ING DIRECT Innovates Faster with NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft Private Cloud


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ING DIRECT Innovates Faster with NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft Private Cloud

  1. 1. Success Story ING DIRECT Innovates Faster with NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft Private CloudAnother NetAppsolution delivered with: Customer Profile “We’re a very innovative bank,” says KEY HIGHLIGHTS ING DIRECT is the world’s leading direct Ben Issa, head of IT Strategy, ING Industry savings bank and is wholly owned by DIRECT Australia. “People were coming Financial services the global ING Group. Launched in to our team asking us to test the impact 1999, it pioneered branchless banking of their ideas on our complex banking The Challenge in Australia, reinventing the way Austra- environment. We could only test so Speed up delivery with rapid lians bank. It went on to revolutionize the many projects at once, so we had long provisioning of copies of the mortgage market with straightforward lead times. As a strategic priority, we bank environment. home loans, growing to become the needed to deliver innovation faster.” Improve developer productivity. country’s fifth-largest mortgage lender. It Accelerate time to market for Because provisioning of a single copy now has more than 1.5 million custom- new products and services. of the bank for testing took eight peo- ers with US$27 billion in deposits and ple three months, ING DIRECT wanted The Solution US$39 billion in mortgages. The bank’s to fully automate end-to-end provision- A new, fully integrated testing award-winning team of 950 people is ing, making staff more productive and and development architecture, proud to continue this history of innova- focusing on the things that matter. including hardware, software, tion, with an in-house IT team of 150 “Our team is lean and efficient and and professional services employees managing all of the bank’s very engaged, but our delivery model software and application development. severely limited how many concurrent Benefits The Challenge projects and changes we could man- Reduced provisioning time Creating a more agile testing and age,” says Andrew Henderson, CIO, from 12 weeks to 10 minutes development architecture ING DIRECT Australia. “We asked our- Improved developer productiv- With a large project backlog, the devel- selves: How can we speed things up ity with self-service provision- opment and test infrastructure at ING in a smart way?” ing, replacing a process that previously took eight people DIRECT Australia could not meet the The ING DIRECT team had a vision: to three months bank’s appetite for innovation. The provide a copy of the bank to anyone, at Streamlined development, test, bank’s in-house team of 49 developers any time, for any purpose, at the lowest and deployment phases of and 18 testers needed a faster way to possible cost. This includes the full set delivery into one integrated, end- create new copies of the bank so they of the bank’s applications, services, and to-end solution, enabling ING could accelerate time to market for configurations and 5.5 terabytes of data. DIRECT to deliver projects faster new products and services.
  2. 2. “Our staff can now provision complete environments in minutes, not months, so we can test new ideas very rapidly. It’s given us a competitive edge.” Andrew Henderson CIO, ING DIRECT Australia “What we were looking for was a Bank works, servers, and storage arrays. They our infrastructure, saving a huge amount in a Box, an instant environment that asked us to help them make it work.” of network bandwidth, storage space, reproduced our own in all its complex- and processing power. For one envi- ity,” says Henderson. “We recognized The solution was ground breaking. ronment that’s a saving—when you’re that getting this right would be an “Our idea for the solution was unique, deploying many concurrently, it’s critical. important part of transforming IT to uniting technology from across the mar- a strategic enabler.” ket to give us the capability to innovate “NetApp technologies give us the abil- and differentiate faster and better,” ity to provision copies of the bank The Solution Issa says. “As far as we know, it was efficiently and quickly. Currently the Bank in a Box: a brand-new solution a world first.” technology is amplifying storage by ING DIRECT developed a vision for 4,000%,” says Issa. “NetApp FlexPod Developed collaboratively by NetApp, provides efficient delivery lifecycles, Bank in a Box, a fully integrated solu- Cisco, and Microsoft working with letting us set up and tear down copies tion that would enable rapid provi- Dimension Data and ING DIRECT, the of the bank faster on as many virtual sioning of complete environments, solution features Microsoft applications machines as we need. With NetApp accelerating time to market for new built on Cisco and the NetApp FlexPod® Snapshot™ and deduplication we can ideas. To pinpoint the best solu- data center platform, a prevalidated, create instant snapshots of our envi- tion across hardware, software, and highly scalable data center solution ronment and mount them on our blade services, the bank talked to different that tightly integrates the Cisco® Uni- servers while automatically removing vendors. “We wanted to take an archi- fied Computing System™, Cisco Nexus® duplicate data to free up 20% more tectural approach, and it became clear switching, and NetApp® FAS storage space. NetApp FlexClone® ensures early on that no single company would system components. This lets develop- these multiple copies of the bank are be able to deliver what we needed,” ers at ING DIRECT provision environ- created quickly and occupy negligible comments Henderson. ments easily as part of their workflow space on the storage array. And because NetApp engineers worked for six using Microsoft Visual Studio with Team NetApp integrates with Microsoft stan- months with systems integrator Dimen- Foundation Server and Virtual Lab Man- dard technologies, the solution compo- sion Data and ING DIRECT to under- agement. Behind the scenes, Microsoft nents talk to each other very easily to stand what they were trying to achieve. System Center orchestrates the provi- form a seamless IT workflow.” “ING DIRECT wanted to use Microsoft® sioning processes for them. virtualization technologies so they could The solution design required little cus- “Cisco’s server infrastructure helps tom code to enable NetApp FlexClone integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio,” us break down data center silos and technology to intercept the Microsoft says Corey Adolphus, consulting sys- establish a single compute platform Visual Studio workflow, make an instant tems engineer and Microsoft Solution that’s completely integrated with those zero-space replica of the source data, Specialist at NetApp. “But with up to 90 of other vendors,” says Issa. “It’s inte- and attach it back into the workflow— concurrent copies of the bank, each tak- grated with NetApp technologies, which all without overloading ING DIRECT ing up 5.5 terabytes of storage, it would help us off-load the storage seamlessly systems. “This was the glue that made have been very intensive on their net- behind the scenes without overloading
