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Martin luther king


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Martin luther king

  1. 1. Martin Luther King
  2. 2. -W hy ishe famous?
  3. 3. MLK1-F defending the civil rights of African or Americans and participate in protests1­ Defending  the civil rights against the Vietnam W and poverty in the world. arof African Americans and participate in against the Vietnam War and poverty in the world.
  4. 4. MLK2-B accions: est.M ontgomery bus boycott,1955..Support to the Southern Christian LeadershipConference,1957..Leadership of the M arch on W ashington for Jobs andFreedom,1963.
  5. 5. MLK3-Famous quotes:I have a dreamIf I help one personto have hope, I didntlived in vainIf the man has notdiscovered anythingto die for he doesntdeserve to live.
  6. 6. MLK4-Thanks to him were aproved: - Civil Rights,1964. - Right of vote,1965.
  7. 7. MKL `sBiography
  8. 8. MLK(Atlanta, 15th J anuary, 1929)Father -->M artin Luther ,minister of the church.M other-->Alberta ,schoolteacher.Older sister --> ChristineYounger brother-->Alfred Daniel.
  9. 9. MLKAt just 15, Martin entered the University withoutfinished high school.T university was called M he orehouse College.
  10. 10. MLKH married on J e une 18, 1953 with Coretta Scottand had 4 children:-Yolanda K ing(1955), M artin Luther KingIII(1957), Dexter Scott King(1961) and B erniceK (1963). ing
  11. 11. MLK-B boycott( 1955): H was the leader , due to the us earrestof Rosa P arks.-M arch of W ashington(1963):Black people wantedjobs and freedom.
  12. 12. AWARDS
  13. 13. MLK-Nobel P eace P rize (1964), for won a war withoutviolence and M argaret Sanger Award(1966) forfighting for human dignity.
  14. 14. MLKH received 20 honorary doctorates and ea Grammy Award(1971) for the his bestspeechW I Oppose the W in Viet Nam. hy ar
  15. 15. MLKIn 1980, the neighborhood where he spenthis youth was declared a historicalmonument andhe was honored witha monument on the National M inallW ashington.
  16. 16. MLKOn November 2, 1983, P resident RonaldReagan created a holiday inhis honor that happens every year on thethird Wednesday of January.
  17. 17. H ISDE H AT
  18. 18. MLKOn April 4, 1968 he was murdered by awhite man from a balcony in Memphis.
  19. 19. MLK -James E Ray was M K murderer arl L s -President declared a day of nationalmourning -T strike of black people ended, benefiting hethem.
  20. 20. CREDITS:   Nerea Sánchez Bazán And Andrea Lirola Palomino