Apptix Saves More Than $1 Million with NetApp Storage Efficiencies


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Challenge: Remain competitive in the hosted communication and collaboration services market with the agility and flexibility to respond to customer needs.

Solution: Migrate customers to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on a seamless, integrated NetApp storage platform, with performance boosted by the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier.

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Apptix Saves More Than $1 Million with NetApp Storage Efficiencies

  1. 1. Success Story Apptix Saves More Than $1 Million with NetApp Storage EfficienciesAnother NetAppsolution delivered by: Customer Profile The storage platform supporting the KEY HIGHLIGHTS Apptix is a premier provider of hosted company’s Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Industry business communication, collaboration, Microsoft SharePoint 2007 environments Cloud Services compliance and security, and infra- had reached capacity. The platform lacked structure solutions to businesses of all the scalability and manageability needed The Challenge sizes, with particular expertise support- to migrate customers to Microsoft Remain competitive in the hosted ing legal, financial, healthcare, and tele- Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint communication and collaboration communications firms. Headquartered 2010, and to expand its offerings with services market with the agility in Herndon, Virginia, Apptix has been in a virtual desktop service. With more and flexibility to respond to operation for over a decade and currently than 300,000 Microsoft Exchange users customer needs. serves more than 350,000 users around depending on Apptix hosted communi- the world. cations, tight integration between its The Solution storage platform and Microsoft Exchange Migrate customers to Microsoft® The Challenge is vital to meeting stringent service-level Exchange Server 2010 on a Delivering advanced communication agreements (SLAs). seamless, integrated NetApp® and collaboration services storage platform, with performance Apptix is known for delivering reliable, Apptix needed a storage solution with boosted by the NetApp Virtual easy-to-manage hosted services that the flexibility to efficiently roll out its Storage Tier. help customers reduce expenses while services to new customers and help improving their operations. The compa- optimize storage resources as its ser- Benefits ny’s flagship cloud-based communica- vices and customer base grow. “We tion and collaboration services based were ready to move beyond the limita- saving more than $1 million on Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft tions and inefficiencies of our previous in IT expenditures SharePoint® solutions help companies storage environment,” says Brian Nes- stay connected anywhere, anytime. bit, director of Engineering, Research, Microsoft Exchange 2010 To remain competitive in the crowded and Development at Apptix. hosted service market, Apptix must The company worked closely with deliver its cloud services from a cost- ePlus, a technology solutions provider effective infrastructure that enables and NetApp Star Partner, to find a robust, high-availability, high-performance seamless, unified platform for managing business solutions. physical and virtual resources. It also
  2. 2. “NetApp data storage and management allow us to take full advantage of the Microsoft Exchange 2010 database availability while consuming 75% less total storage than our previous storage solution. As a result, we are able to offer our customers twice the level of data redundancy while decreasing our total cost of ownership by 60% and saving over $1M in 2011 alone.”Shane SmithSenior Vice President, Information Technology, Apptix, Inc.required a network-attached storage protocols backed by industry-leading storage efficiency technologies—for its(NAS) solution with NFS and CIFS pro- value-added functionality enhance- Microsoft Exchange and Microsofttocol support to help simplify Microsoft ments—all without sacrificing ease SharePoint workloads. The VirtualExchange and Microsoft SharePoint Storage Tier provides Apptix with thedata management and improve reliability a storage manager uses a NetAppand availability. Apptix selected NetApp product, [he or she] can quickly storage efficiency, and the number ofstorage to support its Microsoft Exchange leverage those skills for other NetApp Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailboxes2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and products and gain maximum value supported. Apptix achieves additionalvirtual desktop environments. from the NetApp solutions.” efficiencies using NetApp deduplication, which enables the company to reduceThe Solution The company delivers its Microsoft storage requirements in its MicrosoftA seamless, integrated storage Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePointplatform 2010 hosted collaboration and commu-Apptix supports its communication nication services to customers and its ™and collaboration services with NetApp corporate staff on NetApp storage. The Unified Manager offers a complete viewFAS3270 storage systems both in its cloud solutions on NetApp include an into NetApp storage resources. Theprimary data center in Texas and in its enterprise-class e-mail service with Apptix IT team manages and monitorsdisaster recovery site in Florida. The advanced calendaring, task, and contact its storage, with detailed reports oncompany leverages FAS3210 and capabilities, with the scalability to fit any utilization and trend information toFAS3140 storage systems in its lab size business. The hosted collaboration assist with capacity planning. NetApp ® 8.0 and content management solution on MultiStore® software provides Apptixsoftware provides a flexible unified NetApp offers customers secure docu- with secure multi-tenancy for its growingarchitecture that supports Apptix’s ment sharing and workflows. Leveraging business communication and collabo-multiprotocol, multi-tenant requirements best-in-class technology housed in SAS ration customers, with the ability to hostin a common platform with common thousands of customers on a single,software. The FAS3270 offers native Apptix delivers its cloud solutions over integrated NetApp storage for all key NAS and storage- a highly reliable network, and backs its services with 24/7 customer support. SnapManager ® for Microsoft Exchangearea network (SAN) protocols, including Server helps Apptix automate complex,iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and CIFS. Apptix optimizes NetApp storage time-consuming processes associatedThis gives Apptix the flexibility to con- system performance and improves the with the backup, recovery, and verifica-solidate its mixed IT environment on customer experience with the NetApp tion of its Microsoft Exchange ServerNetApp and optimize the value of Virtual Storage Tier driven by 512GB databases. The company protects valu-other IT investments. NetApp Flash Cache cards in its able customer data with NetApp capa-“Unlike other storage solutions I’ve FAS3270 storage systems. The company bilities such as Single Mailbox Recovery,worked with, NetApp offers seamless leverages the Virtual Storage Tier— which provides new revenue streamstechnologies that offer a breadth of with its intelligent caching and NetApp for Apptix as a fee-based service.
