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this presentation is about Business process modeling notations and how to use them.

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  1. 1. Introduction to BPMN
  2. 2. Agenda • What BPMN Is and what it is not. • What is Business Process ? • BPMN Essentials – BPMN Activity – BPMN Events – Gateways – Connectors • Orchestration and Choreography
  3. 3. What BPMN is? • BPMN is… • A Graphical modelling language, with symbols, relationships and attributes for • Expression of processes generated into executable processes (BPEL) • Expression of processes for ‘general execution’ (Human, human-operated) • Simple, palatable language – ‘flowchart-like’ non- IT practitioner consumption
  4. 4. What BPMN is not? • BPMN is not… • A methodology, process, framework • Complex, usable in subsets
  5. 5. What BPMN is not? • Business Processes – description of how a business pursues its objectives – Process Maps: simple flow charts of high-level activities – Process Descriptions: flow charts with more information (not enough for full realization) – Process Model: flow charts with enough information for analysis, simulation, execution – BPMN is flexible to handle all variants of BP
  6. 6. BPMN Essentials: • Logical process ‘flow’, finite start and end points • Diamond – decision point? yes/no paths for an extra step • Rounded boxes must therefore ‘do stuff’
  7. 7. BPMN Activity • Work performed within a business process
  8. 8. BPMN Events • Start Events
  9. 9. BPMN Events • Intermediate Events • End events
  10. 10. Gateways Gateways are modeling elements that are used to control how Sequence Flows interact as they converge and diverge within a Process
  11. 11. Connectors 1-A Sequence Flow is used to show the order that activities will be performed in a Process 2- A Message Flow is used to show the flow of messages between two entities that are prepared to send and receive them 3- An Association is used to associate data, information and artifacts with flow objects
  12. 12. Swimlanes • Pools • Lanes
  13. 13. Orchestration and Choreography • Orchestration – Contained within one Pool • Choreography – Defined by the interaction between Pools
  14. 14. ^_^