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Cloud Decision Framework


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Take a closer look at NetApp IT's cloud strategy and framework.

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Cloud Decision Framework

  1. 1. WWW.NETAPPIT.COM © 2016 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo OnCommand, and ONTAP are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. A current list of NetApp trademarks is available on the web. To Cloud or Not to Cloud? A NetApp IT Perspective Mitigate risk and protect NetApp assets Risk Assessment Ensure data privacy Maintain data compliancy & legal regulations Address data sovereignty requirements Understand the business use and conduct workload analysis Workload Profile Understand if it is a standalone app with no integration requirements Determine business criticality of application and it's "cloud aware"capability Assess if unique performance requirements Takes a 'Cloud First' Strategy Our 'Cloud First' Policy and its Governance Systems of Innovation webcasts How our hybrid cloud delivery works Users App Developers App Owners QA & Testers Self-Service Portal 'Cloud First' policy check Service Catalogue Orchestration Hybrid Cloud Routing User inputs business requirements Requirements drive cloud placement Catalogue of technology standards Automated workflow begins Public Cloud via Self-Service Capability Begins with a methodology to categorize applications Test new technologies and app features & functionalities Employee Categorize Select Manage Govern Applied Gartner's Pace-Layered Application strategy to support business change, differentiation, and innovation Source: Systems of Record Systems of Differentiation Commodity Services Use cloud to innovate, conduct PoC, and fail faster Install Base Finance and Revenue Recognition Place legacy apps in cloud if able to preserve integrity of the data, else stay on premises NetApp AutoSupport Move differentiators, e.g. contains IP, to cloud if workload profile permits, else stay on premises ServiceNow Use SasS best in class cloud offerings Email Our Applications Categorization Governed by a committee of business and IT senior leaders Take a 'Cloud First' approach, i.e. cloud capable Corporate Strategy Stipulate all IT-managed data in the cloud on NetApp Private Storage to maintain data ownership and avoid vendor lock-in Dictate investments, e.g. reuse existing assets, make smart buy vs. build decisions Request Private Cloud - Packaged apps, legacy, home grown - Supports core transaction processing - Apps with unique company process - Centrally hosted software with delivery based on subscription services Examples of applying a 'Cloud First' strategy to our business applications - Apps built on ad hoc basis to address new requirements or opportunities - Short life cycle