Microsoft Dynamics CRM - State Local Government


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - State Local Government

  1. 1. Help Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies.Microsoft Dynamics CRM for State and Local Government ®Citizen expectations for responsive, transparent government services have never been higher. Manylocal and state governments are striving to cost-effectively and efficiently provide the highest levelsof service and accountability. But how do you achieve these goals when you’re dealing with an agingtechnology infrastructure, siloed departments, operational challenges, and multiple stakeholders?If you require agility and efficiency, how can you reduce costs and still align with your agencies’mission?With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you’ll have the ability to improve collaboration, “Government needs tocommunication, operational insight, and overall efficiencies. Delivered through a be more innovative andfamiliar Microsoft Office Outlook interface, this easy-to-use, integrated solution aggressive in its approachmeets your needs for: for building complex applications in a reducedREDUCED COSTS: time frame while meetingAt a time when government spending is under intense scrutiny, you want to get the business demands ofthe right solution at the right price. Microsoft Dynamics makes CRM practical bybuilding on infrastructure you may already own. License Microsoft Dynamics CRM agencies and constituents.once and gain access to existing solutions all in the familiar Outlook interface. Microsoft [xRM] is the toolSolutions that are quick to deploy, help save money, and have been tested and that we’re banking on todeveloped by Microsoft, Microsoft Partners, or customers themselves. help us get there” George White Chief Information Officer, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney GeneralMICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATIONIN THIS DOCUMENT. ©2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics,the Microsoft Dynamics logo, and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
  2. 2. INCREASED EFFICIENCIES:Microsoft Dynamics CRM streamlines data management and data update processes.Reduce your data entry requirements from multiple entries to one. Information thatwas previously stored in numerous, disconnected databases would be distilled intoa single data record that all parts of the organizations could easily update, use, andview simultaneously. This enables cross-system updates with a single step, increasingefficiency and lowering the risk of inaccuracy. North CarolinaFLEXIBILITY: Department of CrimeMicrosoft Dynamics CRM is available as an on-premise deployment or hosted in the Control and Publiccloud, giving you the important option to choose what’s best for your agencies needs at Safety Adapts CRMthe time (along with the scalability and flexibility to adapt should these needs change). Platform to Roll Out Efficient Law-ISSUE IDENTIFICATION AND RESOLUTION: Enforcement ToolBy offering a complete citizen view, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can pinpoint issues forquick resolution. For example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an alert if a citizen City of Bellevueis delinquent or late with payments, as well as identifying citizens who have major Enhances Servicedebts (so steps can be made for collection). The overall metrics Microsoft Dynamics Delivery withCRM provides, gives insight into reasons for high incidence of interactions and possiblesolutions. Automated Request ManagementMULTICHANNEL CAPABILITIES.Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables integration with various governmental offices and Miami-Dade Countycontact vehicles. Requests can be filed online, with status updates, notifications, and Parks and Recreationapprovals all being delivered by e-mail. This enables speedier approvals and simplifies Departmenttransactions for both constituents and personnel. Increases Revenue, Accountability with Retail System Read more at STARTED TODAYLearn how other state and local government agencies are benefitting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Visit