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Success Story                                          Sauber F1 Team                                          Increases E...
„Without NetApp, and with only conventional technology, a data center of this type would be extremely difficult to realize,...
Computational Fluid                                                                                                       ...
„Actually the whole company depends on the MetroCluster solution. Were it to stop, it would suddenly become rather quiet i...
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Sauber F1 Team Increases Efficiency and Productivity With NetApp as the Storage Standard


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Challenge: Reliable, flexible, and uniform storage infrastructure as a basis for complete IT services in technology, business, and administration

Solution: NetApp® storage and data management with the 24/7 reliability of the MetroClusterTM solution, integrated data protection, and comprehensive scalability of performance, functions, and capacity

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Sauber F1 Team Increases Efficiency and Productivity With NetApp as the Storage Standard

  1. 1. Success Story Sauber F1 Team Increases Efficiency and Productivity With NetApp as the Storage StandardAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Photo: Sauber Motorsport AG Customer Profile computational fluid dynamics (CFD) KEY HIGHLIGHTS Sauber Motorsport AG help to optimize the technology. Industry (, with A super computer provides the Formula 1 Motorsport about 300 employees of various performance required to carry out nationalities, has its headquarters at the highly complex CFD software The Challenge Hinwil, a 30-minute drive southeast simulations. The grid models used Reliable, flexible, and uniform of Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by in these simulations often consist storage infrastructure as a basis for Peter Sauber in 1970, the company of more than 100 million cells. complete IT services in technology, has taken part in Formula 1 races business, and administration The Sauber F1 Team’s wind tunnel since 1993. is a closed circuit with a total length The Solution The company is located on a of 141 meters, excluding the test NetApp® storage and data highly efficiently developed site section. The test objects, 60%- management with the 24/7 approximately 15,600 square size models of the racing cars, are reliability of the MetroCluster™ meters in size, excluding the wind exposed to airflow from the front solution, integrated data tunnel building. The site houses and also from a slight angle; the protection, and comprehensive the operational business and also whole measuring platform can be scalability of performance, development, design, and production rotated. The workplaces of the model functions, and capacity facilities. Prototypes are tested designers and model builders, CFD for aerodynamic performance and engineers, and aerodynamics engineers Benefits optimized for the racing circuit in are located the same building. Simplified management and reduced complexity by the wind tunnel building. The large amount of data that is consolidating all data services The Challenge created by development, wind tunnel Storage efficiency reduced IT Fully integrated IT infrastructure testing, and simulations in Hinwil costs and freed up resources from a single source must be stored quickly and reliably for racing technology Formula 1 racing is a race against and be retrievable at any time. And Deployed a mobile data center time from development through to there’s more: Even at the racetrack, on the racing circuit thanks the checkered flag. The quality of IT and data capture are absolutely to the FlexPod™ solution with design and development, the skill of essential. Since 2008, the behavior of NetApp, Cisco®, and VMware® the drivers, and not least a robust, the cars in races has been recorded Achieved business continuity reliable, and high-performance by an application that is standard for with 24/7 storage utilization IT infrastructure contribute to the all teams, the Standard Electronic team’s success. Applications such Control Unit (SECU) from McLaren as computer-aided design and Electronics Systems. The data is
  2. 2. „Without NetApp, and with only conventional technology, a data center of this type would be extremely difficult to realize, and the cost of resources would certainly be higher.“ Magnus Frey Head of IT, Sauber Motorsport AG transmitted by radio, in some cases around 200TB of data. NetApp computers simultaneously—for virtually in real time, to the teams’ MetroCluster software makes it example, if a simulation is running central data centers. possible to place the two systems on one system and design is being kilometers apart from each other, carried out on the other system. Sauber Motorsport AG decided on while data communication still storage solutions from NetApp as Private cloud at the racetrack flows smoothly. long ago as 2007. The desire for a The high availability of the consolidated IT infrastructure that Today, all application data – Dassault MetroCluster solution is not only easily adapts to the steadily growing Systèmes CATIA, Windows® File critical for the work at Hinwil, but requirements was best implemented Services, Microsoft® Exchange, also for data transfer during the race. by using the NetApp Unified Storage databases, and the SAP® landscape NetApp technology also plays a Architecture. The approximate annual – is consolidated in this cluster. critical role here. “Specifically for the increase in data is just about 15%, The servers have been virtualized racetrack, we needed a small and and the dataset quickly becomes using VMware solutions and are lightweight system that can be easily obsolete and is deleted. Sauber incorporated into the high-availability flown from one place to the next. Motorsport AG wanted to provide concept using VMware VMotion™. It had to be extremely reliable and all IT services via a single platform, The storage design includes a cross- deliver the performance required for which takes the place of numerous configuration for data protection: File demanding graphics applications. individual solutions and so increases data is backed up by using NetApp With our mobile FlexPod data the efficiency of the services. The Snapshot™ technology, while NetApp center, we can implement this highly recommendation of the previous SnapManager® protects