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Five Steps to an Agile Data Infrastructure


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Are you concerned about the scalability and reliability of your storage? NetApp's updated FAS midrange storage systems offer new possibilities in terms of scalability, performance and flexibility. Actually, the new FAS3200 is an ideal building block for what we call an agile data infrastructure. Discover the five steps to get there with NetApp. If you like this infographic, please share it with your contacts.

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Five Steps to an Agile Data Infrastructure

  1. 1. Steps to an Agile Data Infrastructure Identify Your Build Your Leverage Key Scale Your Protect Business Needs Foundation Technologies Performance Your Data How much do you know about your storage envi- Storage technology has evolved a lot. What was ronment? Is that enough? With annual data growth impossible a year ago is likely possible today. Follow rates around 50% (IDC), your storage choices these five steps to discover how you can build an ag- determine how quickly you can get a new product ile data infrastructure to help your company be more or service to market and, ultimately, how success- flexible and respond faster to market opportunities. ful your company will be. Let’s Get Started Identify Your Needs Start by addressing your biggest problem. CAPACITY SCALE SPEED/PERFORMANCE You can’t keep up with the grow- IT provisioning is too slow ERP rollout and changes take ing amount of data Storage is too complex too long You have problems integrating You’re spending too much time Making production copies for data from mobile on maintenance business intelligence is too slow Storage is not scalable You need to shut down applica- tions when migrating data Build Your Foundation UNIFIED ARCHITECTURE Whatever your main issue is, it is time to consider an agile data infrastructure. That means there will a universal storage pool that can be accessed by no longer be a need for extensive change, capacity, all protocols. Running all your workloads on one and performance management. You can change, storage platform will radically simplify your envi- grow, or flex your infrastructure to meet your busi- ronment and open the door to all the benefits of ness needs without any downtime. Leverage Key Technologies Clustered storage is the backbone of an agile operating system, so it is available at no extra cost. data infrastructure. It gives you the flexibility to Clustering also makes it easier to use automation scale your storage capacity without limits, move tools to increase your team’s productivity. But even workloads to the right storage based on applica- with clustering, don’t forget the benefits of good tion requirements, or upgrade your systems—all efficiency features. This is what you can expect with seamlessly. Clustering comes in many shapes and NetApp. forms. At NetApp it is part of the Data ONTAP® CLUSTERING AUTOMATION TOOLS STORAGE EFFICIENCY Nondisruptive operation: Use service automation and ana- Reduce your storage needs and » Eliminate planned downtime lytics tools from NetApp® On- costs by 50% with NetApp stor- » Dynamically move and access Command® software to manage age efficiency features: data within or across a cluster and administer your environment » Compression Operational efficiency: Free up time and resources to » Thin provisioning » Scale from 2 to 24 nodes focus on more strategic tasks » Deduplication » Mix different-size controllers in Use the AutoSupport™ tool to » FlexClone® technology the same cluster minimize unplanned downtime » Snapshot™ technology » Choose from a variety of flash and HDD options Support for: » All NAS and SAN protocols » Enterprise and technical applications » Secure multi-tenancy » Virtualized third-party storage Scale Your Performance Scaling storage capacity without sacrificing tion performance based on your specific workload performance is always a challenge. Flash allows requirements. Our flash technology is easy to install you to do both. and won’t impact your data management. As an ad- Use OnCommand® Insight to assess the per- ditional benefit, using flash will increase your overall formance of your storage and see where flash storage efficiency. And flash is integrated with Data is needed. You can add flash either at the disk, ONTAP®, so the hot data is always placed on the controller, or server level to boost your applica- highest-performing media. DISK CONTROLLER SERVERFlash Pool: Flash Cache: Flash Accel™: Combines the speed of SSD with Uses PCIe flash cards Has hardware-agnostic caching the efficiency of HDD drives Supports caching of random software running on server Supports caching of both reads Accelerates random reads for random reads and overwrites Is cost effective a particular application in Provides highest level of Increases performance of shared virtualized environment (great availability storage infrastructure for business apps) Is cost effective Reduces back-end storage costs Increases performance of shared storage infrastructure Protect Your Data Last but not least, all of these benefits can easily ONTAP®, which gives you maximum flexibility to be wasted if you don’t protect your data. All the implement a solution. data protection features offered are part of DataINTEGRATED DATA PROTECTION EMBEDDED DATA SECURITY SECURE MULTI-TENANCY Use Snapshots copies for local Role-based access control Isolate your data securely backup Antivirus on board Maintain workload performance Use SnapMirror® technology for Data encryption replication Use RAID-DP® technology to protect against double disk failures Agile Data Infrastructure When you get to this point, the importance of the say that your infrastructure is Intelligent. characteristics of each system fades in comparison Being Infinite, Immortal, and Intelligent are the to the characteristics of the whole infrastructure. three characteristics of an agile data infrastruc- Although no individual system can scale infinitely, ture. The FAS3200 is an ideal building block for your data storage infrastructure can. The same is an agile data infrastructure. Combining it with the true of the durability of your data infrastructure— FAS2200 and the FAS6200 will provide you with we call it “Immortal”. And with all of your manage- the ultimate in flexibility. ment tasks happening automatically, we can also Information provided by © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifi- cations are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, AutoSupport, DataMotion, Data ONTAP, Flash Accel, FlexClone, OnCommand, RAID-DP, SnapMirror, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.