  3. 3. Primary Data Center Disaster Recovery Data Center Microsoft Microsoft Virtual Storage SharePoint 2010 Exchange 2010 Tier NetApp Flash Cache iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FC NetApp SnapManager for Exchange Single Mailbox Recovery Firewall NetApp FAS3270c NetApp FAS3270c NetApp FAS3270c Running NetApp Running NetApp Data ONTAP 8.0 Data ONTAP 8.0 VMware Infrastructure NetApp Deduplication NetApp SnapManager for MS Exchange NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager NetApp MultiStore Mailbox Server Mailbox Server Mailbox Server Mailbox Server Passive Copy Lagged Copy Active Copy Passive CopyFigure 1) Apptix storage infrastructure.Apptix optimizes NetApp storage system performance and improves the customer experience with the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier driven by 512GBNetApp Flash Cache cards in its FAS3270 storage systems.The company can recover and restore us in providing our customers always- Just as the Apptix cloud delivery modelindividual mailboxes, e-mail messages on services while offering us a more reduces capex and opex costs for itsand attachments, calendar items, deleted dynamic, cost-effective infrastructure.” customers, NetApp manageability anditems, and contacts in minutes. Apptix Apptix’s advanced service delivery net- efficiency capabilities such as dedupli-combines NetApp data protection with cation enable Apptix to significantlydisaster recovery capabilities from uptime SLA. reduce its storage hardware andMicrosoft Exchange Server 2010, which operational costs. The IT staff manages Managing storage as a unified setprovides database-level failover and of servicesreplication to the disaster recovery site. equivalent of one-fourth of a full-time From a single NetApp console, Apptix employee. “NetApp data storage andBusiness Benefits storage managers can view the entire management allow us to take fullBetter performance at reduced costs NetApp FAS3200 and FAS3100 series advantage of the Microsoft ExchangeBy consolidating on NetApp storage storage infrastructure as a single pool 2010 database availability while con-and taking advantage of efficiencies of storage and unified set of services.with the Virtual Storage Tier, Apptix has previous storage solution. As a result,reduced its storage footprint and total we are able to offer our customerscost of ownership. The Virtual Storage Apptix the visibility needed to optimize twice the level of data redundancyTier reduces Apptix’s storage, power, NetApp storage and reduce overall IT while decreasing our total cost of own-and rack-space costs and increases spend by utilizing storage resourcesstorage utilization by optimizing the more efficiently. 2011 alone,” says Shane Smith, seniorperformance of random read–intensive NetApp MultiStore provides additional vice president of Information TechnologyMicrosoft Exchange and Microsoft management capabilities and opportu- at Apptix. “We’re able to invest theSharePoint workloads. With intelligent nities to improve storage efficiency. money saved into positioning ourcaching rather than traditional automated With MultiStore, Apptix can consolidate company for unprecedented growth.”storage tiering, Apptix benefits from file servers and streamline data migra- Responding to today’s and tion, which increases staff productivity tomorrow’s needsadd more hard disk drives or increase and reduces costs. The partitioned,storage management complexity. The NetApp FAS3200 series storage multi-tenant environment provides system helps Apptix optimize its IT Apptix customers with the utmost budget, reduce risk, and scale forand financial institutions depend on security and privacy. MultiStore offers growth. The midrange storage systemcontinuous high performance in their Apptix a shared storage infrastructure provides Apptix with a cost-effectiveMicrosoft Exchange and Microsoft that is highly responsive, easy to man- environment for mixed workloads thatSharePoint environments,” emphasizes age, and cost-effective to deploy, and protects the company’s investment allows the company to quickly roll out through its inherent scalability. Thefor performance as well as cost, the services to new customers. FAS3200 series storage system furtherNetApp Virtual Storage Tier supports
  4. 4. “Unlike other storage solutions I’ve worked with, NetApp offers seamless technologies that offer a breadth of protocols backed by industry-leading value-added functionality enhancements—all without sacrificing ease of management.”Brian NesbitDirector of Engineering, Research and Development, Apptix, Inc.enhances the high-availability NetApp SOLUTION COMPONENTSarchitecture by enabling additionaldiagnostics and nondisruptive recovery. NetApp Products Protocols“The superior processing power of NetApp FAS3270, FAS3210, iSCSIthe FAS3200 series system, combined and FAS3140 storage systems NFSwith the optimal number of shelves CIFSand slots, enables us to effectively Flash Cache FCdeliver our cloud services to our cus-tomer base while spreading out fewer Third-Party Productscustomers across more clusters to SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010reduce service risk,” says Nesbit. Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010“Just as important, the system scales Single Mailbox Recoveryto several petabytes. With plans to MultiStorecontinue to migrate Hosted Exchange Deduplicationcustomers to Microsoft ExchangeServer 2010 on NetApp and to launchour virtual desktop service fromNetApp, we are well positioned togrow and to respond to future oppor-tunities in the cloud services market.” NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate and SnapManager are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft business breakthroughs. Discover our SharePoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other passion for helping companies around the brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their world go further, faster at Go further, faster ®