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Module 5 presentation cfu

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Good evening Ladies and Gentlemens, its great to be here with you !How is everyone doing tonight ?Let me ask you one important question:How many of you would like to have a financial freedom in your life ? Tonight we are going to cover WHAT can help you to create financially free life, WHERE to startand WHAT you can do today in order to create wealth and freedom.My journey starts like many... I was born and grew up in ( at that time) communistic countryCzechoslovakia. I remember when I was a child all people around had almost the same life style –standards of living, there we no rich or poor – we all had the same. And without knowing I alreadyhad my programming about life, success, money. When I was 18years old I started to travel ( thecommunism fell down few years before ) and I learn different languages. I lived in different placesand different countries, but no matter where I was, how much knowledge, education, talent I hadI used to struggle financially. No matter how hard I tried I had never had enough money to do all Iwanted in life. I tried many workshops, seminars, courses, but nothing seemed to make any impacton my finances. In 2012 I found Catch Fire University. At this period of my life I was reallyfrustrated and upset about my financial situation and I enrolled for the first Associate Degree on linecourse, I didnt expect much, but I was desperately searching a solution, so I had nothing to loose.This course and the next three Degrees have completely changed my life. Today, 3 years after I amfinancially free and I live life I always wanted. If I did it, you all can do it! I know the place wheremost of you is right now – place of doubt, fear, desperation, frustration, exhaustion... I was thereand tonight I am here to tell you that there is a way out. You all were meant to live your dreams, livein financial abundance and share your gifts with the world. Before we start here are two ground rules : First – Please, turn off your cell phones or turn it onsilent mode. Second rule - Hold your questions until the end , I will answer all the questions one toone when I will finish the presentation. Does everyone agree with these two rules? Yes? Awesome!Thank you!BODYHow do you feel about your finances right now?Look at your bank statement, what is it saying?Your current financial situation is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and decisions youhave made up until this point. If you are not happy with your current situation it will be necessaryfor you to grow beyond your current beliefs and actions around money and finances.If you want a different RESULT , you must CHANGE what you are currently doing and learnsomething new. I will repeat it again :” If you want a different RESULT, you must CHANGE whatyou are currently doing and learn something new.The key word here is CHANGE...How do you feel when I say “ You must change what you are currently doing...” ?… Scared, Irritated, Upset, Uncomfortable, Overwhelmed, Challenged.... Yes, something else?You feel already tired ! … OK, you feel already tired before you started to change something,interesting...We must have a very good reason to go through the uncomfortable process of change, dont we?Why? Because we all have been programmed to take the easy way out. Change isnt easy!
  2. 2. But let me tell you something I realized : Creating financial success was easier than being broke andin financial prison with no control over my life! So, ARE YOU READY TO DO THE WORK?While not easy, change is simple.Here are 4 inevitable steps to change: 1) GET IRRITATED 2) GET MOTIVATED 3) GET EDUCATED 4) GET ACTIVATED Lets talk about GETTING IRRITATED. Every success story starts with someone becomingreally really angry. Nothing great ever happens until someone gets seriously irritated.We all know the point, when enough is enough and we are not going to take it any more?!And from this place of irritation we move to the second step and we GET MOTIVATED. We must use the energy of irritation as an incentive to become motivated.In order to become motivated and to stay motivated, we need really good “reason”.Now, little exercise. Take two piece of paper on one write down a list of 10 things you would like todo or have with your financial freedom and on second write down a list of 10 things you wouldlike to do or give to others. Have fun with it, everything is possible if you believe it!Have you finished? OK, now look at your two lists – here is your reason to change! Here is why itsworthy to take a risk and change whats not working for you any more! This is your MOTIVATION!Does anybody want to share his/her list?Now we are motivated and we are ready to take the next step and GET EDUCATED.If you want to create long lasting wealth and freedom, you need to learn and get educated fromsomebody who has already been there, who has already created such a life.If you are not financially free today, there is something about money that you dont know yet.Education is on going process. Its important to commit and invest in your education. Becausethe only thing between you and your goals ( your success ) is a series of things you need toLEARN!And the last step is the consequence or outcome of the previous step. Once you get educated, youGET ACTIVATED, you will know what to do, you will have your plan. You will take the rightactions and consistently move forward your goal – financial freedom. All your energy will befocused on where you are going, there will be no way backward.In order to complete these steps and succeed in anything in life you need one quality. One quality,which makes all difference, one quality which will determinate your success or your failure...COMMITMENT!If you want to create financially free life and achieve your goals you MUST COMMIT with all yourheart and soul to do anything and everything needed NO MATTER WHAT! You will be challenged,we are all challenged every day. What matters is how you react to the challenge and to what“happens” to you. Do you stick with your commitment or do you quite with the first rain? The number one reason why people dont succeed is QUITTING.There is no such a thing as failure, there is just a point of time when you make a choice and quite.All your goals in life, financial and personal can be stopped ONLY by YOU QUITTING! Why do you think you dont have life you want?
  3. 3. Why do you think you havent accomplished your goals?Because at some point you decided to quite! Quitting stills your financial freedom! Now, knowing this will you choose to fully COMMIT?Commit to your life, to your dreams, to your goals... Today, here and NOW!And every single day for the rest of your life. Every time when you will face the possibility tochoose – will you choose to COMMIT again and again or will you choose to quite as you have donealready so many times?Because the biggest obstacle to success is not out there, it is within, its YOU!And your most powerful ally to success is YOUR COMMITMENT!WRAPSo what did you learn tonight?...if you want different results, you need to change and learn something new... 4 steps to change...importance of commitment...Now, you may ask “ But where do I start, where should I go to educate myself?”Should I go back to University and study Economics or Business in order to create financialfreedom? No, there is no need to go back to traditional University. It would be a waste of your time, becauseyou won’t learn the hidden truth about money and how finances work neither the necessary skillsfor creating financial freedom there. If today you are irritated enough and you are ready to take thefirst step to change your life and invest in your future start with this book “ Catch Fire – How toIgnite Your Own Economy” written by bestseller author and founder of Catch Fire University DougNelson.Let me tell you what you will get from this extraordinary book if you decide to invest 15$ and buyit. Inside of this book you will find outline of the problems with our financial system and bustfinancial myths that keep you in prison. It will give you real life solutions and what you need to doto create financial freedom, you will learn offensive and defensive strategies. You will also learnabout three hands in your pocket that are costing you a fortune each and every year and what youcan do about it and much much more... Doug Nelson knew from his own experience that a book is not enough and this was his motivationand reason why he founded with his wife Melanie unique educational system The Catch FireUniversity which offers different online courses. The first Associate Degree – online interactivecurriculum is based on the book Catch Fire. This five weeks course will help you to make necessarychanges in your life, so you can create a rock solid foundation for financial freedom. CFU AssociateDegree is normally $ 995, but FOR limited time when you purchase the book included in it areregistration details to enroll for absolutely FREE!So if you want to take control of your own economy and of your own life, if you desire to livea life of purpose , create life of your dreams and give back....DONT WAIT, GET THIS BOOK TODAY and REGISTER for your online five weeks Programfor FREE!I dont know for how long will be this special offer, so dont hesitate take action NOW and investonly $15 dollars in your future. Take this unique opportunity and start to commit to your financialfreedom! If you buy the book today your registration for online Course is completely FREE.Next week the prize may go back and the Associate Degree will cost you $995.This is a crossroad - choose well, choose Now, choose to your SUCCESS and FREEDOM!Thank you!