Apache Corporation Accelerates Gas Exploration with NetApp and Intel


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Challenge: Manage 200% to 300% annual growth and meet intensive per- formance requirements in a geologic modeling and seismic interpretation application environment.

Solution: Accelerate system performance and improve staff productivity with NetApp® FAS6000 and FAS3000 series storage systems with Intel® Xeon® processors plus NetApp Flash Cache.

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Apache Corporation Accelerates Gas Exploration with NetApp and Intel

  1. 1. Success Story Apache Corporation Accelerates Gas Exploration with NetApp and IntelAnother NetAppsolution delivered with: Customer Profile of new operating regions. In 2010, KEY HIGHLIGHTS Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Apache produced 240 million barrels Industry Apache Corporation is an independent of oil equivalent, added 827 million Oil and Gas energy company that explores for, devel- barrels, and had more than $11 billion ops, and produces natural gas, crude in assets. To keep pace with growth, The Challenge oil, and natural gas liquids. The company Apache leverages the latest technology Manage 200% to 300% annual has assets totaling $43.4 billion, to help maximize asset values and growth and meet intensive per- 47.5 million acres, and approximately empower employees with critical formance requirements in a 4,450 employees. Apache’s asset port- decision-making tools. geologic modeling and seismic folio stretches across the world, from interpretation application With corporate and exploration data the United States, where its operations environment. having grown to an astounding 13PB, are in the Anadarko and Permian basins Apache must maintain an IT infrastruc- The Solution and in and along the Gulf of Mexico ture that supports its changing, intense Accelerate system performance and in the areas on and off the shore operational requirements. The company’s and improve staff productivity of Texas and Louisiana; to Canada, success depends on quick access to with NetApp® FAS6000 and Egypt’s Western Desert, and the United large volumes of reliable seismic and FAS3000 series storage systems Kingdom’s sector of the North Sea. interpretation data. In addition, Apache with Intel® Xeon® processors Since its beginning, in 1954, Apache spends millions of dollars to secure plus NetApp Flash Cache. has become one of the world’s top drilling rights in a particular region independent oil and gas exploration and, to mitigate the associated financial Benefits and production companies. risk, must give its staff ready access to The Challenge highly accurate information about ideal additional head count Fast access to large volumes drilling locations. of exploration data 66% power savings, and Apache staff members use the 59% space savings with Apache is on a steep growth trajectory, Schlumberger Petrel 2011 “seismic- Flash Cache on SATA drives having experienced 200% to 300% to-simulation” application for effective annual growth in recent years through evaluation of potential oil and gas to large data volumes exploration and development successes, discovery sites. In all business-critical acquisitions that enhance critical mass Apache application environments, in core areas, and the establishment high performance is vital.
  2. 2. “The combination of the Intel Xeon processors in the NetApp FAS6280 system along with NetApp Flash Cache allows us to take full advantage of powerful exploration and production applications unhampered by storage bottlenecks for enhanced decision making.” Bradley Lauritsen Director of Exploration Applications, Apache Corporation “Our system-performance demands NetApp and Intel together offer Apache system along with NetApp Flash Cache have continued to increase,” says the advantage of network convergence allows us to take full advantage of Bradley Lauritsen, director of Exploration and multiprotocol support. NetApp FAS powerful exploration and production Applications at Apache. “Each new storage systems support the efficient applications unhampered by storage version of critical software adds more Server Message Block 2.0 (SMB2) file- bottlenecks.” functionality, but also increases our sharing protocol, which is imperative for performance demands. To leverage Apache’s 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 To reduce administrative overhead advanced technologies for 3-D seismic compute environments and the 10GbE amid rapidly expanding data volumes, interpretation, reservoir simulation, and connections among desktops, servers, Apache uses NetApp OnCommand™ other important activities, we needed a and storage systems. SMB2 delivers as Operations Manager. The software storage solution that could match our much as 100% performance gains in delivers comprehensive monitoring and intensive computing, file-sharing, and loading data into systems across the management from a central console network performance requirements.” 10GbE network. and allows the IT staff to track perfor- mance metrics and utilization statistics. The Solution NetApp Flash Cache is also essential NetApp FlexClone® technology is used Leveraging performance-enhancing to helping the company optimize per- to efficiently replicate data volumes and technologies formance across its entire environment. reduce storage requirements in Apache’s Apache deployed a NetApp storage Flash Cache speeds access to oil and developing and testing environment, environment that scales quickly and gas data through intelligent caching for while NetApp deduplication technology easily and offers several important random read-intensive workloads. increases storage efficiency by as much performance advantages. NetApp Multiple 512GB Flash Cache cards as 53% in the production environment. FAS6280 and FAS6080 storage systems in the NetApp FAS6000 and FAS3000 series storage systems improve storage NetApp storage is fundamental to at primary and secondary data centers efficiency and, by using Flash Cache Apache’s global disaster recovery provide the production environment for with SATA drives, reduce Apache’s IT and data protection strategy. NetApp Apache, with FAS3270 and FAS3170 costs. Lauritsen notes that the cost per SnapMirror ® technology replicates storage systems supporting other terabyte is 52% lower with Flash Cache compressed data from Apache’s operational areas. The NetApp on SATA drives and offers 66% power Houston and remote sites to a FAS6000 and FAS3000 series storage savings and 59% space savings. managed hosting facility where systems with Data ONTAP® 8.0 software Apache maintains six months’ worth feature the Intel Xeon processor. With “Since deploying the NetApp FAS6280 of backup copies. After the data is Intel Inside®, Apache benefits from an storage system, we’ve noticed significant replicated, SnapVault® technology increased amount of processing power performance improvements,” says transfers incremental data changes, on a per-server basis. Lauritsen. “The combination of the Intel reducing bandwidth requirements Xeon processors in the NetApp FAS and increasing storage efficiency.
