лісова брама


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Ініціативна група "Лісова Брама"

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лісова брама

  1. 1.  Initiative groupe “Lisova Brama” (from Ukrainian – Forest Gate) is groupe of young, active, initiative and creative persons, wich have united in March 2012 for goal – to inform value of art and of save of the nature to community of Irpin region.
  2. 2.  First projects of group - Eco Cultural Festival "LisRuk" (from Ukrainian – Forest of hands) and Eco Art action “Art for pure environment”. Festival "LisRuk" is youth eco cultural event. At festival was presented different approaches of art: music, literature, painting, decorative art, photography, dance and other.
  3. 3.  Also at festival was different master- classes: On psychology, meditation, actor arts and other. At territory of festival was extreme-pad, playground, cosy cafes. The concept of festival: Unity human with nature and people. During the festival held a quiz on environmental issues. The winners received eco-gifts.
  4. 4.  Next projects was organized with NGO of Irpin. Together with UAC “Democratic Kyivshina”, NGO “Novi oblichya”, Community Foundation of Irpin Region, AC “Kamerton” organized sociological research, goal is detection artistic needs of medical professionals of Irpin and Bucha. Also with this organizations organized travel for medical professionals and their children to ethnographic complex “Ukrainian village”.
  5. 5.  Together with Art Centr “Kamerton” we organize Literary workshop “Struna” (from Ukrainian – String) ang Club of author song “Kluch” (from Ukrainian – Key).
  6. 6.  Hrys, 22, artist-improviser, co-founder and presenter of Eco Cultural festival "LisRuk", co-founder initiative group "Lisova Brama". At fest LisRuk was responsible for playground and master-classes. For Christ, Lisova Brama is a creative-creative people who inspire she on new heights.
  7. 7.  Kucherovska Ivanna, 24 years, artist of arts and crafts, visualizer, illyustrator, designer and organizer of the exhibition on the first Irpin Eco Cultural Festival "LisRuk". The initiative group "Lisova Brama" to Ivanna is she`s friends and associates with whom she created the festival.
  8. 8.  Julia Gnidenko, 23 years, student of Institute of Postgraduate Education of Taurian National University, journalist and bard. During the organization of the festival "LisRuk" was responsible for establishing ties with musical groups and musical part of the program. For Julia the initiative group "Lisova Brama" is little family, group of friends, which going to common goal, way of self-expression and self-realization, implementation ideas, shared creativity.
  9. 9.  Sotnichenko Elena, 21 years old, writing poetry, engaged hiking. During the organization of the festival "LisRuk" was responsible for the performances of dance groups and extreme-pad. Elena says that the initiative group "Lisova Brama" is an important part of she`s life.
  10. 10.  Pulnikov Valentine, 29 years, presenter of Eco Cultural festival "LisRuk".
  11. 11.  Rudyuk Iryna, 24 years, work as an economist on PJSC the "Kiev electric railway car repair plant". In free time devote to creation of wares decoratively applied arts, play on a guitar, visit cultural event, travel. Became part of the initiative group "Lisova Brama" already after the leadthrough of festival "LisRuk", where took part in an exhibition as master. Consider that found the collective of interesting and creative people, and, that it is important, like-minded persons!!!
  12. 12.  Marina Naumenko, 24 years, writer, a post- graduate student of Institute of sociology of National academy of science of Ukraine, co- founder festival “LisRuk” co-founder initiative group "Lisova Brama". During the festival organization responsible for establishing ties with partners and literary event of the concert program. For Marina the initiative group "Lisova Brama" like seven bubls, which can be switched on simultaneously, thereby can illuminate invisible corners and things hidden in them. One head is good, but seven heads is better