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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education!


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education!

  1. 1. Raising standards. Saving time.Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Education ®Being able to provide relevant and engaging educational experiences continues to be both thevision and the challenge for educators. How do you personalize education for individual students toimprove learning outcomes? Is there a way to better manage resources and streamline administrativeprocesses, freeing teachers up to just teach? How can students better be served as they navigate thecomplex demands of 21st Century learning?With advances in consumer technologies and socialnetworking, students today are like no other generation ofstudents before them. They behave like customers, votingwith their presence and attention. With that in mind, is itpossible to treat students as customers in standard learningenvironments? The answer is “yes.” “We based our development on MicrosoftUsing industry standard relationship management software, Dynamics CRM and the tools that camestudents can be treated as individuals and customers, with it and incorporated into our workenabling education systems to remain relevant and all of the research and development thatengaging. Microsoft made available in the product. In this way, we were able to shorten theIn order to deliver a more personalized learning service,you need one centralized location for all information, development time by at least three years,helping better manage and track student’s progress. You but probably more.”need a way to collect and analyze up-to-date data to Scott Orrinform your decisions and highlight risk factors. A system Chief Architect National Network of Digital Schoolsthat automatically addresses issues as it shares the rightinformation at the right time and in the right format withdifferent stakeholders in your system.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATIONIN THIS DOCUMENT. ©2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics,the Microsoft Dynamics logo, and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
  2. 2. FACILITATING HIGH LEVELS OF INSIGHT AND EFFICIENCIESMicrosoft Dynamics CRM is an industry leading relationshipmanagement platform that is being used to meet theunique needs of education across the world. Schools oruniversities will be able to consume data from disparatesystems and aggregate information around the student.This student centric approach enables the complete view ofa student, his or her relationships with the learning process,outcome information, all while providing teachers andadministrators a single point of entry to interact to affectstudent success. Delivered through a familiar MicrosoftOffice Outlook interface, this easy-to-use, integratedplatform: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM captures every student interaction, from first contact through toPROVIDES INTELLIGENT INTERVENTION CAPABILITIES. enrollment and post enrollment. Workflow toolsToday, student disengagement and dropout rates are an for productivity and collaboration help driveincreasing challenge. Being able to target early warning high levels of efficiency.”signs and indentify underperforming students is critical.Microsoft Dynamics CRM data can be correlated to factors Matthew Zealand Chief Information Officer, Liberty Universitythat affect learning with individual groups or students.When you receive data of students performing poorly inreading, for example, an automatic workflow is set up to Engage with your Microsoft representative or a certifiedaddress the issue. Automatic emails can be sent out to Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner about solutions developedteachers (to have them focus on reading skills) and parents for student and faculty recruitment and retention, student(with suggestions of activities to do at home). Progress services and help desks, internship management, fundraisingis then tracked along the way. Going beyond providing activities, and alumni management and intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitatesautomated workflows and action plans to efficiently give DELIVERS COST-SAVINGS.students the support they need to succeed. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can optimize your existing investment in both Microsoft and non-MicrosoftSTREAMLINES PROCESSES AND IMPROVES SERVICE. technologies. This platform will help reduce customWhat happens when large numbers of students are legacy integration costs and provide access to solutionsenrolling or making changes to class schedules and they in the familiar Outlook interface (which helps accelerateget passed from one department to the next? Rapidly and maintain user adoption). Microsoft Dynamics CRMincreasing student populations, resources spread thin solutions are quick to deploy, help save money, andand data stored in disparate systems creates challenges have been tested and developed by Microsoft, Microsoftfor many higher education organizations. The Microsoft Partners, or customers themselves.Dynamics CRM platform delivers functionality to meet theunique needs of various departments and business units.By integrating different systems under one interface, users OFFERS FLEXIBILITY, CHOICE, AND ADAPTABILITY.get a complete view of student information and a way Microsoft Dynamics CRM robust out-of-the-boxto record calls, document interactions with students, and functionality and extensive set of development tools, helpstrack fundraising activities. Role-based security exposes support and manage many different types of relationships.information that is only appropriate to a particular person Available as an on-premise deployment or hosted in theor process. At every touch point, everyone who deals with cloud, you have the option to choose what best meetsa student is better informed about the history or unique your needs (along with the scalability and flexibility to adapt should these change and grow). If you’re looking toneeds of that student and that student is better served. change your outcomes, metrics, or your process, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible framework that allows you to easily respond to environmental change, as well as state and federal mandates or new policy.GET STARTED TODAYLearn how other institutions are benefitting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Visit