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10 Good Reasons: NetApp for Machine Learning

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10 Good Reasons: NetApp for Machine Learning

  1. 1. 01 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 02 3 2 1 With industry-leading benchmarks for our all-flash systems, you’re guaranteed to get all the extreme low latency performance you need for your AI/ML environment. Connecting big data and deep learning engines to where your data resides with the NetApp In-Place Analytics Module. A foundation of efficiency in our core platforms and our data movers such as ONTAP SnapMirror can enable up to 10:1 data reduction as your dataset sizes continue to grow. To bring data together for AI/ML, we enable organizations to build a Data Fabric for the hybrid cloud that seamlessly connects resources and allows data management, movement and protection across internal and external cloud services. Scale to 20PB and beyond in a single namespace, to support the largest of learning data sets. More data typically means better models, ONTAP FlexGroup volumes deliver the scale to support this. Non-disruptively integrate newer and faster flash technologies, such as NVMe, NVMeoF and storage-class memory (SCM) to continuously im- prove performance without a forklift upgrade. ML/DL data must be protected, ONTAP data management software delivers enterprise-grade continuous data protection with solutions providing near-zero recovery time and point objectives. ONTAP FlexClone instantly creates dev/test environments for AI/ML, enabling you to rapidly improve model accuracy and improve development velocity. ONTAP FabricPool, an element of our Data Fabric enables data to flow seamlessly from high perfor- mance to archive, enabling you to establish the most cost-effective data platform. DATA LIFECYCLE SECURITY AND PRIVACY NetApp Private Storage (NPS) enables you to access the vast compute resources in the Cloud whilst retaining control of your data and ensuring compliance, security and privacy requirements. DATA EFFICIENCY DATA FABRIC MASSIVE NON-DISRUPTIVE SCALABILITY DATA PROTECTION CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT FUTURE PROOF IN-PLACE ANALYTICS EXTREME PERFORMANCE 10GOOD REASONS NetApp for Machine Learning