  3. 3. Primary Data Center Secondary Data Center Microsoft Office Microsoft Tape Library SharePoint Server SQL Server Linux/UNIX PC Servers Server E&P Portal Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 64-Bit Workstations 10 GbE NetApp Flash Cache NetApp Open Systems CIFS, NFS, iSCSI NetApp SnapMirror SnapVault SMB 2.0 NetApp Deduplication LAN WAN NetApp Snapshot NetApp SnapRestore NetApp FAS6080 NetApp FAS6280 NetApp SnapVault NetApp FAS6080 NetApp FAS6280 running NetApp running NetApp Data ONTAP 8 with Data ONTAP 8 with Intel Xeon Processor Intel Xeon Processor NetApp FlexClone NetApp FlexVolFigure 1) Apache Corporation storage infrastructure.Apache also leverages the NetApp When deployed on Apache’s 10GbE storage management time. The com-disaster recovery technologies to network, the NetApp FAS systems with pany leverages Data ONTAP 8 and itsreplicate data from regions outside the Intel processors reduce latency and 64-bit aggregates to store entire data-United States, such as Argentina and improve performance. “Performance bases—such as those that supportthe United Kingdom, back to its Texas technologies from NetApp and Intel Apache exploration groups—on a singleheadquarters. Backup tapes are now allow us to push the 10Gb-per-second aggregate while simplifying databaseonly needed on a quarterly basis. The limits of 10GbE connectivity and almost management. The unified NetAppIT staff uses NetApp Snapshot™ and instantaneously transfer large amounts storage platform enables the team toSnapRestore® technologies for local of data that employees request from manage petabytes of storage as adata protection, with incremental our systems,” notes Lauritsen. single scalable entity.copies automatically created hourly. The effects of the performance “NetApp enables us to manage moreBusiness Benefits enhancements on staff activities are storage in less time,” says Lauritsen.Better system performance, significant. For example, one office runs “Though we’ve seen 700% data growthincreased staff productivity geological models that used to take in the massive Petrel E&P platformPerformance gains from NetApp stor- 20 minutes to open and load into the environment, NetApp management andage help Apache reservoir engineers, Schlumberger’s Petrel application. efficiency capabilities have enabled usgeologists, geophysicists, production It now takes less than 5 minutes. The to continue to manage growing dataengineers, and others effectively and SMB2 protocol supported by NetApp on our NetApp storage without addingefficiently perform their day-to-day has delivered 25% performance head count.”jobs. In the shared seismic working increases on Microsoft Windows 7 systems. The NetApp storage and NetApp data protection and disasterenvironment, the company sees a 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 environ- recovery capabilities reduce Apachenearly 70% cache hit rate and reduced ment have decreased the amount of IT staff time and help employees worklatency by a factor of 10 or more with time it takes geoscientists to run tests without interruption. “Time is money,NetApp Flash Cache. This means that during huge survey projects from 10 particularly as it applies to geoscientists70% of the time data is already stored to 2 minutes. Improved system perfor- making the most informed scientificin memory, eliminating the need for the mance helps the geophysics team evaluations,” says Lauritsen. By nearlysystem to retrieve data from the SATA move faster on initiatives such as eliminating costly tape storage, NetAppdrives and delivering data in seconds developing new technologies. SnapMirror and SnapVault save consid-rather than minutes. erable administrator time, allowing ITThe NetApp FAS6280 storage system Reduced storage and operational to quickly create backup copies andand Intel Xeon 5600 series processor costs reducing recovery time from days tohandle large amounts of simultaneous NetApp efficiencies and storage just a few hours without impactingrequests on Schlumberger Petrel and management capabilities help Apache user productivity.other exploration and production systems. optimize storage resources and reduce
  4. 4. “Though we’ve seen 700% data growth in the massive Petrel E&P platform environment, NetApp management and efficiency capabilities have enabled us to continue to manage growing data on our NetApp storage without adding head count.” Bradley Lauritsen Director of Exploration Applications, Apache Corporation Making way for continuous growth SOLUTION COMPONENTS Apache remains focused on expanding its oil and gas exploration activities NetApp Products Protocols across the world and growing the NetApp FAS6280, FAS6080, 10GbE company through acquisitions. Apache FAS3270, and FAS3170 CIFS will continue to leverage solutions that storage systems help the company keep up with the NFS Data ONTAP 8.0 rapid pace and explosive growth. iSCSI “Accelerating our time to discovery is OnCommand Operations Manager SMB2 vital to our continued success,” says Flash Cache Lauritsen. “We need to help our users FlexClone Third-Party Products spend more time developing prospects Intel Xeon 5600 series processors SnapVault and reservoir models and less time Microsoft Windows Server 2008 loading data and managing data SnapMirror Schlumberger Petrel 2011 software between applications. The high Deduplication performance offered by NetApp and Intel helps us accomplish this.” NetApp creates innovative storage and © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. data management solutions that deliver Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, FlexClone, OnCommand, SnapMirror, outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate SnapRestore, Snapshot, and SnapVault are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. www.netapp.com business breakthroughs. Discover our Intel, Xeon, and Intel Inside are registered trademarks of Intel passion for helping companies around the Corporation. Windows and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other brands or products are trademarks or world go further, faster at www.netapp.com. registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. CSS-6544-0312 Go further, faster ®