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Dave Wright, SolidFire - SDDC Symposium 2014


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Dave Wright, SolidFire - SDDC Symposium 2014

  1. 1. The 5 Lies People Love to Tell About the Software Defined Datacenter It looks like a box! It can’t be software defined! Dave Wright CEO & Founder SolidFire
  2. 2. “My vendor pitch will teach you about the SDDC!”
  3. 3. The SolidFire Solution Scale-out high performance storage systems designed for large scale infrastructure Largest and fastest all-SSD storage system 5 – 100 nodes, 60TB – 3.4PB, 7.5M IOPS Industry-standard hardware, 10 GigE Rich software-defined feature set Multi-tenant Guaranteed QoS / Performance SLAs Comprehensive REST APIs Deep OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware Integration Complete set of enterprise data services Software Defined Storage ^
  4. 4. Validated in the most demanding Enterprise and Service Provider datacenters Software Defined
  5. 5. “You can’t define the software-defined-datacenter – it’s just a buzzword like cloud!” -The Slashdot Crowd Lie #1
  6. 6. Defining the Software Defined Datacenter A pooled-resource model for datacenter management that eliminates silos of compute, storage, and networking created around individual applications …with software-based provisioning, control, and reporting …that is vendor agnostic to the underlying compute, storage, and networking resources …and de-couples application provisioning from the physical hardware it is using …turning the datacenter into a resource that can be programmed like software
  7. 7. So what really matters in the SDDC?  Vendor-neutral datacenter management tools that support a wide range of underlying systems  Extremely simple management and comprehensive APIs for all infrastructure elements  Software and systems that are designed for multi-tenancy  Underlying infrastructure that can deliver a consistent level of resources and performance with Guaranteed QoS
  8. 8. “Everyone needs a Software Defined Data Center” -Anyone selling SDDC Lie #2
  9. 9. Most companies don’t even need their own “data center” anymore  SDDC really only matters at scale  Scale where the efficiency of pooled infrastructure matters  Scale where the up-front complexity of systems integration pays off in operational savings  Scale where the rate of infrastructure change is a barrier to progress  …and…  If you aren’t at scale, you probably shouldn’t be running your own infrastructure anyway  Host it with someone who does (and they probably have a SDDC)  Define “not at scale”:  Today: Less than 300 virtual machines  Soon: Less than 3000
  10. 10. “SDDC is just virtualization. We already do that.” -Overworked IT Departments Lie #3
  11. 11. Virtualization was just the start of the SDDC  Virtualization showed the power of a pooled model for compute  Don’t need to dedicated servers to each application  Rapid deployment of new “virtual” machines  VM sizing not tied to physical hardware  …but it didn’t fundamentally change the management paradigm  Infrastructure still under administrator control  Primarily a manual provisioning model  …and it really only covered compute  Storage systems and networking still managed separately  Multiple toolsets and teams required to get anything done
  12. 12. “You can’t be ‘software-defined’ if you include hardware.” -People trying to sell storage system software Lie #4
  13. 13. “Software-defined” is about management, not a sales model  You can’t have a software defined datacenter without hardware  Modern storage systems are virtually all “software-based”, whether sold as software or bundled with hardware  The storage system should be part of the data plane, not the control plane  The storage system is the resource to be managed, not the resource manager  But where do you draw the line for advanced functionality like snapshots, replication, deduplication, and backup?
  14. 14. “Converged infrastructure is required for the SDDC.” -CI Vendors Lie #5
  15. 15. Converged infrastructure can simplify building a SDDC, but it’s neither necessary nor sufficient  Solutions that integrate compute, storage, networking hardware with smart management software can be part of a SDDC …but it’s not required …nor does it mean that every converged infrastructure offering is a SDDC  And there are trade-offs that run counter to the SDDC  Vendor lock-in to specific infrastructure elements?  Inability to integrate best-of-breed  Many advantages of pre-built converged infrastructure disappear at larger scales
  16. 16. The All Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center Software Defined

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