applications efficiently,” says Magnus Frey. team owner, BMW, to consider such as Microsoft SQL Server®, “Without NetApp, and with only NetApp solutions, has proven to Oracle®, and SAP. conventional technology, a data be groundbreaking. center of this type would be extremely “Actually, the whole company difficult to realize, and the cost of The Solution depends on the MetroCluster resources would certainly be higher.” NetApp storage as standard solution. Were it to stop, it would Efficiency has top priority for the suddenly become rather quiet in FlexPod is an “out of the box” data Sauber F1 Team. Short distances Hinwil,” says Magnus Frey, head of center from NetApp and Cisco. This mean optimum workflow. For that IT at Sauber Motorsport AG. The validated and preconfigured solution reason, a closed bridge connects the 24/7 availability of the system is an for computer, network, and storage wind tunnel with the design offices absolute must, especially during has been optimized for a range of and IT area. A NetApp FAS3240 the racing season. And the wind applications; and, by using hypervisor system is implemented as the central tunnel is also in operation almost software, it can be expanded up to storage with 460TB gross capacity. 24/7, so the data generated must be a cloud solution. In the Sauber F1 Together with its counterpart in the constantly processed and saved. The Team’s FlexPod system, servers and main building, this forms a fail-safe environment has around 250 users. desktops are virtualized by using storage cluster with automated Almost a third of the workstations VMware solutions and are stored on failover, currently accommodating operate CATIA, often with two the NetApp platform together with the
  3. 3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Foto: Sauber calculation Data Center 1 Data Center 2 Hinwil Hinwil CFD pre- and postprocessing VMware VMware VMware vSphere and VMotion NetApp SnapManager NetApp MetroCluster NetApp FAS3240 NetApp FAS3240 NetApp Snapshot SECU Capturing vehicle data Mobile FlexPod at the racetrack data center at the racetrack Figure 1: Storage infrastructure and data communication at Sauber Motorsport AG.file data. A Cisco Unified Computing to rely on our IT, but we also need Constant optimizationSystem™ (UCS™) provides the compute innovative functions so that we can “Sauber Motorsport AG and NetApppower. The FlexPod system, with a increase our productivity.” are both highly innovative companiestotal of eight hosts, is situated in the that pay attention to quality andteam garage at the racetrack. Here With NetApp as standard storage, reliability,” says Magnus Frey. “Wethe SECU data is merged and is Sauber Motorsport AG benefits can see how NetApp continues toanalyzed on site. significantly from the efficiency of develop its products, as well as the the considerable number of features benefit that we get from them. WithThe Sauber Motorsport AG IT – from uniform management to the upgrade to the current model,team is supported by NetApp and deduplication to Snapshot backup. we can also use the NetApp Flashsystem integrator UP-GREAT AG. Thanks to more frequent backup Cache technology and benefit fromMagnus Frey is delighted with the of file versions and immediate file a performance boost. This alsocollaboration: “We have worked restores, this technology has helped contributes to our productivitywith UP-GREAT from the outset. to avoid many hours of extra work, and efficiency.”Particularly for a project such as IT meeting with great enthusiasm fromat the circuit, it is important that our the design team.needs are understood and the budgetalso adds up. After all, every Swiss Deduplication avoids the tendencyfranc that goes into IT is not going to store things twice, and clientsinto vehicle development.” know that no storage capacity is unnecessarily occupied and thereforeBusiness Benefits wasted. With this feature, SauberUsing efficiency to F1 Team can eliminate 10% to 15%counter time pressure of the data on the FlexPod system;The Sauber F1 Team strives to on the virtual machines, the figure isextract the maximum possible 65%. This means that the team canadvantage within the FIA rules and manage with a small storage systemtakes unconventional approaches to at the racetrack. Last but not least,aerodynamics and design, leading the integration with the VMwareto innovative solutions. “However, solutions offers convenient storagethe essential thing is that we have administration through VMwareeverything ready on time and that vCenter™.we arrive at the start in tip-topcondition,” explains Magnus Frey.“If development was to stop, or bedelayed due to an IT problem, anda new wing did not get to the car intime, we would have an enormousproblem. We simply have to be able
  4. 4. „Actually the whole company depends on the MetroCluster solution. Were it to stop, it would suddenly become rather quiet in Hinwil.“ Magnus Frey Head of IT, Sauber Motorsport AG SOLUTION COMPONENTS NetApp Produkte Environment 2 NetApp FAS3240 systems Computational fluid dynamics NetApp MetroCluster software Dassault Systèmes CATIA NetApp deduplication Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 NetApp Flash Cache software Microsoft Windows Office NetApp SnapManager for SQL Microsoft Windows Server® Server, Oracle, and SAP Oracle Database NetApp SnapRestore® data SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 recovery software VMware ESX™ Server 4.1 NetApp Snapshot technology VMware vCenter Server 4.1 Protocols VMware VMotion 4.1 FC, NFS, CIFS VMware vSphere 4.1 FlexPod Partner Cisco Nexus® switch UP-GREAT AG Cisco UCS Server NetApp FAS2040 system VMware View 4.5 VMware vSphere™ 4.1 NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of data management solutions that deliver NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, FlexPod, MetroCluster, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate SnapManager, SnapRestore, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/ business breakthroughs. Discover our or other countries. Cisco and Nexus are registered trademarks passion for helping companies around the and UCS and Unified Computing System are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. Microsoft, SQL Server, Windows, and Windows world go further, faster at Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG. VMware is a registered trademark and ESX, Go further, faster ® vCenter, VMotion, and vSphere are trademarks of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6480-0911