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University Saves $3.6 Million and Accelerates Research with Hybrid Cloud Built on NetApp


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Challenge: Unleash innovation and speed throughout the university to accelerate research in higher learning.

Solution: Leverage a NetApp unified storage platform for a hybrid cloud that supports the university’s education and research.

Published in: Technology, Education
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University Saves $3.6 Million and Accelerates Research with Hybrid Cloud Built on NetApp

  1. 1. Success Story University Saves $3.6 Million and Accelerates Research with Hybrid Cloud Built on NetAppAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile “All university activities are underpinned KEY HIGHLIGHTS Loughborough University is one of the by some aspect of IT,” says Dr. Phil Industry United Kingdom’s leading universities, Richards, IT director at Loughborough Education with more than 13,000 full-time students, University. “We have a large campus a reputation for excellence in teaching and 15,000 technology users. Whether The Challenge and research, strong links with business researchers are conducting world-class Unleash innovation and speed and industry, and a highly competitive research, students are learning online throughout the university to sports development program. The award- or engaging in school activities, or accelerate research in higher winning university has 21 academic university administrators are managing learning. departments and more than 40 research programs, everyone needs highly centers and institutes. Loughborough available systems and anytime, The Solution University is the largest single-site anywhere access.” Leverage a NetApp® unified storage platform for a hybrid campus in the country, with 437 acres Recently, IT management identified cloud that supports the of land. With a staff of over 3,000, an opportunity to significantly reduce university’s education and the university is Loughborough’s costs and increase the return on the research. largest employer. university’s IT investment while improv- The Challenge ing IT services that support education Benefits Building a platform for innovation and research initiatives. Its 30-year-old Located in the Borough of Charnwood data center offered limited capacity and IT costs to reinvest in higher in the county of Leicestershire, a low power utilization efficiency rating. education programs Loughborough is a thriving town and The university needed to upgrade its prominent high-technology center that data center and end-of-life components a foundation for the future attracts investors from around the and faced the daunting prospect of globe. Loughborough University spending $3.6 million to keep their focuses on making smart investments legacy data center operating. “We were requests for IT, accelerating in technology, specifically those that reluctant to invest our resources in a groundbreaking research support efficient university operations massive data center building project and a superior student experience. based on predictions,” says Richards.
  2. 2. “The FlexPod solution based on NetApp and Cisco technologies helped save us $3.6 million in data center costs. We’re able to allocate that budget to world-class research and to providing the educational programs that can make a difference in the lives of our students today and tomorrow.” Dr. Phil Richards IT Director, Loughborough University IT management searched for a cost- includes FlexPod ® data center solutions Logicalis. “The NetApp and Cisco part- effective IT solution that would provide deployed at either end of the campus, nership has solidified the virtual, robust the bandwidth and scalability required with additional FlexPod solutions for architecture of the FlexPod solution in for educational programs and world- extra capacity in Logicalis’ public a way that allows us to deliver a highly class research for the next 10 to 15 years. cloud. Each FlexPod configuration is competitive hybrid cloud service.” The university hoped to find an innova- composed of NetApp MetroCluster™ tive solution that would allow it to focus Logicalis leverages NetApp MetroCluster more resources on its core educational storage system, Cisco Unified Computing array-based clustering with synchronous and research missions, as well as to ™ mirroring to deliver continuous availa- improve the educational environment Cisco Data Center switches, with bility and zero data loss. The company for students and instructors. VMware® ™ and vCenter™ achieves maximum flexibility in the for virtualization. shared storage infrastructure of its hybrid After considering many different cloud ® , solutions, Loughborough University “NetApp provides a single architecture which provides secure multi-tenancy selected a hybrid cloud solution from that Loughborough University leverages to support the storage needs of to tie together the private and public Loughborough University and other Berkshire, Logicalis is an international clouds essential to our enhanced customers. IT solutions and managed services IT strategy,” says Richards. “We only provider, specializing in communications had to learn one hybrid cloud envi- and collaboration; data center and ronment, making it much simpler to to eliminate “distributed data centers cloud services; and managed services manage.” Loughborough further under desks,” where professors, to clients across both the public and streamlines storage management researchers, and other personnel used private sector. with CA Technologies software, which local servers and storage, creating automates service delivery and the information and IT management silos. The Solution provisioning of its