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Chapter 22


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Rizal life

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Chapter 22

  1. 1. CHAPTER 22 Exile in Dapitan, 1892-96
  2. 2. • Rizal lived in exile far-away Dapitan. • He practiced medicine, pursued scientific studies, continued his artistic and literary works, widened his knowledge of languages, established school for boys, promoted community development projects for making bricks, and engaged in farming and commerce.
  3. 3. Beginning of Exile in Dapitan • The steamer Cebu which brought Rizal to Dapitan carried a letter from Father Pablo Pastelles. To Father Antonio Obach.
  4. 4. Following conditions so that Rizal can live at the Parish Convent • That Rizal publicly retract his errors concerning religion, and make statements that were clearly pro-Spanish and against revolution. • That he perform the church rites and make general confession of his past life. • That henceforth he conduct himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish subject and a man of religion.
  5. 5. • A Don Ricardo Carnicero a poem wrote by Rizal on August 26,1892 for the occasion of the captain’s birthday.
  6. 6. When in Manila Lottery • September 21, 1892 - The mail boat Butuan was approaching the town of Dapitan. - Captain Carniciero, Dr. Jose Rizal and Francisco Equilior won the second prize of 20,000 pesos.
  7. 7. Rizal-Pastelles Debate on Religion • In all his letters to Father Pastelles, Rizal revealed his anti Catholic ideas which he had acquired in Europe and embitterment at his persecution by the bad friars. • According to Rizal, individual judgment is a gift from God and everybody should use it like a lantern to show the way and that self-esteem, if moderated by the judgment, saves man from unworthy acts.
  8. 8. • Imitacion de Cristo or Imitation of Christ a famous Catholic book by Father Thomas a Kempis. Father Pastelles gave the book to Rizal.
  9. 9. Rizal Challenges a Frenchman to a Duel • Mr. Juan Lardet a businessman, this man purchased many from the lands of Rizal.
  10. 10. Rizal and Father Sanchez • Estudios sobre la lengua tagala or Studies on The Tagalog Language a tagalog grammar which Rizal wrote and which he dedicated to his beloved former teacher.
  11. 11. Idyllic Life in Dapitan • In Dapitan, Rizal had an exemplary life, idyllic in serenity. Since august 1893, member of his family took turns in visiting him in order to assuage his loneliness in the isolated outpost of Spanish power in the Moroland
  12. 12. • December 19, 1893 – describing his life in Dapitan Rizal wrote to Blumentritt
  13. 13. Rizal Encounter with the friar’s Spy • November 1893 Rizal was living peacefully and hapilily at his house in talisay kilometer away from Dapitan . His mother , sister narcisa and Trinidad and some nephews were then living with him. His blissful life was then suddenly jolted by a strange incident involving spy of the friars.
  14. 14. Physician in Dapitan • Rizal practised medecine in dapitan he had many patients but most of them were poor so that he even gave them free medecine. August 1893 his mother and sister maria arrived in dapitan and lived with him for one year an a half
  15. 15. Community project for dapitan • Rizal arrived in Dapitan he decided to improve to the best of his God given talent and to awaken the civic consciousness of its people
  16. 16. Hymm to talisay • Rizal conducted his school at his home in talisay near dapitan where he had his farm and hospital • He wrote the a poem entittle “Himno A Talisay “ for his pupils to sing
  17. 17. Contribution to science • Rizal found Mindanao a rich virgin field for collecting specimens • He sent these specimens to the museum of Europe especially the Dresden museum
  18. 18. Linguistic studies • Rizal continued his studies of language • In dapitan learned the bisayan sub anum and malay language
  19. 19. Artistic works in dapitan • He contribute his painting skills to the sister of charity who were preparing the sactuary of the holy virgin in their private chapel
  20. 20. Rizal as Farmer • Rizal devoted much of his time to agriculture he brought 16 hectares of land in talisay where he built his home, school and hospital and planted cacao coffee sugarcane coconut and fruits trees