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Recruitment Trends


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The Nestlé Purina recruitment team put together some research findings surrounding recruitment and employment trends in the market. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to email us at Interested in learning more about working at Purina and apply to our openings? Visit our website at

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Recruitment Trends

  1. 1. #MeetPurina THE HIRING LANDSCAPE
  2. 2. Hiring is up across the board… Employers have added an average of 244,000 jobs a month since February (the best six-month hiring spree in eight years). And at 6.2%, the unemployment rate is just above the 6.1% average for the past seven decades. #MeetPurina
  3. 3. #MeetPurina Cautions…. Wages Under Employment Long-Term Unemployment Workforce Participation Quitting and Hiring
  4. 4. #MeetPurina U.S. College Hiring U.S. College hiring is expected to increase 7.8% in U.S. operations over 2013 • Top Business Majors: Finance, Accounting /Business Admin/Mgmt., Management Info Systems and Marketing • Top Science Majors: Mathematics/Statistics, Chemistry and Physics • Top Engineering Majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Chemical
  5. 5. Cautions…. • 7.8% would be much higher if not for, Finance o But is showing a 40% decline in 2014 across all degree programs. (Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research #MeetPurina Institute) • 25-to-34 year-olds with a job fell to 75.6% in July, which was 80% before the recession (Associated Press)
  6. 6. Fastest growing occupations 2012-2022 #MeetPurina
  7. 7. #MeetPurina Currently Impactful Trends Mobile is a critical tool Continuing Trends Data-driven approach is the benchmark standard Live video interviewing gaining acceptance Accelerated internal movement Remote work is expanding talent pools is still needed
  8. 8. #MeetPurina 2014 Recruiting Problems & Opportunities Competition for top talent Trends, Problems, etc. Employee referrals become dominant hiring source Predictive metrics & Big Data become essential Recruiting monetizing its business Employee branding is the only long-term strategy impact
  9. 9. #MeetPurina Biggest Recruiting Challenges Retention will increasingly impact recruiting Strategic Challenge Speed again becomes essential to remain competitive Limited resources require position prioritization Finding high-impact technology remain problematic Reengineer college recruiting to maximize success
  10. 10. #MeetPurina Trends Peaking in 2015 Competitive analysis will grow from a “plus” into a “standard” Future Trends Market research will allow you to “know” candidates Firms will begin to “map” future talent pipelines Hiring those without degrees will increase Finding a candidate’s work online will increase in sourcing importance
  11. 11. Top Ten Since 2008 Engineers Skilled Trades Accounting & Finance #MeetPurina Technicians Mechanics
  12. 12. What’s so hard about filling? #MeetPurina ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey
  13. 13. Other Companies- What are they doing? • Providing training • Redefining needed qualifications • Increasing Starting Salaries • Providing clear career • Increased focus on talent development pipeline paths at time of recruitment • Offering flexible work • Adapting to recruit arrangements untapped talent pools • Redesigning work procedures • Hiring those with potential to grow into roles • Partnering with educational institutions #MeetPurina
  14. 14. New Talent Sources- a closer look #MeetPurina
  15. 15. #MeetPurina Application Social Media commonly used to find information— LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook used by 40% studentPOLL
  16. 16. Social “Network” Recruiting Statistics 94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting (Jobvite) 49% improvement in candidate quality for employers using social media 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network 30% of Google searches (300 million/month) are employment related #MeetPurina 89% of recruiters have hired someone via LinkedIn 59% of recruiters found “highest quality” candidates from social media #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  17. 17. #MeetPurina Any Questions? • Feel free to reach out to our team via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.