physical, virtual, Unified storage platform across and cloud environments. multiple virtual storage systems within a hybrid cloud our single consolidated FlexPod plat- Logicalis UK consolidated Loughborough’s Logicalis chose FlexPod for the pub- form,” says Gabriel. “Loughborough existing data center into two “minipods” lic and private clouds based on the University faculty members, for example, that created a local private cloud, and solution’s flexibility and scalability, as can have access to their own secure, then integrated the onsite storage well as the success of the long-standing private storage environment, without environment directly with the Logicalis NetApp and Cisco partnership. “There the risks associated with storing their hosted, shared cloud services platform. are few enterprise-grade clouds oper- academic and administrative data in The private cloud solution onsite at ating today,” says Chris Gabriel, Vice a classroom, lab, or office.” the university, managed by Logicalis,
  3. 3. Loughborough University recognizes core educational mission. “In the case Delivering IT services from an integratedLogicalis as an IT services innovator of FlexPod as an enabler for the hybrid storage platform that spans its onsitewith a commitment to the educational cloud, less is definitely more,” says private cloud and the Logicalis publicsector, as evidenced by Logicalis’ deci- Richards. “The FlexPod solution based cloud gives Loughborough Universitysion to connect directly into the U.K.’s on NetApp and Cisco® technologies a new level of IT service agility, appli-premier education and research network, helped save us $3.6 million in data cation portability, and data protection.the Joint Academic Network, or JANET. center costs. We’re able to allocate that Loughborough IT and Logicalis can“JANET is a highly efficient communi- budget to world-class research and to easily move application workloadscations environment with incredibly providing the educational programs that between the university and Logicalishigh bandwidth and competitive costs can make a difference in the lives of our data centers. “The underlying technologythat provides us a very fast channel of students today and tomorrow.” enables a truly hybrid cloud, allowingcommunication between our local data us efficient data protection capabilities IT on demand and acceleratedcenter and the Logicalis data center in research to transfer an entire data center across 200 miles and back again in minutes,” Today, Loughborough University leverages says Gabriel.Business Benefits a highly flexible, agile IT environment$3.6 million in IT savings to respond to the needs of university Loughborough University mitigated theWith the integrated hybrid cloud plat- departments and its 13,000 students. risks associated with investing in a newform based on the FlexPod solution, Loughborough, named one of three data center based solely on predictiveLoughborough University IT delivers rising stars among research-intensive modeling. Instead, the university canits services to the university from a universities by the Times Higher easily adapt its flexible, scalable FlexPodconsiderably more flexible, powerful, Education (THE) magazine, can launch solution and move IT services back andand cost-effective IT infrastructure, new research projects rapidly with forth between its private and publicwith plans to virtualize the majority if accelerated IT support and a flexible cloud environments based on costits IT environment. “With our Logicalis IT infrastructure. optimization and the best approach tohybrid cloud solution based on NetApp providing an exceptional educational “With our old data center infrastructure,storage, we reduced our data center experience. The university also has procuring IT support for new research the flexibility to burst out to additional projects took weeks,” says Richards.“Power, cooling, and administrative Logicalis public cloud storage when “The hybrid cloud now enables IT to actexpenses have been equivalently needed for particularly data-intensive as a research accelerator. Faculty inreduced and we have accelerated our projects and services. fields including health and life sciences,service to the university community.” systems engineering, informatics, “The hybrid cloud based on FlexPodThe university has saved millions of materials, and sustainability now and MetroCluster offers us enormousdollars by eliminating the need to build receive IT infrastructure on demand, flexibility,” says Richards. “Now we cana new data center, and instead can use which decreases time to discovery quickly and cost effectively deliver thethe funds to enhance its focus on its across the university.”
  4. 4. “There are few enterprise-grade clouds operating today. The NetApp and Cisco partnership has solidified the virtual, robust architecture of the FlexPod solution in a way that allows us to deliver a highly competitive hybrid cloud service.” Chris Gabriel services that support the needs of our SOLUTION COMPONENTS research and academic community, and make them accessible from anywhere, NetApp Products Third-Party Products anytime. We can also easily scale our data centers to accommodate growth series storage systems ™ and add new educational programs, which is vital to continuing to attract Data ONTAP ® top-notch students to Loughborough University, and to offering a remarkable MetroCluster software CA Automation & Assurance educational experience once they arrive.” Protocols Partner Logicalis Fibre Channel NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexPod, MetroCluster, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. Discover our passion for helping companies around the world go further, faster at brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their Go further, faster ®