  3. 3. the whole idea of self-service for the The pilot was successful. “When we of the bank in minutes, not weeks, soING DIRECT team possible,” says Adol- showcased it to our executive team we can test new ideas very rapidly. It’sphus. “We knew we had the capability, they were amazed to see how this tech- given us a competitive edge.”but when we started working on this nology came together to reduce a pro-project we weren’t sure how to inter- cess that used to take months down to “Now we can provide a copy of thecept the workflow.” minutes,” enthuses Henderson. “They bank to anyone in the bank at any saw straight away that it would dra- time—in 10 minutes,” says Issa. “At theHaving identified the Bank in a Box com- matically reduce development times so click of a button, developers can getponents, ING DIRECT needed to be sure we can get new products and services all the data they need, all the servers,that the idea would work before invest- to market faster.” applications, configurations, testing,ing in the solution. Working closely with and everything that goes with it, com-NetApp, Cisco, and Microsoft, which ING DIRECT commissioned Dimension pletely verified, ready to rock and roll,provided extensive hardware, software, Data to deliver the entire solution. This completely off the shelf. Then they canand technical expertise, Dimension Data included end-to-end systems integra- run any test they like. It’s amazing.”used its lab in The Rocks, Sydney, to tion of hardware, software, professionalshow the solution in operation. services, and managed services across “We’re using this solution in so many all three vendors. scenarios and we’re seeing new useHenderson was impressed at the way cases all the time,” adds Issa. “Forthe vendors rose to the challenge and “By integrating NetApp technologies example, we can give a customer ser-collaborated to prove the solution. with the other solution components, vice representative access to all our“We didn’t run this as a traditional IT ING DIRECT can run many copies of the customer-facing applications for train-project—we gave everyone space to bank in parallel without overloading their ing purposes. Or give a developer a fullget us the proof we needed,” he says. systems,” says Pero Radosevic, account version of the bank at induction. And“The way NetApp and the other ven- executive for ING DIRECT, NetApp. “We when we have customer or operationaldors collaborated to deliver a workable worked very closely with Dimension issues, it’s much easier to study andsolution was very impressive.” Data and the other vendors, particularly solve them. In fact, everything we do Microsoft, to make what was a very is faster—our capability now supports“We couldn’t find any reference or case complex integration possible. It was our appetite for transformation andstudies to support where we wanted to a very collaborative process.” change and delivering faster for ourgo—it hadn’t been done before,” Issa customers.”says. “But the vendors gave us confi- Business Benefitsdence. When we sat down with them we Faster, more cost-effective Easier innovation with an efficientwere surprised at how responsive they provisioning of test environments platform for testing ideaswere. Each brought their passion and “The solution enables us to streamline The solution has also freed the devel-ideas, and fed off each other’s enthusi- processes that previously took eight opment team at ING DIRECT to focusasm and innovation. The solution was people three months with a very simple more on differentiating the bank witha combination of all those ideas.” self-service model,” says Henderson. an efficient and accessible platform “Our staff can now provision copies
  4. 4. “NetApp technologies help us off-load the storage seamlessly behind the scenes without overloading our infrastructure. For one environment that’s a saving—when you’re deploying many concurrently, it’s critical.” Ben Issa Head of IT Strategy, ING DIRECT Australia for testing new ideas. “We can now redirect our skilled people and our SOLUTION COMPONENTS cost base toward innovation,” states Henderson. “We’ve said to our people: NetApp Products Third-Party Products If you’ve got a good idea, go for your NetApp FAS3270 storage system Cisco Nexus life—test it. Now the only thing holding SnapMirror® technology Cisco Unified Computing System us back is how fast we can come up FlexClone Windows Server® 2008 R2 Hyper-V™ with the ideas.” Deduplication Microsoft System Center A cloud-enabled operating model MetroCluster technology ® Microsoft Visual Studio ING DIRECT has also laid the foundation NearStore® technology Microsoft Visual Studio Team for the bank’s continued IT transforma- Foundation Server SyncMirror technology ® tion by establishing a cloud-enabled SupportEdge Premium Microsoft Virtual Lab Management operating model, paving the way for more efficient cloud-based business Partner Protocols processes in the future. “A huge benefit Dimension Data iSCSI, FCP, CIFS, NFS, FCoE is that we’ve cloud enabled ourselves in terms of our operating model and our IT strategy,” says Henderson. “It’s not just technology—wrapped around the solu- tion is a whole set of new, more efficient work processes.” Solution delivery partner: NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, FlexClone, FlexPod, MetroCluster, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate NearStore, SnapMirror, Snapshot, and SyncMirror are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other business breakthroughs. Discover our countries. Cisco and Nexus are registered trademarks and Unified passion for helping companies around the Computing System is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. Microsoft and Windows Server are registered trademarks and Hyper-V is a trademark world go further, faster at of Microsoft Corporation. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6557-0412 Go further, faster ®