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PAUCI news february-april 2012

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Newsletter pauci en

  1. 1. PAUCI IN ACTION: FEBRUARY-APRIL 2012PAUCI FOUNDATION LAUNCHES A NEW PROJECT “PUBLIC KINDERGARTENCOMPLEX THERMOMODERNISATION IN YAGOTYN TOWN” PAUCI together with Yagotyn Council starts to implement a new project “Public kindergarten complex thermomodernisation in Yagotyn town”. This project is financed by the European Union, partly financed from Yagotyn local budget and is implemented by Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI together with Yagotyn City Council. The project was one of the ten projects financed by the European Union within the program “Support to energy efficiencymeasures in small Ukrainian cities”.Yagotyn city is located 100 kilometres from Kiev. The cost for heating the kindergarten #4 hasrisen in 13 times during the period from 2006 till 2010. The temperature in the building is hardlythe minimum needed. This kindergarten was built in 1995. The builders did not follow the rulesof construction, arrangement of aeration and calculation of heating system.The aim of this project is to decrease the usage of energy in kindergarten mentioned and create ahigh-quality staying conditions. The following is planned to be done: to provide the walls andhouse footing with heat insulation; to replace all the windows and doors; to install systems ofautomatic aeration; to replace old systems of heating.The duration of project is 13 months. The general budget of the project is 199 487 Euros.Results expected are the following: the halfway reducing of energy usage; creation of the propermicroclimate in the building following all the standards.Mass media about the project:Web-site “Ukrainian energy”STB TV channel
  2. 2. 5-th Channel “Mirror to Europe”Contact person: Vyacheslav Gusev.NEW PAUCI PROJECT “RISK MANAGEMENT AND INTERNAL AUDIT IN LOCALSELF-GOVERNMENT IN UKRAINE” One of the modern tools of increasing the capacity of administration to provide high- quality services is the internal audit, which helps not only to control the compliance of the organization’s functioning with internal and inner regulators, but also evaluate the potential sphere of money savings. Such spheres may originate from ineffective risk management, excessive expenses as the result of improper administration; wrongly identified processes, and also wrong and ill- timed administrative information.Poland has been successfully implementing this tool in self-government bodies for many years(from 2001 it is obligatory for more then 2300 administrations, including 630 local self-government bodies), PAUCI Foundation takes part in implementation of the same reform inMoldova. Ukraine is only starting going this way.The aim of this PAUCI Foundation’s project is to improve the quality of governance in threeregional centers (Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, and Lviv), form the team of auditors who will besubordinated to cities governance only and who will help foremen of local self-government in riskmanagement.Within this project representatives of municipalities will be trained – the head-position foremen touse this instrument of governance in their work as well as local key specialists who will becomeinternal auditors. The Ukrainian and Polish experts will be the tutors during the period ofeducation. Trainings will be practical and theoretical (study visits to Poland, pilot audit-missionsin Lviv, Cherkasy, and Vinnytsia).This project is supported by Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI, financiallysupported by “Polish help-2012” of Ministry of foreign affairs in Poland.Contact persons: Olga Galytska, Adam Sauer.
  3. 3. THE PROJECT "SUPPORT FOR PERFORMANCE BUDGETING SYSTEM INMOLDOVAN LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENTS" The project “Support for performance budgeting system in Moldovan local self- governments” financed by the Polish Aid 2012 will support the reform of local finances in Moldova by introducing performance budgeting in local governments. Project is a follow-up of a PAUCI and Business Consulting Institute activities focused on introduction of performance budgeting by Moldovan local governments and answers the needs of the Moldovan Ministry of Finance tointroduce performance budgets as a obligatory form of budgeting related with the currentdecentralization reform. Projects in Moldova follow the example and experiences ofKrakow, the first Polish city which introduced the performance budget (1994).In years 2009-2011 PAUCI and Business Consulting Institute, thanks to the UNDP, Polish Aidand CEI-KEP support, elaborated the methodology of performance budgeting in Moldova,prepared decision makers and financial specialists of 5 Moldovan cities (Floresti, Stefan Voda,Balti, Cahul and Ungheni) in performance budget related issues and in case of the capital city ofChisinau – the trained local specialists and decision makers already prepared selected parts of thecity budget in a performance mode.The project assumes the improvement of knowledge of Moldovan Ministry of Finance’sspecialists in performance budgeting and consultations of the Ministry’s plans as regard makingthe performance budgets an obligatory form, will continue acquiring practical experience by thegovernment of Chisinau (the development of further areas of the city budget in the performancemode). Project will also introduce performance budgeting issues and basic trainings for the nextfour Moldovan cities (Orhei, Calarasi, Soroca, Camenca (Transnistria)), will help in creation oftest software linking classification structured budgets with performance budgets and will facilitatea public discussion about the reform of the budgeting system of the Moldovan local self-governments.Contact person: Adam Sauer.
