRevlon’s global master data model back online in New Jersey. The next morning, the factory employees wereGiambruno is most proud of his department’s work behind the scenes. When working remotely on virtual desktops.asked for a copy of Revlon’s environment for testing, Giambruno didn’t hesitate.With NetApp FlexClone® technology, initially copying all the data in Revlon took “It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes toseveral weeks; then replicating changes took minutes and cost nothing. Eighteen literally move the factory from Venezuelamonths later, the Applications team returned with a new master data and big data to New Jersey,” says Giambruno. “Andstructure that has revolutionized the way Revlon looks at its data and its ability most of that time was just trying to getto approach enterprise projects. ahold of Ben, who was at the beach.”The new data model automatically sorts, organizes, and structures Revlon’s To find out more about how Revlonpetabytes of data. “It connects the manufacturing lines in the factory back transformed IT, read the technicalto our cloud, giving employees much better data on the factory,” explains case study.Giambruno. The Revlon IT team now delivers applications 70% faster.About Revlon About NetAppRevlon is a global color cosmetics, NetApp creates innovative storagehair color, beauty tools, fragrances, and data management solutions thatskin care, anti-perspirant deodorants, deliver outstanding cost efficiency andand beauty care products company accelerate business breakthroughs.whose vision is Glamour, Excitement Discover our passion for helpingand Innovation through high-quality companies around the world goproducts at affordable prices. For more further, faster at, visit Go further, faster ® © 2013 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Follow us on: Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexClone, and SnapMirror are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. DS-3411-0213