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Predictive Analytics for Proactive Management with Active IQ

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Predictive Analytics for Proactive Management with Active IQ

  1. 1. Predictive analytics for proactive management with Active IQ These results are based on a TechValidate/SurveyMonkey to gather feedback from Active IQ users in January 2018. (N=479). If you would like to participate, the survey can be accessed here. ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE “Active IQ allows a holistic view of NetApp systems and the capability to rapidly take auto-support data and turn it into actionable intelligence is peerless.” ~ IT Architect, Global Electronics Manufacturer KEY INSIGHTS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME 92% users found value in using Active IQ Overall, they saw improvement in their business with data management and operations. 77% of users find the predictive risk identification and remediation powerful and useful capabilities, thereby increasing company revenue. Why are people looking for a solution like Active IQ? They're looking for best practice advisories (and love them!), upgrade recommendations, and proactive maintenance, etc. What people love about Active IQ: 1. Upgrade recommendations 2. Predictive risk identification and remediation 3. Configuration optimization recommendations PROACTIVE AND PREDICTIVE “Active IQ allows us to quickly identify risks and provides best practices recommendations that are critical to achieving uninterrupted operations.” ~ Lead Technical Architect, US National Laboratory "Very useful to get recommenda- tions, historic metrics and health dashboard, it has greatly improved our data management. As for the call home feature, it's a must-have for a corporate environment. Active IQ is an essential part our operations." ~ Senior Systems Engineer, Global 500 Software Company