  4. 4. NEW PAUCI PROJECT "BUILDING PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP FORSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES" The aim of the project that was implemented in 2010-11 was to provide conditions for exchange of experiences between policy makers and local authorities of Moldova, Czech Republic and Poland in the public- private partnerships, and offer solutions for Moldova to enable public-private partnership. The aim of the new project is to support and promote community initiatives in Ukraine in establishing and managing of housing condominiums (OSBB) by showing examples ofbest Polish and Ukrainian experience in this field.The project proposes the following activities:- Training for persons interested in the creation or improvement of existing condominiums andpersons professionally connected with this service;- Study tour to Poland for representatives of condominiums, utilities and property managers;- Measures aimed at promoting the idea of creating condominiums in the media;- Brochure on establishing and management of condominiums;- A consulting centre to be opened at the "Centre of Sumy Social Policy for Open Society";- Creation of basis for further multiplication of the experience in other cities of Ukraine.Project duration: January 1 - June 30, 2012The area of the project: Poland (Warsaw, Bialystok, alternatively: Plotsk), Ukraine (Sumy).The project is implemented with financial support of the Program "RITA" of Polish-AmericanFreedom Foundation.Contact person: Krzysztof Filcek.
  5. 5. PAUCI FOUNDATION LAUNCHES A PROJECT "POLISH EXPERIENCE OFHOUSING MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES FOR CONDOMINIUMS" A new project is implemented with financial support of the "Polish Aid" Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and aims to improve the quality and affordability of condominium management by increasing the number of housing management companies, small and medium businesses that provide such services in Kharkiv, Poltava and Zhytomyr (Ukraine). Special attention in this project will be paid to transfer the experience of thermo homes in Poland. The project will comply of conducting weekly trainings for future managers in Kharkiv, Zhitomyr, Poltava, conducting study visits to Poland, cooperation with the Ukrainianthematic portals related to condominiums and other events.The project will last until the end of 2012.Contact person: Vyacheslav Gusev, Krzysztof Filtsek.TRAINING FOR HAUSING COMMUNITIES IN SUMYOn 14-15 March 2012 in Sumy in the lecture hall of the Sumy Oblast Administration’spersonnel training center a training was provided to the heads of housing communitiesoperating in the city. It was an event within the project “Housing communities as a form oforganization of local communities and a school of local democracy”. Project is financed by “Region in Transition" – RITA Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation conducted by the Education for Democracy Foundation. The training was attended by 30 participants. Its program included issues related to creating communities and various aspects of their activities, ranging from internal communications, the scope of cleaning/maintenance activities, financing sources and keeping expenses low, including energy saving measures, and ending with the principles of financial records.Polish experts conducted two presentations. One concerned a mechanism to support renovationsand energy saving investments by the State, the other principles of reaching consensus as the
  6. 6. basis for decision-making and further activities in the community. During the discussion, theexperts had the opportunity to comment on many topics and respond to questions asked from theaudience.The organizers and the Polish experts were also invited to a meeting with the deputy governor ofthe Sumy oblast Mr. Mykola Derkach, who was informed about the project and himself expressedthe hope that similar training will be organized in the future also in regional cities.Residential communities in Ukraine do not arise by law from the moment of privatization of theflats in the building, but there are associations of a voluntary nature. Their legal position againstthe city and a self-monopolistic companies of property management service is very poor. Inaddition, their encounter in their daily activities a number of technical issues specific to the post-Soviet space, such as central heating single pipe supply system or local heating generation by theloft boilers.The next event scheduled within the project is a study visit to Poland, initially planned for April,but due to four times longer waiting time for Polish visas at the consulate in Kharkov it is shiftedto the second half of May.Contact person: Krzysztof Filtsek.SEMINAR-TRAINING FOR SCHOOL PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS OF DONETSK On April 11, 2012 PAUCI Foundation in cooperation with the Standing Committee on Energy-saving and efficiency of Donetsk City Council held a seminar-training for directors of local schools and teachers named Environment and Energy-saving – actualities and interactive methods of teaching in schools" at the Donetsk school №22 "Leader". Anastasia Popsuy, PAUCI Project coordinator, described the latest global trends in environmental and energy-saving, the current situation in Ukraine,prospects and concerns about these issues, the situation with energy-savings in school buildingsof Ukraine, the experience of environmental and energy-saving programs in the schools ofPoland, the best practices of similar programs in Ukrainian schools. Also, the teachersexperienced the new interactive teaching methods, learn to search for video materials and useonline resources for teaching young people, received training materials for classes - books, tasks,CDs, posters. Participants were played on "Green Packs" and alternative energy models forstudents.Contact person: Anastasiia Popsui.
  7. 7. PAUCI ANNUAL REPORT 2011 Dear colleagues and friends! We are pleased to present PAUCI Annual Report for 2011 and share with you our achievements. We thank everybody who stayed with us last year and hope to continue our cooperation in future. Please find the Report on the PAUCI web-site.MEDIA ABOUT USPAUCI Energy-saving Projects Coordinator Vyacheslav Gusev at school in Cherkassy PAUCI Energy-saving Projects Coordinator Vyacheslav Gusev at school in Cherkassy about the project results.How to save the heat in houses? PAUCI recommendations for Cherkasy television program.
  8. 8. Fried eggs on hatch heating PAUCI Foundation fried eggs on hatches of Kiev heating system to clearly show the losses of energy. STV TV Channel 1+1 TV Channel5th ChannelArticle in KyivPostArticle in UNIANYou can find more information on PAUCI projects on the web-site add your e-mail to PAUCI newsletter subscribe list, please send massage with "Subscribe" inthe topic to